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Magazines have great content with super nice photos and ads.

  • Fine (F) – Much like As New in condition, except that the magazine has been opened or (carefully) read.

  • Very Good (VG) – Shows signs of use, but is still a very nice copy.

  • Good (G) – A good condition magazine should have all pages present and a fully intact cover. It can show significant wear, including wear to the cover.

  • Fair – Noticeable wear, with the potential for non-essential pages to be missing or damaged. All other pages and illustrations should be present.

  • Poor – Significant wear, damage, or flaws. The magazine’s full text is still readable.

20% of the proceeds will be donated to Liz Odera's Sadili organization for her famous East Africa Safari Junior Tennis Camp 1-12 August 2022. Link.

Prices: see individual packages. All prices will get shipping charges added unless the packages will be picked up in the Los Angeles area. 


Email your request to buy.

Clockwise starting top left:

  • Chris Evert 8x10 photo B/W with copied autograph (not original) F

  • BW Copy of Joe Stahl article about Pancho Segura. Original autographs of Stahl and Segura

  • Roy Emerson 8x10 Color Photo, autographed with Certificate of Authenticity

  • Chris Evert Newsweek cover
    June 26, 1972, with 8 pages of Tennis Women article inside

Only: $20

  • World Championship Tennis Tour Souvenir Program 1949-1950Size 9x12” autographed by Jack Kramer, VG

  • Tennis Magazine March 2000 with Steffi Graf interview autographed by Steffi Graf, F

  • Florida Tennis Magazine April 2001 autographed by Martina Hingis, Fair



  • Sports Novels, Sidney, Australia, January 1955 G

  • Tennis Illustrated, January 1975, VG

  • Lawn Tennis, UK, June 1969, VG/G

  • Tennis, November 1970, VG

Only: $45

  • Time, September 10, 1973, G/Fair

  • Newsweek, July 17, 1939, G

  • Sports Illustrated, August 26, 1974, G

  • Sports Illustrated, March 4, 1973, F

Only: $45

  • Sports Illustrated, September 2, 1957, G/Fair

  • Sports Illustrated, April 15, 1963, Fair

  • Sports Illustrated, May 21, 1973, Fair

  • Sports Illustrated, July 16, 1979, G

Only: $45

  • American Lawn Tennis, December, 1947, Poor/Fair

  • USLTA Hardcourt Championships – Official USLTA Championship Magazine, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, November 30- December 10, 1961, G/Fair

  • USLTA Doubles Championships – Official USLTA Championship Program, Longwood Cricket Club, August 20-26, 1956, Fair

  • Liberty, July 20, 1935, Fair

Only: $65

  • Jack Kramer presents the World’s Greatest Tennis – Souvenir Annual Program, 1954, (Sedgman, Segura, Gonzales, Budge) Fair

  • The Literary Digest, August 24, 1935, (Helen Wills Moody), Fair

  • International Professional Tennis Tournament, Program, 1967, (Rosewall, Stolle, Laver, Buchholz, Ralston, Segura, MacKay, Olmedo ) F

  • Professional Tennis Tour – Official Program, 1935 (Tilden, Lott, Vines, Stoefen), Fair

Only: $75


  • USCTA (United States Court TennisAssociation) Magazine 2015-16, F

  • USCTA Newsletter, Sept. 28, 1979, F

  • National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame, Program, June 1974, G

  • The International Tennis Hall of Fame, main brochure 2011, VG

  • Hall of Fame News, newsletter Autumn 1979, VG

Only: $15



  • Fifty Years of Wimbledon – The Story of the Lawn Tennis Championships 1877-1926, Outside Poor, Inside VG

  • Wimbledon Program, 1956, Fair

  • Wimbledon Program 1993, F

  • Centenary Year 1877-1977 The Lawn Tennis Championships

Only: $65


​​Images with autographed 8x10 (not certificated, just reprints). All photos (except for Tilden) say “Member of the WILSON SPORTING GOODS CO. Advisory Staff”


  • Bobby Riggs 8x10 Photo with copied autograph, VG

  • Alice Marble 8x10 Photo with copied autograph, F

  • Bill Tilden 8x10 Photo with copied autograph, VG

  • Don Budge 8x10 Photo with copied autograph, VG

Only: $20

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