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Message from Rich Neher Greetings from California!


Hello, dear readers, friends, and tennis enthusiasts.

Lead Story

Yes, greetings from SoCal, where the USTA section lost all of its credibility and the Board is complicit in a scandal that is worse than anything former executives have ever done to the tennis community here. Please read my feature article under our column SAY IT AIN'T SO this month ("USTA SoCal serves no one but themselves!")

RIP Darryl Cummings

I didn't really know the man well but heard good things about him. Here is some info that was posted on the Norfolk State University site: "It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Darryl Cummings, the former head tennis coach at Norfolk State University. Coach Cummings was not only a respected figure in the tennis community but also a mentor and inspiration to many. His dedication to the sport and his ability to instill passion and commitment in his players made a lasting impact. Our thoughts and prayers are with Coach Cummings' family, friends, and all those who had the privilege of working alongside him. May his legacy continue to inspire us to strive for excellence both on and off the tennis court. Cummings spent three seasons at Norfolk State (2017-2019) as the head men's and women's tennis coach, after accumulating over 600 wins during more than 20 years as a head coach at the NCAA level. He spent the longest stretch of his career as the head coach at Old Dominion, also spending multiple years at nearby Virginia Wesleyan."


It's hard to believe that it has already been a decade since I started this venture. Back then, I had a modest contact list but a wealth of ideas. Tennis Industry Magazine recognized the efforts of my consulting firm, Tennis Media Group, in the US tennis industry. They highlighted the launch of our monthly newsletter, TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS, which serves as a valuable resource for tennis club owners, club managers, and tennis professionals. In the article, I emphasized the responsibility we have as industry leaders to provide our clients and readers with vital information that will contribute to the development, expansion, and longevity of prosperous tennis communities.

Tennis Club Business has experienced significant growth and undergone various transformations throughout the years. In the past, we utilized the EMMA mailing platform; however, I discovered that WIX offers a more cost-effective, user-friendly, and feature-rich alternative. Our editorial direction shifted in 2015/2016 when a comprehensive analysis of the USTA's decisions revealed an inherent lack of accountability. Excessive spending, a hierarchical leadership structure reminiscent of an old boys' club, and a disregard for the growth of tennis undermined their mission statement. Furthermore, it became apparent that many tennis publications colluded with the USTA, their primary advertiser, by suppressing negative news and exclusively highlighting positive developments.

Despite this prevailing environment, our commitment is to expose and report any unethical conduct or questionable practices we encounter. We strive to uncover irregularities not only within the USTA Orlando headquarters but also within its various sections.


Yes, 50 years! Congratulations to USPTA Elite Pro Dr. Vinokur and his team. More about Tennis Europe below under GOOD TO KNOW.


I want to express my sincere gratitude to the exceptional tennis professionals who have contributed their expertise to provide valuable content for our readership. Specifically, I would like to acknowledge the unwavering support and enthusiasm of our regular writers, Gary Horvath and Rod Heckelman. Their dedication has been invaluable. Additionally, I extend my appreciation to the esteemed professionals who have contributed their insights, including Bill Patton, Susan Nardi, Scott Mitchell, Ed Shanaphy, Ashley Owens, Ken Dehart, and The Commish (pronouns they/them). While the true identity of The Commish remains a mystery, their humorous and often satirical style has garnered significant engagement from our audience.

While reflecting on our achievements over the past decade, I look forward to the year 2024 with great anticipation. We are poised to implement substantial changes that will propel Tennis Club Business forward and result in a significant increase in our subscriber base. Brace yourself for major transformations commencing in the first quarter of next year.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all our cherished readers for their unwavering loyalty and for providing us with valuable feedback that motivates us to continue our work.

Thank you,

Rich Neher, Publisher

Please consider joining the WTCA as a member. The WTCA is an all-inclusive organization that welcomes individuals of all genders. With an individual membership costing less than $9 per month, you will gain access to a wide range of benefits. Additionally, the WTCA offers a club membership option for those interested.
Sign up here.



Re: Match-fixing



Tennis players Timur Khabibulin , Sanjar Fayziev, and Igor Smilansky have been sanctioned by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) for match-fixing. The integrity organization has issued sanctions in a recent match-fixing scandal that has rocked the tennis world, involving activities related to match fixing. It underwent a thorough investigation by the independent Anti-Corruption Hearing Officer (AHO), Janie Soublière, who confirmed the charges brought by the ITIA against the three players.

Read more here.

Re: Sinclair/Diamond Sports Group/Tennis Channel

Front Office Sports: "Sinclair: DSG Will Likely Shut Down After 2024 MLB Season"

For just about two years now, we reported about DSG, owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a company that also owns The Tennis Channel (TC). The financial troubles of money pit DSG will most likely have serious ramifications for TC. Sinclair has put billions into DSG and seems to be now ready to liquidate that company. 

The article starts with "The long-term outlook for Diamond Sports Group is increasingly dim. It’s already facing the prospects of holding no major pro team rights after the 2024 MLB season, and during a U.S. bankruptcy court hearing Wednesday, lawyers for DSG parent Sinclair Inc. said that chances of a company liquidation next year are growing."
Read more here.

Late breaking news
Amazon in talks to invest in Diamond Sports Group

SportsBusinessJournal reports: Amazon is "in talks to invest" in Diamond Sports Group, a move that would "advance the e-commerce giant’s aggressive push into sports content as it takes on streaming rivals like Disney and Netflix." Diamond, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, is "actively negotiating with Amazon about a strategic investment and a multiyear streaming partnership," according to sources. If an agreement is reached, Prime Video "would eventually become the streaming home for Diamond’s games." Diamond, which has the local rights to about half the teams in MLB and the NBA and about a third of the NHL teams, "would continue operating its cable networks through its existing partnerships." It "isn’t clear how much money Amazon is planning to invest or at what valuation" (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 12/18).


Re: PickleBall News

ONCOURT OFFCOURT: Pickleball Mini Lesson with Simone Jardim


Tune in to another great Pickleball Mini Lesson with Simone Jardim, one of the world's top Pickleball players! For more creative resources, please visit or

Click on the image to watch the video.

Drury University announces the addition of co-ed pickleball team

As pickleball grows in popularity around the country, Drury University will add a co-ed team to its 2024-25 non-NCAA sports offerings. Recruitment for the team is now taking place.

In August, Drury announced the construction of an outdoor recreation area, the Panther Pad, that will feature six pickleball courts. The facility, which is one of the first official pickleball courts on a college campus, was designed for intercollegiate competition and will be completed in spring 2024.

Read more here.


Pickleball Noise Relief Group's Playlist

Seven Zoom calls with experts produced by Nalini Lasiewicz and Rob Mastrioanni.

Click on the image to play the videos.

Pickleball Mgazine.webp

Re: Saudi Arabia "Sportswashing"


As the rest of the world nervously looks at the escalating situation in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas, it’s business as usual in Saudi Arabia.

The latest win for the Kingdom comes as they are expected to host the 2034 World Cup in Riyadh. The Saudis didn’t even have to fight for it – they ‘conveniently’ were the only country that bid for it. Funny how that works out.

Read more here.


Re: USPTA/PTR Certifications


Dear Rich,


Clearly, the USTA wants to be like the rest of the world's NGB and control everything. (I'm hearing Tears for Fears, "Everyone Wants to Rule the World" playing in my head right now.) So, a group of people woke up in the USTA office and decided let's run this whole tennis education system to be like everyone else. I do believe education needs to be better, but this whole level thing is nuts. In one organization I'm a level 2 (PTR Professional) and in the other, I am a level 3 (USPTA Elite Professional ). Clearly, with the thousand hours plus of continuing education and extra certifications (2 wheelchair, 10U, cardio, ACEing Autism, Buddy Up, Special Olympics, PCA, and ISSA Personal Trainer) means zero to my level which makes no sense.


I was told it's in the works for 2024 that coaches who have a certain amount of years of experience will be able to submit paperwork to get a higher level. Great, but when in my schedule do I have the time to do that? I'm actually running 3 businesses while still coaching on the court to prove to people sitting behind a desk with their (Ph.D.) to tell me I'm a level 2 when I coach every age and skill from 5-year-olds up to WTA pro, adaptive as well as adults in my week? Please, this is not rocket scientist stuff; it's tennis. Let's not complicate it and insult all of us who have spent our careers working in the trenches growing the game to be insulted like this. 


The Commish

Everywhere, USA

Pronouns: They/Them


NINE - Wide World of Sports

Simona Halep opens up on fallout with coach Patrick Mouratoglou amid four-year doping ban

Two-time grand slam champion Simona Halep is no longer working with coach Patrick Mouratoglou's academy while she awaits a ruling on her appeal of a four-year doping suspension.

The 32-year-old figures her tennis career will be over if the Court of Arbitration for Sport rules against her.

“Four years is going to be a lot for my age,” Halep said in an interview with European television news network Euronews posted online Friday. Read more here.


Photo by AP/Nine

CONNEXA: Overwhelming Response to Request for Beta Testers of New Slinger AI Tennis App

Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. confirmed that following a very positive consumer response to its request for beta testers for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Slinger App for tennis, the initial roll-out of the app’s beta version will start later this week. Roll-out will be staged over several days with 250 tennis players per day being given free access to the App.

Full Press Release here.

CONNEXA: Partnership With AdVenture Media Delivers Unprecedented Return on Digital Advertising Spend

Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. advised that its long-term partnership with the AdVenture Media Group continues to deliver unprecedented digital advertising results. Measured through its Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), Connexa’s operating company, Slinger Bag, generated close to $2 million in revenue with an average ROAS of 18.9X during the 3 months to the end of November 2023. This included an incredible 35X ROAS during Black Friday week alone.

Full Press Release here.


CONNEXA: Connexa Upgrades Consumer Response Experience for its Slinger Bag Brand in the US market

Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq:CNXA) today confirmed it appointed ArenaCX, a company that specializes in building and scaling Customer Experience (CX) operations for brands across all sectors, as a strategic partner for the outsourcing of Slinger Bag’s consumer response and service operations.

Significant improvements experienced in first month.
Response times reduced by 1000%
Customer Satisfaction improves 12%

Full Press Release here.


Tennis: Europe President Martin Vinokur and the organization


The year was 1973 and Martin Vinokur was teaching Social Studies and coaching tennis in Plainview, Long Island, New York. One of his players, Bob Stein, suggested he take players to Europe to improve their match play and gain the red claycourt skills, to become mentally and strategically tougher.

Their team could then become more competitive in high school tennis. 

Tennis Europe Logo.webp

They set out with 5 players and competed in sanctioned tournaments in Holland, Germany, Austria, and the UK.  Tennis Magazine learned about their trip and featured Tennis; Europe in a 2-page article the following winter, after which Vinokur received a blizzard of inquiries about joining Tennis; Europe the next summer.

"Never did I imagine that 50 years later (2 years off for Covid), I would still be going."  Besides becoming better tennis match players, past participants have told him how much this tennis travel improved their personal development and widened their horizons in life.  Meeting and socializing with European teenagers, getting an "insider" look at other cultures, and speaking their languages all contributed to this unique experience.

Tennis Europe Group Picture.webp

Photo: Tennis: Europe Team in front of the Gaudi apartments in Barcelona, Spain

USPTA Elite Pro Dr. Vinokur went on to serve as State Tennis Coordinator in New York for a decade and coach boys and girls school teams for 22 seasons.  Although over 30 of his 5700 past participants graduated to the pro tour and hundreds have played college tennis, he also takes high school varsity, unranked participants who launch their tournament careers overseas. Each team has 10 to 16 boys and girls ages 13-18 and players are required to have 2 character and 1 tennis reference.  His coaches, two per team, are mainly college coaches or certified USPTA or USPTR pros.  They analyze matches, make correctives, and strongly supervise the teenagers.


For Summer 2024, his 50th Anniversary team from June 28 to July 23 will see Wimbledon, play 4 tournaments in Prague, Barcelona, Spain, and Holland. Because they can enter multiple age groups, there is a huge amount of tennis match play.  Besides tournament social activities with European teenagers, they also visit major sights from the Tower of London, the Anne Frank House, Prague Castle, and the sandy beaches of the Spanish Coast.

Some past Tennis: Europe participants:

      Mel Purcell, Chip Hooper, both top 20 pro tour, each went twice

      Luke Jensen, French Open Doubles Champion and television commentator

      Kyle Copeland, Audra Cohen, Angela Walker on WTA pro tour

      Larry Scott, pro tour, CEO of WTA and of Pac 12

      Craig Kardon, ATP Tour Coach

      Senator Kristan Gillibrand of New York State

      Hogan Gidley, Deputy Press Secretary to Pres. Donald Trump

      Andrew Jassy, CEO of Amazon

      College coaches who won National Team Championships: Tony Bresky, Wake Forrest;
      James Ashworth of Duke, Dave Schwarz of Middlebury, and CMS

For further information, if you know juniors who might benefit or to be a coach, see the Tennis::Europe website at: or phone: 1-203-322-9803.

Tennis Industry United: USTA Florida Foundation Hurricane Relief Commits $466K

The Hurricane Relief Fund, created by the USTA Florida Foundation after the 2022 hurricane season, has committed grants totaling $466,000 to five tennis facilities that suffered significant damage.

See more here.

Full Court Tennis: Share to Social Media, Build your Brand.

Brian Teacher announced: We're excited to announce that FCT will install your organization's logo for FREE on all your content. This means your logo will be watermarked on all your shared content, enhancing your social media branding and giving your organization the recognition it deserves. This is a unique opportunity to elevate your brand identity and create a consistent image across all platforms.

See more here.


Tennis Express Alive and Well! Tennis Express Re-Acquired by Founder and Remains an Industry Leader in Tennis, Pickleball, and Padel

Not sure how the rumor about problems and a full-blown bankruptcy at Tennis Express started. You can imagine that this kind of rumor can be extremely harmful to any company.

I'm quoting from the Nov. 27 press release: 

Tennis Express announced that Brad Blume, Founder of Tennis Express, has re-acquired full ownership in the retail and online business. Previously, Mr. Blume had sold a majority interest in Tennis Express to Signa Sports United (SSU) but had remained President of Tennis Express and a minority shareholder. Given the recent financial challenges faced by SSU, both SSU and Mr. Blume agreed that it would be in the best interest of the company for Mr. Blume to re-acquire Tennis Express. The change in ownership was handled privately and went into effect November 10, 2023.

“Recently, several news outlets mistakenly reported that Tennis Express was still part of SSU and was involved in bankruptcy proceedings,” Mr. Blume said. “Of course, this is completely inaccurate. I am the sole owner of Tennis Express and have re-established our long-standing partnerships with our vendors.” “We are looking forward to a strong holiday season and a robust 2024 as we build on the entrepreneurial spirit that has successfully helped Tennis Express become one of the world’s largest tennis retailers,” said Mr. Blume. “Customer satisfaction remains our number one priority, and we strive to deliver a WOW experience to each customer.”


Generative AI has completely transformed my content


No, I am not relying on AI to write for me. I am aware that certain publications, which I prefer not to mention, have adopted this approach and faced issues with the public. It is crucial to avoid negative publicity, isn't it?

I am utilizing AI to improve various aspects of my content, such as grammar, sentence structure, and writing style. Instead of relying on AI to generate the content for me, I am utilizing it as a tool to enhance my writing.

A few weeks ago, I was in the process of rewriting and updating the business plan for Conga Sports Inc. During this time, a friend recommended a platform called LivePlan. Intrigued by this suggestion, I decided to explore the platform and discovered that it offers an AI feature to enhance written content. This feature, known as the "LivePlan Assistant," can be utilized whenever I require its assistance.


The drop-down window includes settings for Auto-Improve, Shorten, Expand, Professional Tone, Persuasive Tone, Academic Tone, and Fix Mistakes Only. As English is not my native language, I often rely on ChatGPT to provide my writing with a more professional tone.

Before feeding it to the LivePlan Assistant, my previous version of the last sentence was as follows: "Since English is not my mother tongue, I usually let ChatGPT give my writing a more Professional Tone." Big difference! No?


I will use the following text to illustrate the capabilities of the assistant, utilizing all 7 drop-down selections. The text is from my August 2023 article under OUTRAGEOUS Tennis Pros Beware of Social Media Scams and focused on LinkedIn scams.

What does LinkedIn say? Well, you really have no way of finding out. There is no phone number you can call. You can report a conversation as a scam but their answer will mostly be: "We have checked the profile and it is legitimate." Why? Because they don't have the manpower to really dig deeper into your complaint. The company revealed that there were over 21 million fake accounts detected in the first half of 2022. That's 21,000,000 in 6 months, my friends. Looks like they have dropped the ball and given up on stopping the scammers.

Drop-down Auto-Improve

What information can be obtained from LinkedIn? Unfortunately, there is no direct method to acquire it. LinkedIn does not provide a customer service phone number for inquiries. While it is possible to report a suspicious conversation as a scam, the response received is typically along the lines of "We have reviewed the profile and confirmed its legitimacy." This limited response can be attributed to the company's lack of resources to thoroughly investigate each complaint. Notably, during the first half of 2022, the company disclosed the identification of over 21 million fraudulent accounts. To put this into perspective, that amounts to a staggering 21,000,000 instances within a span of six months. This appears to be an indication that LinkedIn is facing significant challenges in effectively combating scammers.

Drop-down Shorten

It's difficult to get information from LinkedIn. There is no customer service phone number and reporting scams may not yield helpful results. The company admitted to detecting over 21 million fake accounts in the first half of 2022, suggesting they are struggling to address the issue effectively.

Drop-down Expand

When it comes to checking the authenticity of a profile on LinkedIn, the available options are limited. Unfortunately, there is no direct phone number to contact for verification purposes. If you come across a suspicious conversation or encounter a potential scam, you have the option to report it. However, it's important to note that the response from LinkedIn may often be generic, stating that they have reviewed the profile and found it to be legitimate. This is primarily due to the lack of sufficient resources and manpower to thoroughly investigate every complaint received. In fact, in the first half of 2022, LinkedIn disclosed that they detected a staggering number of 21 million fake accounts. Yes, you read that correctly, 21 million in just six months. It seems that preventing scammers has become a significant challenge for the platform.

Despite these limitations, it's important to remember that LinkedIn continuously strives to improve its security measures and combat fraudulent activities. While it may not be a foolproof system, LinkedIn invests in various technologies and algorithms to identify and remove fake profiles. They also provide users with tools and resources to report suspicious behavior, which can contribute to their ongoing efforts to maintain a trusted and reliable professional network.

Drop-down Professional Tone

It is challenging to obtain insights from LinkedIn due to the lack of available contact information. The platform does not provide a phone number for direct communication. If you encounter suspicious activity, you have the option to report the conversation as a scam. However, the response you may receive is often limited to a standard acknowledgment stating that the reported profile is legitimate. This occurs because LinkedIn has resource constraints, preventing them from conducting in-depth investigations into individual complaints. The company disclosed that a staggering 21 million fake accounts were identified during the initial six months of 2022. This significant number of accounts reflects a decline in their efforts to combat fraudulent activities.

Drop-down Persuasive Tone

Have you ever tried to seek assistance from LinkedIn? It's quite frustrating, isn't it? Contacting them directly is an impossible task as there is no phone number available for support. Even if you report a conversation as a scam, their response is often disheartening: "We have checked the profile and it is legitimate." It seems that they lack the resources to thoroughly investigate your complaint. Shockingly, the company has disclosed that a staggering 21 million fake accounts were flagged in the first half of 2022 alone. Yes, you read that right - 21,000,000 in just six months! It appears that LinkedIn has faltered in their efforts to combat scammers and it's disheartening to witness their apparent resignation.

Drop-down Academic Tone

WHAT DOES LINKEDIN STATE? Unfortunately, acquiring such information through LinkedIn is challenging. The platform does not provide a direct contact number for inquiries. While it is possible to report suspicious conversations as potential scams, the subsequent response generally consists of an assurance that the reported profile is legitimate. This is primarily due to limited resources that hinder LinkedIn's ability to thoroughly investigate individual complaints. Recently, the company disclosed the detection of more than 21 million fraudulent accounts during the initial half of 2022, which translates to an alarming 21,000,000 occurrences within a six-month period. These figures suggest a significant oversight on LinkedIn's part and a potential resignation to effectively combatting fraudulent activities. (Here, Grammarly corrected "combatting" in the last sentence to "combat.")

Drop-down Fix Mistakes Only

What does LinkedIn say? Well, unfortunately, there is no phone number you can call to find out. While you can report a conversation as a scam, their response is often limited to stating that they have checked the profile and determined it to be legitimate. The reason behind this is that LinkedIn does not have the necessary resources to thoroughly investigate each complaint. Shockingly, the company has recently disclosed that they detected over 21 million fake accounts in the first half of 2022 alone. Yes, that's 21,000,000 in just 6 months. It appears that LinkedIn has encountered challenges in effectively dealing with scammers.

Tell you the truth, folks. I wished I had AI 10 years ago when I started Tennis Club Business. But it's never too late, right? Oh, do you remember the humor test I did with ChatGPT in November? Under TONGUE IN CHEEK I posted a short article titled, "DID THE USTA FOUNDATION HIRE A HILLARY CLINTON CLONE AS CEO?" The reason for the headline was Ginny Ehrlich, the new CEO of the USTA Foundation had worked for Hillary Clinton and her hairdo looked a little like the former politician's.


When I asked another ChatGPT for a humorous twist on this hire, the answer was: 


"Apparently, they needed someone with experience in deleting emails."

Absolutely hilarious!

Btw, I ran the previous paragraph starting with "Tell you the truth, folks..." through ChatGPT with Professional Tone settings. Here's the result:

To be honest, I must admit that I regret not having access to AI technology ten years ago when I first established Tennis Club Business. However, it is never too late to embrace new advancements, wouldn't you agree?

Speaking of memorable moments, do you happen to recall the humor test I conducted with ChatGPT back in November? In a light-hearted manner, I shared a brief article titled "Did the USTA Foundation Hire a Hillary Clinton Clone as CEO?" under the tongue-in-cheek category. The reason behind the attention-grabbing headline was that Ginny Ehrlich, the newly appointed CEO of the USTA Foundation, previously worked for Hillary Clinton, and there was a resemblance in their hairstyles.

Are you impressed? ChatGPT is a true godsend for me!


  • Universal Tennis has now officially followed the Conga Sports example and changed its name to UTR Sports. (LOL)

  • USTA Florida celebrates 75 years as an organization in 2024. Congratulations.

  • Chris Evert asks players to take "close and serious look" at treatment of women in Saudi Arabia before deciding to play in the country." Way to go, Chris!

  • Coco Gauff top-earning female athlete in 2023. And she's only 19? Get out of here! Imagine the Saudis get hold of her...

  • Maria Sharapova is ready to return to tennis - as Commentator. Good. We need fresh voices in tennis.

  • Sportradar scores global tennis data and streaming deal with ATP. I BET they are very happy about that deal.

  • Novak Djokovic says he is not anti-vaccine but pro-freedom to choose. Hu? Does that make sense to anyone?


Southern California leadership is again throwing their members and the tennis-playing public under the bus!

In my opinion, this USTA section has demonstrated inadequate customer service and member engagement, making it the least well-managed among the 17 sections. Initially, I held the belief that the previous CEO's performance was abysmal, but it has become apparent that the current CEO is not significantly better. The scandal relating to their disregard for the welfare of numerous league players and members is gaining attention, and we are closely monitoring the situation.


USTA SoCal is not known for listening to its members. In fact, the previous CEO made it a point to tell everyone on a Zoom call that members have no say whatsoever when it comes to planning and organizing tennis. Most of the members are adult league players, yet they have no voice in the decision-making process. It is disheartening to see members being belittled and complaints being met with retaliation or even bans from playing league tennis. There are also disturbing stories of league coordinators who fail to enforce their own rules and others who provoke conflicts, potentially resulting in bodily harm to the complaining captain of the opposing team (as reported by one Captain).

If I told you what I heard about the League Sectionals in Irvine the weekend of December 15-17 you would ask for the closure of that League department. The pure opposite of customer service and a friendly tennis weekend. I shook my head in disbelief. I know the CEO is reading this article but he's probably cracking up with laughter because he would never believe that his beloved league staff could screw up so badly.

I could go on and recount stories from the years of terrible leadership between 2006 and 2012, but that sets the tone for the current crisis. Unfortunately, the leadership refuses to acknowledge any crises and instead dismisses any dissent, following the USTA National Rule of "Ignore the noise."

Here is a condensed summary of the events that took place in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California.

For over a decade, there was a conflict between Weddington Golf & Tennis in Studio City and its stakeholders, including tennis players, golfers, and local residents. The owners of the property had plans to develop it into condominiums, but due to extensive protests, these plans were abandoned. Similarly, when the owners attempted to convert the property into a senior home with an underground garage, they faced significant opposition and were unable to proceed.

In 2017, the property was eventually sold to Harvard Westlake, a prestigious school catering to affluent students. The school recognized the need for an expansive athletic center and chose Weddington as the site for this facility. The project involves replacing the existing par-3 golf course, driving range, and 16 tennis courts with two soccer fields, a running track, a large swimming pool, a gymnasium featuring three full-size basketball courts, and 8 tennis courts.

In anticipation of substantial public opposition, the school employed a strategic approach to convince the various commissions and committees in Los Angeles that the project, known as Riverpark, would benefit all parties involved. However, this has been met with massive skepticism by local residents and stakeholders.

A significant consequence of this development is that hundreds, if not thousands, of local tennis players, are now faced with the possibility that the 16 existing courts, which have been well-maintained, will no longer be available during the construction period, which is estimated to last between one to two years. The school does plan to build eight new tennis courts on the property once the project is completed.

We were all still hopeful that our protests could sway the City of LA not to approve the project.

But then the USTA Socal interjected itself into the process.

Big unforced error!

One must understand that the nonprofit organization USTA SoCal is, in fact, focused on generating profit. Similar to other USTA sections and USTA National, it operates as a means to avoid tax payments. While their mission statements claim to prioritize the growth of tennis, this is not entirely accurate. Their primary objective is to expand their own programs and maintain their six-figure salaries. At the national level, these salaries can even reach seven figures. Once this realization is made, it becomes evident that their actions are transparent. Tennis players who are not members or involved in leagues are often disregarded. An organization that claims to disregard its own members most certainly holds a disdain towards non-members, wouldn't you agree?

Here is what that out-of-touch USTA SoCal leadership team did, probably with the full support of the Board:

Instead of working with the local tennis community to retain the 16 tennis courts at Weddington, a decision was made to align with Harvard Westlake and acknowledge their dedication to tennis. Upon reviewing the press release on May 19, it became evident that CEO Kroneman's lack of authenticity surpasses that of the previous CEO, which is quite telling. The press release stated: "Harvard-Westlake School announced today that it is partnering with USTA Southern California to bring community tennis programming to the proposed River Park in Studio City." This development is certainly noteworthy. However, upon initial observation of the press release, I sensed an element of deception.

What happened? 

Harvard Westlake School grew desperate. Despite their previous unsuccessful tactics, they recognized an opportunity with Los Angeles Valley College. In 2017, Harvard Westlake acquired access to the 8 dormant tennis courts at LA Valley College. These courts had been unused since the college no longer had a tennis team. The community had previously attempted to gain access to these courts, without success. Harvard Westlake successfully negotiated with a parent who offered to resurface the courts at no cost, granting them control over the facilities. This acquisition provided them with a valuable resource—an eight-court facility located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.


USTA SoCal's CEO Trevor Kroneman appeared unaware of the situation, as the organization has a policy of disregarding member input. According to my sources, Kroneman's team approached Harvard Westlake to inquire about renting some of the courts at LA Valley College for USTA League use, with the assumption that this would please league players. However, it seems that the intelligence level of Harvard Westlake surpassed that of the USTA SoCal. Harvard Westlake suggested a press release endorsing the Riverpark project as a condition for granting access to the courts. Kroneman complied with their request, indicating a possible exchange of support between the two parties. 

The press release

Oh boy, it read like the biggest ass-kissing story in the history of tennis. “The River Park will bring eight new, high-quality tennis courts to Studio City, and we’re very excited to organize tournaments, instruction, and programming for adult and youth tennis players there through our partnership with Harvard-Westlake,” said USTA Southern California Executive Director, Trevor Kronemann. “River Park will provide new facilities for many sports, and we appreciate that the school is including tennis in its plans and providing access for many tennis players from our community. We look forward to River Park’s arrival and playing tennis there in the future!”


Do you see the deception? Nowhere does the CEO mention that 

  • All 16 courts will be destroyed.

  • No courts will be available until the completion of construction.

  • The tennis-playing public will be last when it comes to priority for renting one of the 8 courts.

The priority list will look like this, trust me:

1. Harvard Westlake tennis team

2. Harvard Westlake kids not on a team

3. USTA League teams

4. USTA Jr Team Tennis 

5. USTA Tournaments

6. Independent teaching coaches

7. General tennis public

The local USTA League Coordinator for the Valley has announced that four of the LA Valley College courts will now be exclusively available for adult leagues. As a result, these courts will not be accessible to anyone else. The remaining four courts will remain unused until the start of Weddington construction when the HW team begins practicing there. It is worth noting that all eight courts have been unutilized for a number of years now.

I used to hold Kroneman in high regard. However, I must admit that he is quite disingenuous and fails to provide explanations for their decisions under the premise of "ignoring the noise." By choosing not to respond to complaints, he believes that they will eventually dissipate. This approach is contrary to the principles of customer service.

Interestingly, this entire scandal reminds me of the inaction displayed by USTA National regarding the conversion of thousands of tennis courts into Pickleball courts. Once I became aware of the organization's strong interest in stepping into the Pickleball arena, their motives became apparent. It seems that rather than focusing on the growth of tennis, they prefer to prioritize the expansion of Pickleball. The choice is clear. If someone at the USTA possessed the necessary courage, they would assert their authority over Kroneman and restore the USTA's commitment to advocating for tennis courts.

If the USTA leadership had any courage, they would assert authority over the USTA SoCal leadership and restore the organization's commitment
to advocate for tennis courts.

If the USTA SoCal CEO had shown true leadership, they would have refrained from taking sides in this dispute and instead acted in the best interest of the entire tennis community. They had an opportunity to unite us all by standing against the party intent on destroying a valuable community asset in Studio City, with no regard for its neighbors. It would have been a powerful statement to listen to the concerns of members and non-members alike. Unfortunately, they chose to align themselves with the villain hell-bent on destroying 16 tennis courts, seemingly for the sake of a small advantage gained through exclusive access to four private tennis courts. They even had the nerve to stand up and speak for the villain publicly at a large community meeting.

Now, imagine if Weddington Golf & Tennis were owned by a Board member, similar to the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. The outcome would have surely been different.

I am asking: Are 16 beautiful tennis courts worth saving? The USTA SoCal's answer: No.

Shame on you, USTA SoCal!

New Tennis Tour? What's going on? Are we in for another Davis Cup-type disaster?

Is this a giant ITF plot for more money and control over professional tennis?

To bring you up to speed,  two significant developments in the tennis industry generated a lot of buzz in December. No, it's not "Taylor Fritz's girlfriend Morgan Riddle wants to bring tennis back to the Playboy mansion." Nor is it "Nadal return promises to turn tennis court into a boxing ring. Djokovic should have his gloves on.LOL

1. Saudi Arabia trying to buy a 1000-level tour event

See the article on SPORTSMANOR "Saudi Arabia Looks to Take Over World Tennis as It Pushes to Acquire Iconic Tournaments From Madrid or Miami."

2. The four Grand Slams may try to create a breakaway Super Tour with 10 Masters tournaments (the existing 9 plus a 10th to be played in Saudi Arabia). See the latest Matthew Futterman article in The Athletic.

See the article in Tennis Infinity "Saudi Arabia Reportedly Championing For Breakaway Super Tour In Tennis"

The common denominator is Saudi Arabia. And here's why. Saudi Arabia boasts an abundance of financial resources that surpass the current value of the entire tennis ecosystem. Boom!

Saudi Arabia boasts an abundance of financial resources that surpass the current value of the entire tennis ecosystem. Boom!

Let's look at all the players in that cabal to discover why this issue is so important right now. Bear with me, it will make sense in the end.

The Grand Slams

Owned by the National Governing Bodies of tennis in Australia, France, and the United States. In England, the NGB owns the tournament together with the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club. The profits from the Grand Slams usually go directly to the NGBs. The ITF organizes and sanctions the 'Official Tennis Championships of the International Tennis Federation', commonly known as the Grand Slam events.

Why would the Grand Slams have reason to make drastic changes?

The 4 Grand Slams together have over $1.5B in revenues and work with dedicated time slots that never change. Profits are more difficult to determine but every one of them is profitable. So I see no real reason for them to rock the boat. Each one could make more money, of course, but is that enough to make those drastic changes and potentially alienate both the ATP and WTA?

ATP World Tour/WTA

Embroiled in ongoing disputes with Novak Djokovic's PTPA (Professional Tennis Players Association) and a membership that is 90% unhappy with their income, the ATP seems to be constantly fighting for relevance. Dealing with the ATP is difficult when it comes to any new ideas and changes because of their extremely crowded tour calendar. For years, people have been talking about creating a joint organization for ATP and WTA. There are a number of hurdles to clear before the merger becomes a reality. Notably, each organization has its own sponsorship, broadcast, and data partners, and it may be unfeasible to run some tournaments as combined events. (SportsProMedia)

The relationship between Grand Slams and the ATP: A whole lot of Ranking Points are awarded to the players with the Champion getting 2,000 points. But I can imagine that relationship may have recently hit a sour note after the Wimbledon players were denied ranking points in 2022 because of the tournament's banning Russian and Belarusian players.

What do you read into the article from December 20th: "The ITF, WTA, AELTC, and USTA are partnering to deploy Signify Group’s AI-enabled Threat Matrix monitoring system to track and respond to online abuse levied against professional tennis players, SBJ's Rob Schaefer reports. The service will go live on Jan. 1, 2024 and encompass players who regularly compete in ITF World Tennis Tour events, WTA Tour events, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open – plus partner tournaments of the governing bodies listed above."


Do you notice who is absent? Yep, the ATP. Strange, isn't it?


Much of the ATP's $180M revenues come from advertising and sponsorships. The loss of all Masters tournaments would put a huge dent in their wallet. Both ATP and WTA would probably not recover from that loss.

The ITF - is that the true instigator?

Plagued by poor decisions such as the Davis Cup disaster, many players in the breakaway game appear to have lost trust in them. Regarding David Haggerty's re-election, it is noteworthy despite any reservations I may have. My theory revolves around the unfortunate outcome of the Davis Cup, now leading to reports of Kosmos and Piqué suing the ITF for $50M. Here's what probably happened:


1. The ITF desired to revamp the Davis Cup, believing it was within their capabilities. Coincidentally, Kosmos and Gerard Piqué extended an offer, providing the necessary funds. Haggerty recognized the opportunity for substantial financial gain by partnering with Kosmos.

2. As part of the agreement, Piqué was granted full control to revamp the Davis Cup, modeling it after the World Cup soccer.

3. This sparked criticism within the tennis community, which grew even louder when the onset of Covid-19 disrupted financial inflows. Haggerty became concerned about his re-election prospects. The USTA relied on Haggerty to maintain control over the ITF. How could they navigate this predicament?

4. Haggerty opted to cancel the agreement with Kosmos citing their failure to fulfill payment obligations and assumed control of the Davis Cup once again. While there is a potential risk of a substantial lawsuit from Kosmos, Haggerty assessed it as a calculated risk.


However, if Kosmos were to win a $50M judgment, it would likely cause significant trouble for them. It is evident that they require a substantial injection of funds, not just a few million dollars. With 3 former and current USTA executives running the show, where would they look first for help? Of course, the USTA to the rescue!

United States Tennis Association

What does the USTA do well that could lend itself to being a model for the ITF to generate significantly more funds? You guessed it - the US Open.

The USTA's US Open Strategy

In the past decade, the USTA has successfully transformed that major tennis tournament into a highly prestigious event. This transformation, dubbed by me the ABC Pillars approach, focuses on creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and sophistication for affluent individuals and businesses.

Under the first pillar, "A," the emphasis is on providing an exclusive and luxurious experience that is only accessible to those with substantial financial resources or corporate accounts. This ensures that attendance is limited to individuals who can afford the extravagant costs associated with the event.

The second pillar, "B," involves leveraging the presence of these high-value ticket holders to attract valuable sponsors. Companies such as Rolex, Cadillac, American Express, Chase Bank, JP Morgan, and Emirates are prime examples of sponsors that align with the event's high-end image.

The third pillar, "C," accommodates the needs of families with children and lower-income individuals, while also minimizing any disruptions to the high-profile attendees. Fan Week is introduced prior to the commencement of the main matches in the stadiums. This dedicated week serves as an opportunity for fans to engage with the event and enjoy various activities. Making tickets unaffordable for families (children 2 and above pay full ticket price!) those families are forced to come to Fan Week while many would prefer to watch the real deal in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

This successful monetization approach has transformed the US Open into an immensely profitable venture. While the primary focus may not be directly on advancing the sport of tennis, the event serves as a grand entertainment spectacle that effectively funds operational costs, employee salaries, expense accounts, and benefits. This model is also applicable to the 17 USTA sections, allowing for the preservation of the existing structure and the employment of individuals with varying levels of (often high) remuneration. Consequently, the paramount objective of expanding the reach and impact of tennis may be perceived as less significant by these stakeholders, as the preservation of the status quo is prioritized. 


Back to the ITF

The ITF currently has similar objectives, although its influence over the professional tennis market is limited. However, envisioning a significant transformation, they could enhance their position by acquiring substantial assets. For instance, they could consider obtaining tournament data rights, broadcast rights, and exclusive sponsorships. It is highly probable that the USTA has already initiated discussions with esteemed entities such as Rolex, JP Morgan, and Cadillac to establish a prominent global super tour catering to corporate clients, generating substantial profits.

Presumably, the USTA executives, Adams, Hainline, and former USTA executive Haggerty, met at a pub in London to deliberate and formulate a plausible plan. Here is the most conceivable scenario they devised:

  1. Establish the Super Tour, an esteemed series of premier tennis tournaments designed to captivate and appeal to a high-value global audience. This tour will mirror the exclusivity and entertainment value of prestigious events such as the US Open, soccer's Premier League, and Formula 1 racing. Procuring sponsorship from the world's most affluent corporations will likely be effortless, facilitated by Lew Sherr.

  2. Forge strategic alliances with the Grand Slams to elevate the appeal and magnitude of the new tour for all key stakeholders.

  3. Deliberately exclude the ATP and the WTA from this exclusive consortium, enabling the retention of profits without having to share them. However, certain compromises can be extended to them by allowing them to maintain the 100, 250, and 500-level events.

But - there are questions...

There are some questions that need to be addressed regarding the feasibility of the proposed plan:

- Can the ATP and WTA be fully involved and in agreement with this initiative?

- Since both ATP and WTA executives were reportedly also talking to the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund leaders, are the slick managers in Ryadh playing all groups against each other?

- What about the ranking points? Will a new ranking system need to be developed?

- How can players be enticed to leave the existing tour and switch to this new one, similar to the PGA/LIV situation?

The financial aspect of the last question seems to be quite straightforward, with Saudi Arabia providing the necessary funds, as they did with Cristiano Ronaldo's $400M contract. This method has been proven successful in the past.

It is worth noting that a similar attempted takeover was witnessed during the BNP Paribas Open around 2010 after Larry Ellison purchased the tournament. The ATP was approached by concerned owners of the Miami tournament regarding Ellison's financial power. However, Ellison's commitment of $100M towards the event prevented the ATP from proceeding with their plans of turning the BNP into a 1-week men-only event. In this current situation, the group of 14 appears to be adopting a similar approach against the ATP and WTA, taking advantage of the two organizations' limited financial resources.

One big problem needs to be solved

The success of the Super Tour relies heavily on the participation of the top-tier players. They contribute significantly to the event's appeal and overall success. For prestigious events like Grand Slams, it is crucial to have the top 50 players onboard. Similarly, for Masters tournaments, the top 100 players hold significant value. However, it is important to consider the position of lower-level players, approximately two thousand in number. Are they left with limited opportunities and forced to settle for meager earnings in lower-level tournaments that are unlikely to thrive and may eventually cease to exist?

My big question

How does all of this contribute to the growth of tennis? Oh, I see, that's not a priority when you plan a super event. Or even a Super Tour. I get it.


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The Answer: Women's Tennis Coaches Association.


Having female coaches in tennis is not just about gender diversity; it's about providing equal opportunities, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment, and harnessing the unique skills and perspectives that female coaches can bring to the game. It benefits both the sport and the individuals involved, helping to develop a richer and more diverse tennis community.

The WTCA is the first organization of its kind, solely dedicated to advancing women’s tennis through thoroughly educated coaches. The global hub for coaching women’s tennis, the WTCA has resources in medicine, coaching, and athletes in order to assist and educate all coaches. With instructional videos, mentorship programs, conferences around the globe, and educational coaching courses, the WTCA both educates and inspires passionate tennis coaches with the one goal of enhancing the world of women’s tennis. Our online courses come with certifications, helping coaches to both learn and draw in more athletes. Members will have unparalleled access to WTCA material on both our website and our social media pages. 

Help us grow.

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Unfortunately, the USA has multiple sports venues with multiple sports heroes


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Tennis professionals with an emotional connection to the sport can strengthen the foundation of the sport
and demonstrate they are worthy of respect for their leadership in the tennis industry.


During the tennis boom of the 1970s, the perception of tennis professionals was less favorable than in 2023. Right or wrong, teaching "pros" were portrayed as ball-bangers with a foreign accent, a shiny sports car, long sun-kissed blonde hair, three Arthur Ashe Comp racquets, matching headbands and wristbands, and a 95-mile-per-hour serve.

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By Ashley Owens

Expanding your tennis and pickleball club business through franchising and adding new locations is exciting. However, managing multiple facilities efficiently can take time and effort. That's where CourtReserve becomes a true game-changer. In this blog, we'll delve into the myriad of benefits that CourtReserve offers when you're expanding your racquet sports empire.


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In the world of sports club management, data is king. CourtReserve equips you with robust reporting and financial tools that offer valuable insights into the performance of each location. Track revenue, memberships, court bookings, and more with ease. These analytics help you make informed decisions and ensure financial transparency, a crucial factor when working with franchises.


Scalability and Customization


As your franchise network grows, CourtReserve grows with you. Its scalable architecture means you can effortlessly add new locations to the platform without significant disruptions. Moreover, our software can be tailored to suit each club's unique needs and branding, ensuring consistency across your franchise while allowing individuality to shine.


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CourtReserve doesn't just help you acquire new members; it excels at retaining existing ones. The platform offers features like automated member communications, event reminders, and loyalty programs. These tools boost member engagement, keeping your players involved and committed to your clubs.


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CourtReserve goes beyond just club management; it's a powerful tool for instructors too. Our platform simplifies the scheduling of lessons, making it effortless for instructors to manage their availability and book lessons with members. Instructors can set their teaching schedules, offer private and group lessons, and easily track their appointments. Additionally, CourtReserve provides instructors with tools for progress tracking and communication with their students, ensuring that every lesson is productive and tailored to players' individual needs. This level of instructor empowerment enhances the quality of instruction and contributes to member satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately boosting the success of your franchise locations.


Marketing and Promotion


Promoting your new club locations is crucial, and CourtReserve has you covered. It provides marketing and promotional tools to help you create and manage campaigns effectively. From email marketing to social media integration, you can expand your reach and attract more players to your franchises.


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Protecting your members' data and financial information is paramount. CourtReserve prioritizes security, implementing the latest encryption and security protocols to safeguard sensitive data across all your club locations.


Integration Capabilities


If you're already using other software or systems, CourtReserve is designed to integrate seamlessly. Whether it's financial software, access control systems, or member databases, our platform can incorporate your existing tools to streamline operations further.


Ongoing Updates and Enhancement

Technology evolves, and so does CourtReserve. We continually update and enhance our platform to stay ahead of industry trends and meet the changing needs of racquet sports clubs. You can rest assured that you'll always have access to the latest and greatest features.


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