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Special collection 1
(rare wooden racquet with cover, Billie Jean King package, Pancho Segura Package)

Special collection 2
Special collection 3

Tennis Balls

Books, Framed Items, and Magazine Conditions: 

  • Fine (F) – Much like As New in condition, except that the book has been opened or (carefully) read.

  • Very Good (VG) – Shows signs of use, but is still a very nice copy.

  • Good (G) – A good condition book should have all pages present and a fully intact cover. It can show significant wear, including wear to the dust jacket, boards, or text block.

  • Fair – Noticeable wear, with the potential for non-essential pages to be missing or damaged. All other pages and illustrations should be present.

  • Poor – Significant wear, damage, or flaws. The book’s full text is still readable.

20% of the proceeds will be donated to Liz Odera's Sadili organization for her famous East Africa Safari Junior Tennis Camp 1-12 August 2022. Link.

Prices: see individual packages. All prices will get shipping charges added unless the packages will be picked up in the Los Angeles area. 


Email your request to buy.


Package 1: Very old wooden racquet with very rare cover

Racquet: Wright & Ditson (USA)
Approx. 90-100 years old

Lots of scratches, of course, but perfectly straight and perfect strings

Cover: Brown canvas
Approx 80-90 years old, maybe older

Very worn but also very rare
The listed wooden racquet fits perfectly inside that cover.

I'm only selling both items together.

Package 1: $125

Package 2: Billie Jean King

Three Books: 

  • Billie Jean King with Cynthia Starr, WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY, 1988, VG

  • Billie Jean King with Kim Chapin, BILLIE JEAN, 1974, VG

  • Billie Jean King with Kim Chapin BILLIE JEAN KING, TENNIS TO WIN, 1970, Fair

Magazin Cover "Peristyle" Winter 1978 Size 8.5x11", G

Inside: Loose pages with Women's Tennis article

Four framed photos
Wooden frame size 22x26" Frame has a few scratches

Top left: beautiful, autographed BJK color action photo
Top right: autographed B/W action photo with authentication certificate

Bottom left: Color photo BJK and Martina Navratilova
Bottom right: beautiful B/W action photo















Framed Collage

Wooden frame size 13x17" has a few scratches

Top: B/W photo of BJK being interviewed

Bottom: Commemorative postcard, autographed. Stamp says: Forest Hills, August 31, 1974

Package 2: $170


Package 3: Pancho Segura

Book: Pancho Segura's Championship Strategy. How to play winning tennis. 
By Panchi Segura with Gladys Hellman.

Introduction by Billie Jean King

Inside page has a Pancho Segura autographed devotion while he was Director of Tennis at La Costa 


Above: Framed Collage size 18x30" Frame has a few scratches
Three product ads with Pancho Segura endorsement
@ x Gillette and 1 x Pennzoil

Below: Framed Collage size 14x16" Frame has a few scratches
Images from Tennis Week cover, photos with Jack Kramer, Pancho Gonzales, Bobby Riggs, Jimmy Connors

Plus autographed devotion on La Costa Resort stationary

Package 3: $140

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