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HEAD Gravity Tennis Racquet


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OnCourt OffCourt Announces Co-Branding Partnership with USA Pickleball


USA Pickleball and OnCourt OffCourt have announced signing an exclusive co-branding relationship for all of OnCourt OffCourt’s patented net systems.

For the last 20 years, OnCourt OffCourt has manufactured and private labeled custom net systems for USA Pickleball, and this agreement represents an expansion of this enduring cooperation.


For information on these nets and more, visit or

The Great American Pickleball Marathon September 11, 2021 (8 am - 8 pm)


PPR is proud to support this awesome event which is quite possibly the largest pickleball event ever. The Great American Pickleball Marathon will run from 8 AM to 8 PM on Saturday, September 11th from Ferg’s World Famous Sports Bar & Grill in St. Petersburg, Florida. Details and registration here.


Head Pickleball Professional at The Landings


Chris Hagman is searching for Head Pickleball Professional at The Landings,  Truly, this is one of the top clubs in the south and an excellent opportunity with salary, commissions and benefits.  Interested Professionals should contact or 404-307-4893.



Good Ticket News From the US Open - Make sure you have proof of vaccination!


Tennis Players and fans can take advantage of a special offer to save 25% off of select sessions for the 2021 US Open! Click "find tickets," click on Unlock, and type MEMBER in the Passcode field to see reduced price tickets, and make your purchase. (PROOF OF VACCINATION IS REQUIRED FOR ACCESS TO THE STADIUMS!)  Link to the discounts



ATP 250 Tournament Scheduled for September 27 – October 3, 2021

Fans can purchase tickets through the official tournament website at: Ticket prices range from $10 per day for Qualifying Rounds on September 25-26 to $99 for a VIP Seat per session on the final weekend of the tournament.

The Special Olympics National Tennis Championships had to be canceled for Covid related reasons. However, the PTR $8,000 Wheelchair Tennis Championships (September 24-26) and the 2022 PTR International Tennis Symposium (February 8-10, 2022) will still go on as planned. Both events are on Hilton Head Island, SC. Find information for both here.




HEAD Introducing the Extreme Nite 


Explore the dark side of spin. The Extreme Nite provides players with optimal spin and power. With its stunning limited-edition design, it does one thing to the max: Spin The Game Your Way. Shop now exclusively on

Also available: Extreme Nite bags and backpacks.

Shop Extreme Nite Collection


BJK Eye Coach Offers Homeschool Physical Education Solution

Lenny Schloss wants your homeschool community to know about a breakthrough, proven, and affordable Physical Education Program available through their connection with Billie Jean King's Eye Coach.  

More info in the PDF or contact Peter Schmitt, Elite Ball-Striking Expert, at 843-810-0986 or


Slinger Bag Enters China Market through Partnership with Powerway Sports


Slinger announced its launch into the Chinese market via a five-year distribution partnership with Shanghai and Xiamen-based Powerway Sports (PWS). Under the terms of the deal, PWS will be exclusive distributor for Slinger of the Slinger Bag ball launcher, as well as for related Slinger branded accessories.

The Slinger Bag is available to order now - to find out more about Slinger Bag, visit


Slinger Reports Fiscal 2020 Financial Results


The tennis innovator generated revenues of $11.2 million (Gross Profits $3.1 million) on sales of approximately 20,000 Slinger Bag tennis ball launchers, signed distribution deals across six continents, and is set to both release Slinger Bags for two new sports and launch an AI-driven tennis app in 2021.

Slinger Global Ambassadors are: Tommy Haas, Genie Buchard, Dustin Brown, Daren Cahill, and Patrick Mouratoglou.


Slinger Announces Partnership with the Mouratoglou Academy



Founded by world-renowned tennis coach and Slinger brand ambassador Patrick Mouratoglou, the Mouratoglou Academy is one of the most successful and recognizable brands in tennis. Its flagship academy situated in the French Riviera has 30 tennis courts, world-class training facilities and is regarded amongst the top tennis academies in the world.

This new tennis partnership spans not only the academies themselves but also Patrick’s disruptive tennis league UTS (Ultimate Tennis Showdown) (


Tennis Court Resurfacing: The Material Properties of Stone Dust


NGI's Mike Burke writes, "Recently we had a customer who was building a new ProBounce surface over an old asphalt pavement which was cracked and uneven. He milled the asphalt instead of pulverizing it which left him with some rather large pieces.

He then graded the milled materials to try and achieve planarity adding some crushed stone to blend in. When grading the milled materials, he was left with a very uneven and bumpy finish due to these large millings.  Options would have been the removal and/or blending with new stone. He instead chose to level the area with stone dust screenings. In some areas, the screenings were 12” deep.

There’s no argument that stone dust has some extremely useful properties. Unfortunately, none of them are well suited to deep applications such as this. As a rule of thumb, I find a 2” depth is a safe application because stone dust poses some well-understood threats to the physical integrity of pavement projects. Water retention is a major one.

Stone dust is a fine material that will absorb moisture readily and will then releases it very slowly. The moisture in deeper applications of stone dust can wreak havoc on underneath pavements, causing effervescence and allowing them to settle or shift easily under a load. In extreme frost-thaw cycles, water-soaked stone dust can actually pump and lift up, shifting the pavement in the process."

Contact Mike



PTR Tennis Director Conference

December 10-11, 2021
Indian Wells


If you are a Director or on the career path to be one, this is the conference for you!
Get information here

The Winning Summit

September 17-20

For The First Time Ever, Get Trained By 40+ World Class Experts in the Essential Skills Needed to be a Winner ON and OFF court. Are You Fed Up With Choking?



2021 USPTA World Conference (WC21)

September 19-23

The 2021 USPTA World Conferenc will make a triumphant return to an in-person format September 19-23, 2021, at the Westgate Resort and Casino in glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Register now

TBD Tennis Innovation Week

October 27-30

If you want to discover how Tennis will be played, run in a club or Academy in 10 years from now then you can’t miss this opportunity to COME BACK FROM THE FUTURE OF TENNIS.

TBD Tennis Innovation Week is the first international virtual event and platform focused to integrate and bring together innovators, creators, developers, leaers, companies, and organizations that are making an impact with new proposals, products, apps, devices, services aimed at transforming and empowering the tennis industry.

Register now

Poster Oficia 2 TBD.jpeg

Tennis Master Course


The Segal Institute is pleased to launch the Tennis Master Course

"How to create a Tennis Development Program for your player" - Level 1

dictated by the renowned international leader Fernando Segal.

Faced with the challenge of improving the training processes and training of players, Fernando advances information from his new book in this course, sharing concepts and actions to achieve an evolution to take you to the next level of tennis coaching.

This course is part of the Segal Institute Learning Academy with information developed to prepare you for the next years of tennis evolution.

Buy the course for $79 here.

Neuro Tennis



Rosie Casals Sends Photos and Impressions from the 50th Anniversary Celebration and Induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame for the "Original 9."

Traveling seems to be back and I am excited to share my Hall of Fame Weekend with all of you. It was a great 4 days in Newport, R.I. being with the girls and catching up since the pandemic hit and we were unable to celebrate our official 50th Anniversary last year of the Original 9 signing a $1.00 contract with Gladys Heldman back on September 23,1970.

The International Tennis Hall of Fame rolled out the Red Carpet for Billie Jean, Val, Julie, Kristy, Peaches, Kerry, and myself. Judy Dalton and Nancy Richey, unfortunately, couldn’t join the induction, Judy due to their strict quarantine guidelines in Australia.


In addition to celebrating the Original 9 as the first-ever group inducted into the ITHF, top teaching professional Dennis Van der Meer was also inducted posthumously through the “Contributors Category”. Conchita Martinez and Goran Ivanisevic, the class of 2020, were finally given their due with Lleyton Hewitt missing for the same reason as Judy, but will go in with the class of 2022.


The Original 9 made it on “Good Morning America” and each told their story about making the decision to go against the old establishment and pave the way for women’s equality and professional women’s tennis known as the Virginia Slims. Thanks to the leadership of Billie Jean and Gladys, and the financial support of Joseph Cullman III, CEO of Philip Morris, the Original 9 and the Virginia Slims Circuit couldn’t have taken place or been as successful as it was. Julie Heldman calls this “The Trilogy” and without these 3, the road to glory and tennis as we know it now couldn’t have been!!


Tennis Channel "Original 9" Special with Billie Jean King




A Year Later: Lessons about COVID and Media Outreach

Marsha Friedman writes in PR Insider about "What The Last Year Taught Us

About COVID And Media Outreach."

See the full article here.



Rich's Favorite Sources of Daily News

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Everything you need to know about crypto wallets

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What is AI?

The Human's Handbook to Computers that Think
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