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Message from Rich Neher Greetings from California!


Hello, all our dear readers, friends, and tennis lovers!

RIP Mathew Perry. The actor who was also a tennis (and pickleball) friend passed away on October 28 at home in an apparent drowning accident at the age of 54. Good article here.


Conga Sports Community Funding Round

I'm excited to report that we have begun testing the waters for a community round to help Conga Sports grow, hire more people, employ more teaching pros, and expand to a bunch more states next year. I was told by a top industry insider that our CITY SLAMS program is the "best thing that happened to recreational tennis since the start of USTA adult leagues in 1980." Wow. Wait until we're present in every U.S. State with programs and events for everyone from beginners to advanced tennis players.

If you email me, I'll send you the link to our Campaign Page. And, upon request, I may also send you our secret and unofficial Mission Statement.


This month's newsletter happens to be the biggest we published since we started in January of 2014. (And yes, In January 2024 we completed 10 years in business. Woohoo!)


We have a lot posted about women's tennis and all sorts of Pickleball news. I made the decision to intensify support not only for women on the WTA pro tour but also for WTCA, the Women's Tennis Coaching Association. After I had gotten to know their new CEO Ann Grossman a little who made me truly understand their mission statement which was recently changed after they pulled the plug on a USPTA partnership to be more inclusive to all coaches, I thought this is a remarkable organization worthy of our support.

Please consider becoming a WTCA member. Since they are all-inclusive, they welcome men or women (or everything in between, haha). Individual membership is less than $9 per month and comes with a boatload of benefits. They even have a club membership.
Sign up here.


Did you know that we have the first case of public parks starting to convert Pickleball courts back to Tennis courts because of too many noise complaints? The first report came from Boston. Wow! Check out Pickleball News under UPDATES.


I am waiting for the first case when members of a private tennis club go to the owner or manager and demand to get rid of Pickleball because of the noise, haha. 

Have a good November, everyone! Go out and do what you do best: grow tennis!




Ken DeHart commented

I appreciated Ken giving me a (very brief) summary of WC23 since I couldn't be there, unfortunately. "Location was good, 1500 rooms, 100+ conference rooms, 2 tennis courts, large selection of food vendors - like at an airport actually. About 600 + attendees,


The speakers off court were really good, interview for 1 hour with Chris Evert, interview a pro hockey, football and golfer and how the sports relate to tennis and how they trained, great one on programming by a Pro from Fla.


The event on Thursday moved to the National USTA Campus for  3 on-court presentations that were pretty entertaining.  Finally a tour of the USPTA offices - OK again


Most always it is connecting with your friends and making new ones."

Thank you, Ken.

Re: The Tennis Channel

SportBusiness: Sportradar to develop Tennis Channel’s US streaming service


Sportradar has been hired by Tennis Channel to help create the network's direct-to-consumer streaming service which will include access to its linear channel and other original content.

Re: Western & Southern Open stays in Cincinnati

Spectrum News1: Mason businesses to feel impact of new-look tennis tournament

One of the biggest tennis tournaments in the country is staying in Southwest Ohio. And not only did the organizers of the Western & Southern Open opt to stay in Mason instead of relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina, they’re also expanding the tournament.

Read the article here.

Re: PickleBall News

CNBC: This company pays employees to play pickleball: ‘Work should be fun’


Some people look forward to their lunch break or 3 p.m. coffee at the office — but Liz Martin eagerly awaits her afternoon pickleball match against her co-workers. Martin, 28, works at Room & Board, a Minneapolis-based furniture retailer with an indoor pickleball court on the first floor of its office building. Read more here.


Kalindi Dinoffer: Game Changers - Getting the most out of Tennis and Pickleball Training Aids


Someone looking to improve at a sport will often seek training aids designed to help them learn and improve. But simply acquiring the tools is just the start. You also need to know how to use them. 

When learning foundational techniques in tennis and pickleball, kinesthetic training aids can accelerate learning by developing a mind-body connection that usually takes hundreds, if not thousands, of hours. 

In part three of this Game Changers video, Billy, Joe, and Kalindi discuss how to get the most out of training aids so you can reach your potential in less time. Read more here.

Business Insider: A tennis center owner in Santa Monica changed his entire business to capitalize on the pickleball surge in America. It was a 'huge risk' but his revenue numbers have doubled and his court has never been busier.


You can find a little bit of everything on Wilshire Boulevard, one of Los Angeles' longest and most prominent streets: apartment towers and office buildings; trendy restaurants and fast food; theaters and museums.

Wilshire stretches 16 miles, from industrial Downtown LA to beachy Santa Monica — and on the Santa Monica side of the street, nestled between an urban park and an iPhone repair store, you'll find a single tennis court.

Read more here.

wbur Radio: Homeowners are increasingly taking legal action over pickleball noise

The pickleball craze has some detractors: Neighbors who don't like the constant noise from the courts. The constant racket has led to community disputes — and some lawsuits.


Oncourt Offcourt: Pickleball Airzone


OnCourt OffCourt is excited to launch their new Pickleball Airzone. The OnCourt OffCourt Pickleball Airzone creates a raised net to help pickleball players visually learn how to hit above or below the bungee net. For example, hitting above the net for lobs and hitting below the bungee for drives and dinks. 

Suggested retail is $69.95. Contact OnCourt OffCourt 1-888-366-4717 or visit

ABC Denver7: Denver closing pickleball courts at Eisenhower Park amid noise complaints


Denver closing pickleball courts at Eisenhower Park amid noise complaints from nearby residents — the latest courts to close as city leaders try to keep up with the exploding popularity of the sport. A sign placed at the entrance to the courts will close on November 6, at which point city crews will turn the pickleball courts back into tennis courts, which they were formerly. Read more here

Jerry Milani: SPORTIME Clubs and Hornig Capital Partners Partner to Develop Pickleball Facilities throughout the Northeast, to be Operated Under the Brand SPORTIME Pickleball

SPORTIME Clubs and Hornig Capital Partners announced today that they have signed a partnership agreement to establish a new company, SPORTIME Pickleball, LLC, that will develop and operate state-of-the-art, standalone, pickleball facilities in the tri-state area under the SPORTIME brand.

The joint venture is a collaboration of SPORTIME Clubs, the largest and most sophisticated operator of racket sports facilities and programs in the Northeast, including the John McEnroe Tennis Academy, and Hornig Capital Partners, a NY-based real estate development company with a track record of success in developing value added properties.

Read more here.

9TO5 Mac: Tennis versus Pickleball: Apple Watch study compares the health benefits

Pickleball has been named the fastest-growing sport in America, combining elements of tennis, table-tennis, and badminton. But when it comes to tennis versus pickleball, which offers the greatest health benefits?

That’s a question a research study is tackling with the help of Apple Watch data, and the Cupertino company has shared some initial insights …

Read more here.

Yahoo Sports: Lil Wayne Invests in Texas Pickleball Team, Will Be Strategic Advisor

Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne has invested in the Texas Ranchers—one of the eight founding members of Major League Pickleball. The best-selling hip-hop artist will also serve as a strategic advisor to the MLP team to “help drive national and local fandom to the sport.” Future apparel collaborations are also on the table.

Read more here.

Re: USTA SoCal throws local tennis players under the bus

Still no apologies from USTA Southern California leadership for throwing all San Fernando Valley tennis players under the bus and helping the villain Harvard Westlake School to justify closing 16 tennis courts. Shame on CEO Trevor Kroneman and the entire Board of Directors for staying quiet on this and probably celebrating a backroom deal with the school that helps the USTA adult league which accounts for maybe 10% of all tennis players.


San Fernando Valley tennis friends are telling me: The 90% majority will not forget, Trevor!

Re: Padel News

Connexa agrees to multi-year global distribution agreement for Padel Tennis

Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. (formerly Slinger Bag) has agreed a multi-year distribution agreement covering all global markets for Padel Tennis with Desarrollo y Promocion de Padel S.L., a division of Manza Sport based in Valencia, Spain – a company that has over 20 years of experience in the global Padel Tennis market as a leading supplier of Padel Tennis courts. From 2024, this agreement will guarantee a minimum of $4 million to Connexa in annual revenue.

Read more here.




Marcus del Pilar sent out an interesting email: "Become a Padel certified Coach asap!! With 400+ teaching professionals /visionaries certified in the USA, we are building the largest community of Padel ambassadors in the country. We would love some of you to become part of this group of leaders to drive the growth of the sport in North America.
JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Get ready for the future asap!"

Padel Certification courses are listed under CALLS on this site: PadelMBA Academy.

Re: Transgender News

RebelNews (Toronto): Swim competition allows a 50-year-old biological male to swim with 13 year-old girls


I have no words!



Connexa agrees multi-year global distribution agreement for Padel Tennis

Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. (formerly Slinger Bag) has agreed a multi-year distribution agreement covering all global markets for Padel Tennis with Desarrollo y Promocion de Padel S.L., a division of Manza Sport based in Valencia, Spain – a company that has over 20 years of experience in the global Padel Tennis market as a leading supplier of Padel Tennis courts. From 2024, this agreement will guarantee a minimum of $4 million to Connexa in annual revenue.

Read more here.


Christopher Clarey's Tennis & Beyond

Growing Pains - Rogers Cup and the future of Team Europe vs Team World

Watching Ben Shelton and Frances Tiafoe elevate after match point on Sunday, it certainly looked like winning still mattered at the Laver Cup. For three days, the young, mostly American members of Team World had bonded and bantered, talking strategy on changeovers and between big serves like a bunch of 21st-century tennis nerds huddled around the same screen with chips and dip.

Read more here.

San Francisco

The Goldman Tennis Center Receives National Award

The Lisa and Douglas Goldman Tennis Center, located in Golden Gate Park, was selected by the United States Tennis Association to receive the 2023 Outstanding Facility Award, one of 29 facilities nationwide to earn the distinction. Among the winners, the Goldman Tennis Center was the only facility to earn the prestigious “Featured Facility of the Year” designation and was honored at an awards ceremony during the opening day of the US Open in New York City.

Read more here.


Federer-Backed Shoemaker On Plots Fast Growth in Bid to Rival Nike, Adidas

  • Swiss company wants faster growth in China, tennis and fitness

  • Plan is to double sales by 2026 and boost profitability

Read more here.

The Tennis PODCAST

What a week, what a stat!

We have spent the last week in a state of shock, delirium and ecstasy after winning Best Sport Podcast at the British Podcast Awards. Thrilled to be shortlisted in a group of six, we really were not expecting to win. Hearing the host say 'The gold goes to … The Tennis Podcast' is something we will never forget, and the next 24 hours were enormously enjoyable as we watched the Ryder Cup golf together, talked about how far we've come over the past 11 years, and how much more we still want to do.

Read more here.

Sports Business Journal

DVOX to pilot their in-venue audio streams at 2024 Australian Open

DVOX, a Canadian company that provides in-venue audio streams to live-event attendees via smartphone, will be pilot-tested at the 2024 Australian Open. The company is one of seven picked by AO Startups. DVOX was recently used in the 2023 Laver Cup, seeing a total of 2,500 listeners over the three-day event. Fans at the Laver Cup were offered a combination of stream options that consisted of the in-house program, broadcast commentary and bench audio from both Team Europe and Team World.

Read more here.


Elite Tennis Travel

Invitation to experience The Wimbledon Championships - 

Exclusive Trip Packaging Offerings include

  • Unique experiences

  • Luxury accommodations

  • VIP tickets

Email Adriana for more information.


USTA Florida

The Call for Coaches

We need more tennis coaches in public tennis parks.  FULL STOP. 

Nothing – and we mean nothing – we do as a USTA section or industry will have a greater impact on the growth of tennis than solving the puzzle of coaching in the public park space.  It will take all of us to change the way we think about coaching, who we recruit and how we train our coaches, to secure the future of this sport for the long term.  

For more than a decade, the tennis industry has discussed the need to raise the level of coaching in America.  There have been countless working groups and forums dedicated to how we elevate the standards for coach education.  The results of those discussions brought us a new accreditation process and some common standards for training.   So why didn’t that work? 

Read more here.

FCT - Full Court Tennis

Coming Soon on Full Court Tennis... Unlock Exclusive Tennis Insights: Subscriptions!

Full Court Tennis (FCT) is excited to introduce a new feature designed to empower you: Subscriptions. This innovative addition is set to revolutionize the way you interact with your coaches. Coaches post their premium content and set rates. Subscriptions are your gateway to tennis mastery! Click the link below to read more on the FCT blog.

Please email Brian Teacher if you have any questions.

Cruise Control Gear

29th Annual NJTL of Trenton Gala

Cruise Control Gear co-owner Candice Kolins writes, "Cruise Control Gear was honored to be an invited guest for the 29th Annual National Junior Tennis and Learning of Trenton (NJTL) Gala on Saturday, September 23, 2023. The World Champion Bryan Brothers returned this year as special guests. My sister Kristen and I were so privileged to play with the Bryan Brothers. We teamed up as a sister duo in our matching Cruise Control LIVE FOR IT tennis shirts and pink pleated skorts and played against the champions! Kristen and I had the chance to play as a mixed doubles team with The Bryan brothers.

Read more here.

Sports Business Journal

SwingVision raises $6M Series A to further develop tech, expand into pickleball and padel

SwingVision, a smartphone-based AI tracking app for tennis, announced a $6 million Series A round to further develop its automated officiating technology and expand into other racquet sports such as pickleball and padel.

Read more here.



Oncourt Offcourt

Foam Rolling Routine with Margit Bannon

Join USPTA Elite Tennis Pro/Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Margit Bannon for this foam rolling routine suitable for both before & after tennis play using a foam roller and OnCourt OffCourt's Get-A-Grip Yoga Mat. Use it to recover from previous activity, especially when feeling sore and stiff, as a way to perceive feeling looser within the body. Margit takes you through the lower body, where only 30-60 seconds are needed within each muscle group per practice. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe to the Play Tennis. Practice Yoga. YouTube Channel for videos every Tuesday!



University of New Haven

Recognizing the Guardians of Sports

The University’s Sports Integrity Center recently honored a preeminent sports investigator, Richard McLaren, with its inaugural Noble Purpose Award to call attention to people who are battling corruption in sports, and encourage the public and the next generation of criminal investigators to work toward change.

Read more here.

P.S.-1 Martina Navratilova was one of the nominees as an outspoken campaigner for equity and fairness in women’s sports. But I guess touching the topic of Transgender Women destroying women's sports was too hot for the jury (and the university).

P.S.-2 The Canadian government was chosen for the Ignoble Purpose Award at the same event for "demonstrating the worst principles in the sports world over the last year, because it has refused to call a public inquiry into abuse and corruption in Canadian sport." Read more here.

Tennis Warehouse Media

Tennis Warehouse expands retail presence

Tennis Warehouse, a leading global tennis retailer, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Swetka’s Tennis Shop, a well-established tennis specialty store located in Mountain View (California). This move is part of Tennis Warehouse’s plan to expand further into the retail space where there is opportunity.

Known for its dedication to exceptional customer service, Swetka’s has been a trusted fixture in the Bay Area tennis community for over 50 years. The store was first opened in 1969 by Alex and Sally Swetka during the tennis boom of the late ‘60s. Swetka’s is still family-operated by John Swetka, who has been running the business for the last several decades.

Read more here.

Positive News from USTA SoCal? Really?

Ken Grassel hired by USTA National as Officiating Growth Manager for SoCal and Hawaii Pacific Sections

And you thought there was never any good news out of SoCal? A tennis professional who I always considered a "good guy" is back working for the USTA after a few years' absence. Ken was hired by USTA national officiating to recruit, train & develop, and retain USTA Officials. The two sections he is assigned to are Southern California and Hawaii Pacific. Apparently, the pandemic brought officiating numbers down to a very low level, and the USTA has invested in Officiating Growth Managers to build the base again. 


I learned that Southern California has experienced a good growth of new officials in this past year, and Ken is invested in helping them to continue to grow the officiating numbers. He helped USTA Southern California with this recruitment campaign, and reportedly, the response has been terrific. Ken writes, "I have been an official since 2000, and I am excited to help with growing and developing all officials in Southern California and Hawaii Pacific."

Good news. I hope those new officials are being used by tournament directors and USTA events to fight back against cheaters, "Professional Captains" and unruly parents.

Sports Illustrated

Best Tennis Betting Apps: Top for Mobile in 2023

If you happen to be a tennis fan and are interested in betting on all the action, then we have the perfect article for you. Today, we’ll present to you our experts’ picks for the best tennis betting apps. You can try out each and every one of the sportsbooks we’re about to lay out so you can decide for yourself which is the best app to bet on Tennis.

Read more here.



Sharapova denounces the lack of tennis culture in the United States: Nobody knew where Coco played after US Open win

"Coco won the U.S. Open. How many people knew that three weeks later she was playing in Beijing. She made it to the semifinals and lost, but I'm sure 99 percent of the US Open audience had no idea where she would play next," Maria says.

The Russian also doesn't forget the big difference in prize money between ATP and WTA tournaments: "This week there is a men's event in China and the winner gets 1.2 million dollars. In girls, they win 100,000 dollars. It's all very well the equality in the 'Grand Slams', but there are nine more months of competition".

Tommy Paul, the second-best American tennis player in the ranking, said a few days ago that "tennis in the United States does not interest anyone. I would put it as the 20th most important sport in the country".

Read more here.

Women's Tennis Coaching Association

New WTCA mission statement, new direction.

After I heard that the WTCA decided not to partner with the USPTA, I asked CEO Ann Grossman about the reason and learned that she doesn't want to limit her organization to just one partner but wants to become all-inclusive and attractive to everyone who's able to help and empower women to become leaders in our industry. Hence the new mission statement:

WTCA is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community of all tennis coaches, players, and enthusiasts that empowers women through education, mentorship, and connection to become coaches and leaders in the sport.

Makes sense to me. Congratulations, WTCA!



✨ Inspiring Sessions: Engage with industry experts and thought leaders in racquet sports, gaining insights to elevate your coaching and leadership skills.

✨ Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow award winners, coaches, and enthusiasts from around the world, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.

✨ Team Building: Bring your team members or friends along to share the knowledge and enthusiasm, creating a stronger bond within your community.


The WTA Coach Inclusion Program-North America

The WTA announced that the Coach Inclusion Program-North America is set to begin its second year of operating in 2024, with applications now open. The program, which is run in partnership with the USTA, Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), and the Gooding Todero Academy, will continue to focus on increasing the number of women coaches on the Hologic WTA Tour by promoting professional and grassroots coaching as a compelling career choice to current and former women athletes and coaches.

Interested applicants can apply now by sending their coaching resume to the WTA Coach Program at Program participants will be selected at the sole discretion of the Coach Program Advisory Committee.

“We are thrilled to bring the Coach Inclusion Program back for its second official season,” WTA Chairman and CEO Steve Simon said. “This program has proven to be an excellent start towards increasing the number of successful women coaches on Tour and will continue to be an exciting opportunity for women to be equipped with the tools and training to coach at the highest level.”

Read more here.


France Télévisions sub-licenses Paris, Monte-Carlo Masters rights from WBD to 2026

France Télévisions, the public-service broadcaster, has secured free-to-air rights to the Paris and Monte-Carlo Masters, two of the top events on men's tennis' top-tier ATP Masters 1000 series.

Read more here.

The Guardian

Controversial plans to expand home of Wimbledon tennis agreed by council

By comparison the US Open, in New York, spent £465m on its second show court, the Louis Armstrong – now a 14,061-seat venue, in addition to the championship’s main Arthur Ashe stadium, which has 22,547 seats, 90 luxury corporate suites, five restaurants and a two-storey players’ lounge. Wimbledon’s centre court has 14,979 seats and no corporate boxes.

The plans include a 95-metre long, 28-metre high, 8,000-seat “Parkland show court” on the land designed by the landscape architect Capability Brown for the first Earl Spencer in 1768, as well as 38 ground courts, several ancillary buildings and 9.4km of roads and paths on the protected land.

Read more here.

USTA Florida and Swing Vision

USTA Florida Announces Three-Year Partnership with SwingVision

USTA Florida is thrilled to announce a new three-year partnership with SwingVision, a cutting-edge mobile app, that will enhance the tennis experience around the world. USTA Florida members can get a special discount on the SwingVision Pro Yearly & SwingStick bundle for just $169.98, an $80 savings that includes unlimited shot tracking, video analysis & cloud storage for life!  

With every purchase, SwingVision will make a donation to the USTA Florida Foundation. You can learn more about the Foundation and how to donate by visiting,

Read more here.

WTCA is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community of all tennis coaches, players, and enthusiasts that empowers women through education, mentorship, and connection to become coaches and leaders in the sport.


Anna Grossman, CEO, Women's Tennis Coaching Association


If you are interested in having your Podcast listed or featured here, please email Pat.


Instagram: Coaches Courtside making fun of Coaching:

1. Myths busted by @tennis_tycoon 
Kyle LaCroix

2. Ten or eleven points by author/coach Frank Giampaolo. 
3. CEO of @sets_consulting visiting us this weekend!



Facebook Live: With USPTA Professional Susan Nardi

Susan is one of the most experienced tennis coaches currently working in the Los Angeles area. She is the recipient of the 2021 Positive Coaching Alliance "National Award."



Instagram: AJ + Bill Riddle

Carpool karaoke? AJ riding with the great @billriddleofficial
He’s my @uber to the airport😂
Five stars for sure!
Thankful for a fun conversation about @djmadlinx @cardiomichele and the @tenniscongress



Tennis Podcast | Getting Back Into the Game of Things | The EMAzing Podcast Ep. 17 | Ann Grossman of WTCA

Welcome to the Tennis Podcast, where we dive into the world of tennis and help you get back into the game of things! Whether you're a casual player looking to brush up on your skills or someone who's been away from the court for a while, this podcast is for you.


Epi.29: Growing Padel and shifting to a racquet sports industry- with Ryan Redondo!

Ryan serves as the CEO of Taktika Padel, the leading Padel operator on the West Coast, with a visionary plan to open an impressive 200 public Padel courts across the region within the next two years.


Epi.30: You never know who is watching- with David McNamara!


David serves as the Director of Tennis at the West Chop Club on Martha’s Vineyard and holds the position of Head Tennis Pro at the Gulf Stream Bath and Tennis Club in Delray Beach.



Epi.31: Let's develop as tennis leaders, not mechanics- with Fernando Segal!

Fernando is  the visionary founder and president of the Segal Institute for Human Performance and Tennis Development and president of the Global Professional Tennis Coaching Association



Epi.32: Many a mickle makes a muckle- with sustainability expert, Christophe Firth!


Christophe is a partner at Kearney's Communication, Media, and Technology Practice, where he has dedicated 14 years to making a positive impact.



My Life on Court ft. Lester Sack

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 40 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week’s episode is one that’s very special to me as it features my father‘s college teammate, Lester Sack, who is still competing on the world stage at age 87!



We Need to Fill in the Training Gaps ft. JY Aubone

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 39 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. Coach JY Aubone is back to talk about what he sees as gaps in the training most junior tennis players are receiving.



What Makes the Ivies Different ft. Traci Green

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 38 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. Coach Traci Green, Head Women’s Tennis Coach at Harvard University, joins Lisa to share her tennis journey and what sets the Ivy League tennis programs and academics apart.


Matthew Futterman Interview: On Doubles Popularity, Tennis' Struggle in the US, & Possible Solutions

Matthew Futterman (@MattFutterman) is an award-winning tennis journalist who has worked for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and now, The Athletic. 



2nd Serve Strategy: For Weak, Medium, & Strong Serves

2nd serve points only account for about 35% of points in doubles, but it's crucial to have a good 2nd serve strategy. Your goal should be to win 50% or more of your 2nd serve points.




5 Underrated Things to Practice for Club Doubles Players

I've recently been training a few USTA doubles teams, helping them prepare for nationals. In this episode, I'll share five things I told them to practice that are neglected by club-level doubles players & teams.



Here to Serve: Qualities of Great Industry Leaders

USTA Florida's Laura Bowen sits down with Antoinetta Mosley, the Chief Encouragement Officer at Courage Candy Co.


Here to Serve: Women behind the Mic

USTA Florida's Laura Bowen sits down with Jennifer Gelhaus of the 'Vida Tennis' Podcast to talk about her start behind the microphone.



More Rules More Problems!

What should you do if your opponent yells watch out when you are hitting an overhead? What happens if your opponent's shoe falls off during a point? What if your dampener flies off? What if the dampener hits the net? Carolyn and Erin discuss these rules and more!



More Rules More Problems! Part 2

What do you do if your opponent thinks you called the ball out but you didn't? What if someone touches the net? Does it matter if the ball is still in play? What happens if a ball hits a portable scoreboard? Do Carolyn and Erin have a problem and are thinking about these situations too much? 



Scoring Disputes

Ever been involved in a tennis scoring dispute that made you wish for a referee?  Do you know the USTA Rules on scoring disputes?


We are replaying a few of our most popular episodes and this was one of them!


Little StarLight Podcast

Welcome to Episode 23 Little Star Light Podcast Announcement with Sue Ludwig - Author of "Tiny Humans, Big Lessons: How the NICU Taught Me to Live with Energy, Intention, and Purpose". 

Learn to "Baby Yourself A Little” & Address Work & Life Burnout.


Little StarLight Podcast

Welcome to Episode 24 Little Star Light Podcast Announcement with Andrea Jaeger, Karen Vazquez and Adriana Solarova - Audience Questions Answered, More to Learn, Enjoy, Stay Close to People Who Feel Like Sunshine and more!


As a fan of both Jim Fannin and Ann Grossman, I had to put this one in because the "Jim Fannin Show" is kind of a podcast, as well.



Interview with Tennis Champion & International Coach Ann Grossman

Jim Fannin is the "World’s #1 Coach of Champions." He has coached more champions in life, business, and sports than anyone on earth. More than a “life” coach,” Jim Fannin is a “change your life” coach.



Greg Lappin's Winning Point

Tennis industry expert Greg Lappin talks about how to create a motivating climate for staff by having a vision, a mission and by celebrating success in this week's #QuickTipTuesday!

Must Know.png



We had asked for clarification from PTR and USPTA in regard to their current certification program. Many of our readers have questions and rather than going through those organizations' web pages, which can be a little confusing at times, we decided to post easy-to-read summaries showcasing where their education has been since before Covid, where it is now, and how this will impact their members moving forward.

PTR leadership sent the below over fairly quickly. I added the USPTA's response by Ramona Husaru here because I received her email just an hour before publication.

USPTA (Ramona Husaru)Here is a link to an article describing our certification pathway on pages 46-47. Also, here is the link to our website that outlines our certification pathway and levels. I’m including direct links to each page for your reference:

Certification levels



Elite Professional

PTR CEO Dan Santorum replied:

We are happy to share some important updates regarding PTR certification programs and the mapping process for our valued members. As part of our commitment to enhancing professional development opportunities and recognizing the diverse skill levels within our community, we have diligently worked with the USTA to introduce the newly launched Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 certification tiers.


Expanding our certification levels is a strategic move to provide a more comprehensive and tailored approach to recognizing the expertise and contributions of our members to the sport we all love. These new levels have been designed to accommodate various skills and experience, from entry-level professionals to International Master Professionals.


PTR has long had a level-based approach from our involvement and external recognition of PTR certifications through NCACE. To provide clarity, the following highlights will showcase where PTR education has been since 2009, where it is now, and how this will impact the PTR members moving forward.


First, starting with PTR’s previous legacy certification levels:

Level 1:

General, 10 and Under, 11 to 17, Adult Development, Performance, Senior

  • 8 hours of face-to-face education

  • Multiple rating levels

    • Associate Instructor

    • Instructor

    • Professional

Level 3:

Junior Development, Adult Development, Performance Specialists

  • Four days of face-to-face education

  • Competent/not-competent assessment

Level 5:

Master of Tennis Adult Development, Junior Development, Performance

  • 326 hours of face-to-face/online education

  • 18 - 24 months for successful program completion

  • Competent/not-competent assessment

International Master Professionals

  • Extensive portfolio project submission

  • Must show competence and service within all facets of the industry over a considerable amount of time

  • Peer-reviewed and evaluated for accuracy and relatability


Here is an overview of the new certification levels:


Level 1 Certified Coach:

Coaching Beginner to Intermediate Players

  • 16 hours/two days of face-to-face education

  • Competent/not-competent assessment

Level 2 Certified Professional:

Coaching Intermediate to Achieving Players

  • 48 hours/Six days of face-to-face education

  • Portfolio project submission

  • Competent/not-competent assessment

Level 3 Certified Specialist:

Performance, Junior Development, Adult Development, Business

  • 80 hours/ten days of face-to-face education

  • 12-18 months to complete

  • Extensive Portfolio Project Submission

  • Competent/not-competent assessment

Level 4:

International Master Professional

  • Reserved for top-tier PTR Professionals

  • Recognizes exceptional knowledge and achievements

  • Demonstrates a high level of impact and leadership

  • Portfolio project submission and peer review


We understand that many PTR members hold legacy certifications under our previous structure. To ensure a smooth transition, we have worked with the USTA on a mapping process to convert existing certifications to new levels. Here is how the process works:


Level 1 Legacy Certification Members:

General, 10 and Under, 11 to 17, Adult Development, Performance, Senior

  • Associate Instructors and Instructors

    • Map into the new Level 1 Certified Coach

  • Professionals

    • Map into the new Level 2 Certified Professional

Level 3 Legacy Certification Members:

Adult Development, Junior Development, Performance

  • Map into the new Level 3 correlating specialist category

Level 5 Legacy Certification Members:

Master of Tennis Adult Development, Junior Development, Performance

  • Map into the new Level 4 category

International Master Professionals

  • Map into the new Level 4 category

  • Retain their International Master Professional distinction


As the only USTA fully accredited organization, PTR’s aim is to ensure our members continue to benefit from their certification while staying current with evolving standards and practices.


We are excited about the educational opportunities these new certification levels offer PTR members. This education/ certification will further enhance our member's professional growth and industry recognition while recognizing the previous commitments and achievements made through legacy certification workshops.


The Challenge: Tennis needs more coaches.

The Answer: Women's Tennis Coaches Association.


Having female coaches in tennis is not just about gender diversity; it's about providing equal opportunities, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment, and harnessing the unique skills and perspectives that female coaches can bring to the game. It benefits both the sport and the individuals involved, helping to develop a richer and more diverse tennis community.

The WTCA is the first organization of its kind, solely dedicated to advancing women’s tennis through thoroughly educated coaches. The global hub for coaching women’s tennis, the WTCA has resources in medicine, coaching, and athletes in order to assist and educate all coaches. With instructional videos, mentorship programs, conferences around the globe, and educational coaching courses, the WTCA both educates and inspires passionate tennis coaches with the one goal of enhancing the world of women’s tennis. Our online courses come with certifications, helping coaches to both learn and draw in more athletes. Members will have unparalleled access to WTCA material on both our website and our social media pages. 

Help us grow.

Start your path to coaching career success now!



The USTA press release was titled GINNY EHRLICH NAMED CEO OF THE USTA FOUNDATION. I thought wow, nice, finally a woman in that role. She'll probably make a million dollars which is OK since money is growing on trees, remember? The next thought was who did she remind me of? Looking at the hair, Hillary Clinton came to mind. Do you see it, too?

USTA1471971_20231010 Approved Headshot Ginny Ehrlich.jpeg

Ginny Ehrlich photo by USTA


Hillary Clinton photo by Gage Skidmore

Then I noticed the by-line for this article. "Distinguished Social Impact Executive Joins the USTA Foundation." I'm thinking hmmm, social impact background? Made me look Ginny up on LinkedIn. Lo and behold, here's an entry on her bio:

Founding Chief Executive Officer - Clinton Health Matters Initiative

Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation

May 2006 - May 2014 · 8 yrs 1 mo

I don't want to repeat here what a lot of people say about that foundation and their health initiative. ChatGPT returned this line: "The Clinton Foundation: Where charity meets controversy."


What it tells me is that the USTA's woke agenda trying to please everyone to the detriment of everyone else, will probably get a little boost from Ginny. Mark my words, friends, next thing you'll see: Transgender tennis players getting a third serve on women's teams in all USTA Leagues!

When I asked ChatGPT about this hire, the answer was:

"Apparently, they needed someone with experience in deleting emails."


We have sent The Commish undercover to the last high-level meeting between the CEO's of the USTA (Lew Sherr) and of USA Pickleball (Mike Nealy) at the National Campus in Orlando. He was able to use his iPhone and record some of the discussion for us. Here's a brief summary for you.


Lew: So, we're in agreement, The USTA is paying you and your Board $55M, and in return, USA Pickleball will become a wholly owned USTA subsidiary?

Mike: Yes. But you have to meet our other condition: We need courts. Thousands of courts.

Lew: Not to worry. My staff has that figured out. Every USTA section is building a mega tennis center with at least 48 courts near their office location. All our league and sanctioned tournament matches will be played there. We don't need any more public courts. You can have them all for conversion.

Mike: Okay but those USTA section mega tennis centers should also be pickleball centers. We want at least 10 of those 48 courts to be built as 40 pickleball courts. 

Lew: You drive a hard bargain, Mike. But yes, ok, we can do that.

Mike: Good, good. One more thing, Lew. You need to give us our own suite at the US Open. At least as big as your President's suite. Free food and drinks, of course. And we need total control over the tickets for that suite. 

Lew: No problem, Mike. Is there anything else?

Mike: Yes, actually, there is. At our last meeting, I said that a name change from US Open to US PickleTennis Open would make us really happy.

Lew: As I said last time, giving you $55M and all those concessions is the easy part. I can sign for those myself. But the US Open name change needs Board approval. They are currently discussing our organization's name change and an amended mission statement. When this is all done, I'll approach them. It'll be easier. They like your growth numbers. They don't like the tennis numbers and its outlook. To hell with tennis.

Mike: I love to hear that, Lew. But doesn't this look like you're throwing your members and millions of tennis players under the bus? 

Lew: I know but don't worry. We do that all the time. We're really good at that. 

Mike: Thank you, Lew. 

Lew: My pleasure, Mike. Would you like this Rolex and a Cadillac as a sign of our appreciation?


What does ChatGPT think about the USTA's Pickleball plans?

I asked ChatGPT this question and requested to add a little humor: "Why would it be a bad idea for the USTA to take control of Pickleball in the U.S.?"

It took ChatGPT only 2 seconds to come up with this answer:

  1. Conflict of Interest: It's like having a pizza parlor run by the Salad Lovers Association. The USTA loves its tennis, and pickleball is the scrumptious new topping on the block. They might just serve pickleballers tennis balls and call it a day!

  2. Different Sports, Different Needs: It's like trying to play chess with a basketball – sure, they're both games, but good luck getting that queen to dribble! Tennis courts are like high-society soirees, while pickleball courts are the laid-back BBQs of the sports world.

  3. Loss of Autonomy: Inviting the USTA to take over pickleball is like inviting your parents to your college party. Suddenly, there are rules, curfews, and someone's calling the shots. You might find yourself in a shirt and tie, even on the court!

  4. Resources Allocation: It's as if you won the lottery and then decided to invest it all in a pet rock business. Tennis, the older sibling, is throwing a tantrum, saying, "I had my eye on a new racket!"

  5. Lack of Expertise: Picture a fish trying to ride a bicycle – that's the USTA suddenly managing pickleball. They might wonder why players aren't using tennis rackets or why the court isn't shaped like a tennis court with a few extra lines.

  6. Grassroots Concerns: If the USTA takes over, pickleball might go from casual games with friends to formal tea parties with strict etiquette and Wimbledon-level seriousness. "Do pass the cucumber sandwiches, old chap!"

Remember, humor is highly subjective, and what's hilarious to one person might not be to another. The key is to find a balance that keeps the fun and spirit of pickleball alive, regardless of who's in charge.


I've written about the obscene ticket prices of the US Open and the fact that kids over 2 years of age have to pay for full adult tickets. No one at the USTA has found it necessary to explain that, of course.

My question today is about the prize money and why they are in that ridiculous competition with the other Grand Slams to increase it every year. While Grand Slams are not mandatory for players, do you really think Novak would not play the US Open if it only gave the champion $2M instead of $3M? Seriously? 

How about cutting all the top prize money levels from the Semis and Finals by 30% and distributing that money to all lower levels that really need it? Ever thought about that?



No, it's not how many millions of dollars the USTA allocated for Pickleball this and next year. Not even close.

The number of 2023 USPTA tennis and PB certifications may well be the best-kept secret in tennis right now.


No, it's not how many tennis professionals became USPTA-certified this year, if any.

Will the USPTA Board, in a move to top the PTR's PTRW initiative, create a USPTAW program designed to drive the WTCA out of existence (or at least bonkers?)


No, that's not a stupid question, people. Come on! Just look at Schedule J from the USTA's 2021 IRS form 990.


So, the former CEO of Community Tennis demoted to CEO Lake Nona Kurt Kamperman announced his retirement at the end of 2020. In my January 2022 feature Can the USTA be saved? I wrote


To everyone’s surprise, 2020 was also the year Kurt Kamperman decided to retire by the end of December. In another surprise move, he left the United States for a CEO job at Tennis Nova Scotia in Halifax, Canada, home of the new USTA Customer Service team outsourced to defense contractor Blue Ocean. Carefully worded media praise called his tenure at the USTA “During his 14 years as the USTA’s chief executive of community tennis, Kamperman oversaw the USTA’s efforts to increase tennis participation in the United States.” The emphasis here is the word “efforts” because it appears he never accomplished that task. Not even close.

Now when you examine the USTA's IRS Form 990 for 2021, you'll see a little footnote under Schedule J: "Kurt Kamperman, former Chief Executive, National Campus, received severance payments totaling $676,432 (plus some health insurance benefits). It's clear to me that KK had to sign an NDA upon leaving the USTA. My question is: What did he know about the organization that made them give him $676K to stay quiet?

Let's take a guess.

  • Did KK know the truth about the Deloitte quid pro quo in giving a US Open sponsor million-dollar projects they were not qualified to handle which was at best questionable and at worst a money laundering scheme? 

  • Did KK know that ClubSpark was way over its head in taking on the Serve Tennis and WTN projects? Was that another quid pro quo that included the ITF and Dave Haggerty?

  • Did KK know that the accreditation game with USPTA and PTR was just a precursor to taking total control of the U.S. tennis teaching landscape?

Your guess is as good as mine. It may just be that the USTA has established policies that provide retirement benefits or severance packages to long-serving executives, as a way to attract and retain top talent and show appreciation for their service. On the other hand, offering severance could be a way to ensure a smooth transition in leadership and maintain goodwill with the departing executive. Kamperman stayed just a year or so at Tennis Nova Scotia. I smell another quid pro quo in there somewhere. We will probably never know.



Will the USPTA see an opportunity for a fresh look at a new approach for
promoting their members?


As we know, there are now several organizations that have in place a process for tennis teaching pros to become certified.  One of those established organizations, the USPTA is about to transition to new leadership.  This would be a great time to reevaluate, and maybe, reinvent a new approach to create a more professional image.  For years, the push behind having a USPTA certification was for a tennis coach to show they have earned the privilege of teaching their sport.  This right was achieved by passing an extensive test, and then following through with seminars, conventions, and more recently, online learning.  

Read the full article here




Cheating SoCal League Captains can learn a lot from their Texas comrades

Oh boy, what a topic. Cheating USTA Adult League Captains or, as they are known, "Professional Captains." A few weeks ago we heard from Kevin Schmidt of Schmidt Computer Ratings. He has been watching and analyzing leagues and ratings for many years and posted on his blog site this content: "Texas demonstrates the foolproof plan to win USTA League Nationals - Game the system by tanking matches." Wham bam, thank you, Kevin! Finally, someone had the guts to post what the entire USTA League community knew for a long time but USTA sections never did anything substantial about it. Thousands of adult league players have left the program in disgust over the years but, as I have reported so many times here, they have no say. Nobody at the USTA is really looking out for league players and listening to their concerns. Best example: Southern California where league staff rather ban an honest Captain from participating than doing something about her complaints. That's their way of making a complainer go away.

I remember from my time at the USTA Tennislink Team as the League and NTRP Coordinator, this has been happening every year since I can remember (2006). Everyone knows this is happening in Southern California also but the Texans were probably able to cheat better than the SoCals this year. The Caribbean teams were famous for doing this at the lower levels (2.5/3.0). I can’t tell you how many times I saw a 2.5 Caribbean player all of a sudden playing like a 4.0 at Nationals. The sections don't do anything for two reasons in my humble opinion: 1. The offending captains bring in more revenue than others. Money talks. Or 2. Those captains win Nationals. Nice for every section, haha.

I hear the offending Texas Captain who allegedly abuses the system so badly is one Jason Freeman from Houston. And if found guilty, I wonder if anything will ever happen to him. What do you think?



USTA Intermountain Section All In on Pickleball

It was an interesting surprise when a little birdie told me about the Utah district of the USTA's Intermountain section and their Pickleball program. That doesn't look like a pilot program, friends. I call this going all in on Pickleball. They even have a Pickleball Manager (Jeremy Horner) and a full program.


I have questions!

1. When will the Utah Tennis Association change its name?

2. How about a change to the mission statement? "The Utah Tennis Association is a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to promote and develop the sport of tennis in communities throughout the State of Utah. UTA began in 1957 and is one of six districts in the Intermountain Tennis Association."

3. Same for the Intermountain Section: Mission statement and Strategic Plan?

4. Same goes for the USTA national, of course. But we'll talk about this another time.

5. These leagues will need even more PB courts and will accelerate the conversion of tennis courts. Is anyone at the USTA  speaking for tennis?



USPTA All In on the USTA?

Yep, another surprise came down the pipeline when I saw the names on the new USPTA Board. Bear with me here while I try to dissect the situation.

Here is the newly elected '24-'25 USPTA National Board of Directors:

President: Trish Faulkner - Florida
First Vice President: Mark Faber - Midwest

Vice Presidents:
Jason Gilbert - Florida
Jenny Gray - Texas
Kevin Theos - Southern/Intermountain
Rob Scott - Intermountain
Milos Vasovic - Southern

I had various insiders comment on the makeup of this Board. Here is a summary:

- The USPTA Nominating Committee stacked the Board with pro-USTA and pro-Pickleball people. (They can do that, of course)

- Milos Vasovic (Pickleball Coach)

- Rob Scott (USTA Intermountain ED and strong Pickleball proponent)

- Kevin Theos (Long USTA history and strong Pickleball proponent)

- Jenny Gray (strong Pickleball proponent)

- Jason Gilbert (works for USTA Florida)

Slate for BOD: "I cannot believe the USPTA national committee nominated such a weak slate and that the members didn't care enough to oppose it.  I think it is safe to say the weak slate was intentional, like a hostile takeover.  We, the USTA, are in charge.  You elite pros need to shut up and get in line - and quite frankly, you are not elite pros you are coaches.  This same attitude carries over to the way they have run their certification program and the USPTA office for the past ten years."

Two Florida people on the BOD: "Florida is one of the largest divisions and essentially controls the USPTA. What Florida wants Florida gets. This is about personal agendas."

Two Intermountain people on the BOD: "The division has about 500 to 600 members. That is 4% to 5% of the total membership.  They deserve two representatives. Who cares about the fact that California, Texas, and the NE are not represented?  They don't matter. They are riff-raff.  Intermountain has more antelope per capita than the other divisions. They like pickleball and need to be represented."

"It is nuts to have two Intermountain people on the national board. The appearance is that this was done to impose the USTA interests, that have been demonstrated in Intermountain, onto the USPTA board. This includes the pickleball agenda and the notion that the pros should work to support the USTA, not the USPTA."

Three USTA people on the BOD: "Do you think these three will recuse themselves on any board votes related to the USTA? Hell no! They are on the board for one reason and it is not in the best interest of the membership."



(I'll spare you the comments I got when people heard that Feisal Hassan is on the shortlist to become the new USPTA CEO.)


Trouble in Women's Tennisland?

Daria Kasatkina is known to be an outspoken player on the WTA Pro Tour. The former World No. 8 (now 17) has come forward with some disturbing information about the life of tour players. Check out her video.

Daria Kasatkina.webp

In Kasatkina's own words, tennis is the worst sport in the world in terms of life logistics:

“I arrived to a Masters & they meet only from one airport. They don't meet you from another. So I played in Tokyo last night & it was impossible to fly in the evening. So I need to fly the next day at 10 am. I need to arrive earlier because tomorrow I have to play… Honestly, I'm exhausted. The game of tennis itself is the simplest thing we do. Everything else is just completely bull***t. I can't travel anymore. I can't pack my things… these planes, moving… When you can't communicate with people from different countries, constantly changing beds, constantly packing & unpacking bags every week, I just can't do it anymore. My body is just telling me to f*ck off already. For the 3rd time in a month & a half, I have a sore throat & in general, my condition is incomprehensible. In terms of life logistics, there is no worse sport in the whole world. It’s just complete bullsh*t.”



'People Go To Men's Tennis More': Worrying Claims Emerge On State Of WTA

Tennis Infinity reports: Women's tennis is not doing good. According to Kazakhstan Tennis Federation's Vice President Yuri Polsky it is because people go to men's tennis more.

In an interview with Russian outlet Championat, Polsky talks about the difficulties of women's tennis and how increasing the number of bigger events in order to attract and compel the top-ranked players to participate is gathering pace.

Read more here.


WTA defends Finals court after player criticism

The WTA "defended the court built for the WTA Finals as meeting its 'strict performance standards'" after No. 1-ranked Aryna Sabalenka called the conditions at the season-ending championship “another level of disrespect.”

Read more here.



The tennis industry has a workforce crisis!


Changing economic conditions and evolving demographics have created significant challenges for leaders in all industries. In addition, leaders in many industries have a better understanding of workforce development principles and how to implement them than leaders in the tennis industry.


Read the full article


Technical Analyst Certification Course*

(USPTA, PTR accredited: 8 CE credits)


There’s a new certification course for tennis coaches that’s different than anything I’ve seen.


My friends Warren Pretorius and Will Boucek have put together a course that trains coaches to

film, edit, and analyze tennis strokes from their cell phones.


Click here to check it out and get your certification!

Warren is the Founder & CEO of Tennis Analytics where he works with top college programs, ATP & WTA players, the USTA, Tennis Canada, and tons of other high-level coaches. This course teaches you “the video coaching system” he uses with all these players and coaches.


After you start using his system, here are 6 things that will happen.

  • Players will improve faster. People learn better visually than audibly.

  • Student retention will improve since players keep getting better.

  • You’ll create a library of videos for each student to document progress over time. They can go back and watch what their serve looked like 6 months ago.

  • You’ll attract new players because they’ll want to be a part of your new system.

  • You’ll start “remote coaching” and generating income off the court. You can analyze the video from anywhere.

  • Parents will love it! If you coach juniors, then you’ll find one of the best ways to keep their parents happy is to record and send video of their kids improving.


If you don’t use video in your player development program yet, you should be. Pros have been doing it for years, and now most colleges and high-level academies have implemented it.


Soon, using video for private lessons will be expected everywhere!


If you aren’t using video yet because you don’t know how, or you don’t have a system, or you aren’t sure where to start… check out their new certification course below.


Go here to learn how to become a Certified Technical Analyst.


It includes the software you need to get started from your cell phone (iPhone or Android), so you can implement it next week.


If you have questions about the course read more about it here or you can contact Warren or Will through the website.

*A message from our sponsor



Those seen dancing were thought mad by those who could not hear the music. (~ Friedrich Nietzsche)




You have probably reached a point of pain in your net game, something has triggered your curiosity about the secrets of coming forward to finish, or you have a solid drive to gain every advantage you can. You want to go to the net to get the most out of an aggressive game. People always use the word ‘secret,’ but it's only a secret if you don't know it. All secrets will be revealed, and everything in this book is born from feeling the pain, knowing the problems, and finding practical, doable solutions that are valid and relevant solutions.


I Know Your Pain!


Here are some of the thoughts going through the minds of players who want to play better at the net:

Read the full Blog post.

  • Shout-out to the  PTR for increasing tennis certification by 33% this year so far compared to 2022 and pickleball certification by 85%

  • Shout-out to  The Ace Project of Chicago for celebrating their 10th Anniversary in style. (The Ace Project was the first recipient of the TENNIS AMBASSADOR package from HEAD, Slinger, and Billie Jean King Eye Coach.)

  • Shout-out to The Boys from At The Net Pocast for having too much fun! (Seriously, can there be too much fun? Ever?) Click on the images for short videos.

Tennis Haus Symposium 2023 on Instagram


Craig Bell with the Giant Yonex racquet on FB


Embrace the Chaos: Why Running Your Club Like It's 1999 is the Way to Go

By Ashley Owens

Hello, tennis and pickleball aficionados! Are you tired of all this modern software mumbo-jumbo and yearn for the good old days? Well, you're in for a treat because we're here to advocate for running your club like it's 1999 – complete with Excel sheets, whiteboards, and snail mail invoices. Let's dive into the chaos, shall we?


Excel-lent Adventures


Who needs fancy scheduling software when you have good ol' Excel sheets? Forget about user-friendly interfaces and automated notifications; we're taking it back to when you had to input reservations manually. You'll be a spreadsheet wizard in no time, or at least by the time your members have waited hours for a court.


The Whiteboard Chronicles


Why invest in an online reservation system when you can have a whiteboard? Picture this: Bob and his retiree gang lining up at 4 AM to snag those shady courts. It's like Black Friday every weekend, but instead of TVs, they're after tennis courts. You can even sell tickets to this daily spectacle!

Cork Board Confusion


Junior clinics? Who needs an easy-to-access online schedule when you can post everything on corkboards? Little Jimmy showing up for the 7 PM red ball class at 6 AM is the highlight of our day. Chaos is the name of the game, right?


Snail Mail Membership Invoices


In the age of online payments and electronic billing, why not send out your monthly membership invoices via snail mail? Donna's forgetfulness is the gift that keeps on giving as you chase her down for three months of unpaid dues. Maybe she'll find that checkbook one day. Or not.

The Manual Calendar Mayhem


Modern instructors with their online calendars and automated attendance? Not in our club! Instructors should keep a paper calendar and manually take attendance, leaving room for creative accounting. A few "forgotten" students here and there, and suddenly, you've got a thriving, free-class economy!


Who doesn't love a good laugh while waiting for a court or remembering when little Jimmy's lessons are? While we jest, it's clear that embracing technology like CourtReserve can make managing your tennis and pickleball club a breeze. But if you're in the mood for chaos and nostalgia, why not try the old-school approach? Don't be surprised if your members dream of automated court reservations and online payments in their sleep! Call CourtReserve when they do!

Title-Last Survey.png

TCB  Survey October 2023 - We had 2 questions.


1. "How do our readers rate our job of holding the USTA's feet to the fire?"

2. "Do you find our mid-month issue informative or should we focus just on the monthly issue?"

Answers Question 1


Answers Question 2


As every month, comments are posted at the bottom of the LETTERS page.

Title-New Survey.png

TCB  Survey November 2023 


"Now that the USTA is taking Pickleball under their wings, should they change their name?" (Comments and/or name suggestions are welcome)

Here's the link to the survey.


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PTR Foundation’s Learn with Legends is a virtual conference led by the distinguished International Master Pros. 


PTR established the International Master Professional designation to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to PTR and the game of tennis throughout their careers. It is PTR’s belief that an International Master Professional should be a strong representative of PTR and the sport – to be known as a master talent developer, exhibit the highest ethical behavior on and off the court, and one who displays the highest standards of excellence in the tennis profession.


Proceeds from the Learn with Legends Virtual Conference will be donated to the PTR Foundation. More about the PTR Foundation can be found here.

Registration is $47

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