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Women Teaching & Coaching Tennis



The Mission  

Women Teaching & Coaching Tennis (WTCT) is a not-for-profit organization whose primary mission is to encourage, mentor, train and educate women of all ages who are interested in or currently teach and coach tennis at all levels. We are women who have played professionally, taught and coached high school and college tennis as well as coached touring professionals.

We are committed to mentoring and assisting new generations of women to realize their potential and worth as skilled and inspirational coaches, teachers and leaders.



WTCT is a core group of women who work collaboratively with USPTA, USTA and other national and regional organizations to broaden the opportunities for women in tennis coaching fields. Many of us have served these organizations as leaders and teachers. WTCT is uniquely positioned to advise, educate and counsel women who seek professional coaching roles. We have experienced success and challenges, and we pass along our wisdom and support to benefit other women and to offer a legacy that feels valuable to us



We need more women coaching tennis!

The percentage of women who coach females is in the minority in most sports and there is a near absence of women coaching men.

In the 40+ years after the passage of Title IX, female sports participation is at an all-time high. Yet the percentage of women coaching women (at least at the collegiate level) has declined from 90+% in 1974 to a new all-time low today of 40%.

Why do women coaches matter?

  • Women challenge gender stereotypes.

  • They are role models.  They are inspiration & emulation.

  • They increased self-perceptions & valuation.

  • Coaching positively affects self-esteem.

  • They give female insight & advice.

  • Diverse perspectives improve organizational health.

  • Proof of viable career pathways.

  • Less likely athletes will be sexually abused or harassed.

  • Female athletes should see people like them.

(Dr. Nicole Lavoi)

How can you get involved?

There are no memberships. Please email: Andrea Barnes,

Bunny Bruning, Carrie Z, Christin Schumman, Susan Nardi, Cathy Nicoloff


We need speakers, social media help, creative thinkers, partnerships, and ambassadors. We need to get the word out!


WTCT Workshop – “Coaching With Heart”

San Diego, CA February 18 & 19

By Bunny Bruning


A small and intimate group of women and men showed up Saturday morning for Andrea Tyndall’s Sports Performance seminar – incredibly informative. Correct form and exercises prevailed for warmups, speed, and strength exercises.

Jami Jones, San Diego City College women’s coach was up next with her team drills. She knows how to keep her team motivated while having fun. What a culture she has built!

Susan Nardi, WTCT VP, spoke about learning modules and understanding your players better. Isn’t that a key to coaching?

After lunch, Bunny Bruning, WTCT President, and USPTA Master Professional shared knowledge regarding gender brain diversity. Specific information when communicating with girls and women was provided. Gender brains are different (not better or worse) in terms of processing information. Enlightening!

Building Successful Teams was enthusiastically reported by Karen Ronney, Patrick Henry High School Coach. Many creative tips were given to build the culture and keep the team a “family”.

The day ended with Frank Giampaolo’s Mental Tips for Athletes – pure gems!


Day two: After an open forum discussing a need for female coaches, Leslie Banks, USPTA Elite Pro from Arizona, stirred our emotions with “The Power of Heart in Women Volunteering”.

Sue Whiteside, Director of Racquet Sports @ La Valle Coastal Club Rancho Santa Fe California, and Gabbi Chernak finished the morning with more thoughts, and ideas including creative red ball programming.


What was different about this smaller workshop was that the women had a chance to speak out more without bias and intimidation around us. Yes – that is part of the “system” we work in and what we need to break through. For women, taking in new information, forming relationships, and creating memories makes a conference special. We will stay in touch, support each other, and continue to learn from the group.

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