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This page: Special collection 3 (Trading Cards Albums, more cards, and photos)

Tennis Balls

20% of the proceeds will be donated to Liz Odera's Sadili organization for her famous East Africa Safari Junior Tennis Camp 1-12 August 2022. Link.

Prices: see individual packages. All prices will get shipping charges added unless the packages will be picked up in the Los Angeles area. 


Email your request to buy.


Package 7: Two complete Albums with 50 cards each 'Famous Players in Action' by Player Cigarettes, 1936. Plus one extra set of 50 new cards.


Albums are 5x7.5" and cards are 1.5x2.5"

One album is in Good condition
One album is in Fair/Poor condition

The extra complete set is in mint condition

Plus many extra cards from poor to good condition

Published by John Player & Sons, 1936


The set of 50 cards has all the important players of the time. Mostly British players like Fred Perry, but also Gottfried von Cramm (German), Helen Jacobs, Don Budge, Sidney Wood, Gene Mako (U.S.A.), J. Yamagishi (Japan), A.K. Quist, A.C. Hopman (Australia), Jean Borotra (France), 

Package 7: $99

Package 8: More Cards & Photos


Set 1 Tennis Personalities (left to right, top to bottom)

2 x Don Budge, J. Borotrea, Cilly Aussem (at the time the first and only German player winning the Wimbledon singles title), Bill Tilden, H.W. (Bunny) Austin, J.M. Crawford, Suzanne Lenglen, L.A. Goodfree, Fred Perry & Helen Vinson, Fred Perry, 3 x Gottfried von Cramm, Dorothy Round, Mrs. Lambert Chambers, Alice Marble, Anita Lizani, King Edward VIII.

Most cards are in good/fine condition.


Set 2: Helen Wills 


Californian Helen Wills won 31 Grand Slam tournament titles (singles, doubles, and mixed doubles) during her career, including 19 singles titles.

Wills had a 180 match win streak from 1927 until 1933. In 1933, she beat the eighth-ranked US male player in an exhibition match. Her record of eight wins at Wimbledon was not surpassed until 1990 when Martina Navratilova won her ninth. She was said to be "arguably the most dominant tennis player of the 20th century", and has been called by some (including Jack Kramer, Harry Hopman, Mercer Beasley, Don Budge, and AP News) the greatest female player in history.

Top left is a "Nostalgia Postcard' from the Yesterday's Britain 1890's - 1950's series.

Top right is a German 'Sanella' margarine card.

The red-framed image on the bottom is no. 222 in a 300-picture series titled 'Moderne Schönheitsgalerie' (Modern Beauty Gallery' issued by German cigarette maker Kurmark in 1935.

All cards are in good condition (the postcard: fair)


Set 3: Tennis Nostalgia 

Top row: Business card by jewelry and watchmaker Antoine Ernst in Elbeuf, France (Normandy region). 1928. Back of Card: 1928 calendar with a name for every day.

Two cards by German chocolate maker Stollwerck.

Middle row: Two cards 'Deutsche Kulturbilder' (German life during 5 centuries). Picture 49 - Students playing ball' (from the period 1550-1610)

Picture 300 - Lawn Tennis (from the period 1875-1900)

Mexican Hammock promotion card, 1882.

Bottom: Wills cigarette card 'Sports of all Nations'  Lawn Tennis, 1901. 

Turf cigarettes card: 'Sports Records' Lawn Tennis, Suzanne Lenglen, 1923.

All cards are in fair to good condition. 


Set 4: More Tennis Nostalgia 

Top left: B/W copy of a Suzanne Lenglen photo.

Below Lenglen: Unidentified postcard of tennis players resting. Probably '1910s to '1920s.

Top right: German card with Crown Prinz Wilhelm von Preussen (holding a tennis racquet) and Crown Princess Cecilie. '1920s.
Below: German Eckstein cigarette card 'Der künstlerische Tanz' (the artistic dance). Dancers holding tennis racquets. 1933.

Ardath Tobacco Card 'British Davis Cup Team 1936' with Fred Perry. The Brits beat Australia in 1936.

Ardath Tobacco Card 'British Wightman Cup Team 1936' losing to America that year. 

All cards are in fair to good condition. 

Package 8: $99


Package 9: More Cards & Stamps


Cards Left to right, top to bottom:

Stephen Mitchell & Son card from 1935: Fred Perry and Helen Vinson (mint condition).

Ardath Tobacco Card Kay Stammers 1936.

Tennis group: writing on back: July 9, 1917.

German Cigarette co. Josetti: Deutscher Sport-Rost, Henkel, Aussem, von Cramm.

Ardath Tobacco Card: Wimbledon

Sights of London: Wimbledon

Britain from the Air: Wimbledon

Imperial Tobacco Co: Homeland Events - Tennis at Wimbledon (1 and 3)

All cards are in fair to good condition


More Stamps + Cards

Top: Commemorative envelope 3.5x6.5" Arthur Ashe. First Day of Issue 1990s. Stamped Escondido CA May 2, 2000.

Middle: 50-Stamp set. Different countries, different tennis stars. All in fine to mint condition.

Set of 4 stamps: Kim Un Suk, Ivan Lendl, Steffi Graf, Boris Becker. Fair condition.

Bottom: 5 Steffi Graf cards fine condition.

Package 9: $35

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