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We had presented Tim & Ashley Owen's product CourtReserve in our January 2021 issue. Today we want to show you another one of their creations, TennisRungs. Tim Owens says, " makes it super simple to get your ladders up and going. Create the Ladder, add your custom rules, and let the system handle the rest!"


"Our easy to view dashboards keep both your players and admins abreast of all the happenings in your ladders. Quickly report scores, see pending challenges, and more. You can use for seasonal ladders, multiple doubles, points based ladders and more. Great for junior ladders, high school or college coaches and public organizations."




By Ashley Owens

Tennisrungs is a simple tennis ladder software that has helped over 1,000 clubs and organizations since 2008. Organizations including private tennis clubs, public entities like USTA Atlanta, residential homeowners associations and more have used TennisRungs to get players active and playing! Tennis coaches from around the country have also used TennisRungs to get their juniors and students competitive match play to continue on court development.


Free Mobile App for Players

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Features include:

  • Setup Online Registration Quick and Easily

  • Set multiple configuration options for your ladder including how many spots a player may challenge, should you auto-forfeit those that don't accept challenges and many more!

  • Quickly and Easily add Custom Rules for your ladder that will be automatically sent out when you add players or teams!

  • Your players can download our free mobile app to make challenging and reporting scores a whole easier. Download for free in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

  • Easily integrate with Stripe to accept payments for your ladders.  We give you complete control from reporting to refunding. Everything you need for a seamless payment workflow.

  • Player Issued Challenges makes Tennisrungs easy for players to see the ladder, make challenges, and see how they are progressing. If a player/team cannot be challenged we tell you why!

  • Players can easily see their challenges and current activity in their ladder from an easy-to-use Dashboard.


Get your Free Tennis Ladder Success EBook and get started!

Planning and Running a tennis ladder involves a myriad of details, including coordinating with players, using the right tools, creating the right rules, and keeping players engaged. Here we provide a simple and effective guide to understanding all the factors that influence a tennis ladder's success and how to execute them effectively. These are need-to-know insights that can make a huge difference in the quality of your ladder!


CLICK HERE and download this quick guide that is packed full of our most successful strategies to growing any tennis ladder.

Learn more and sign up for a 14 day free trial at TennisRungs


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