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2021 Year-End Survey

Yes, it seemed like a hotchpotch collection of questions but we wanted to get answers to some issues you asked us about and we needed for improving TCB content.

But, let's dig right in. We had 60 people participating.

QUESTION 1 - What is your experience interviewing Millennials and younger applicants for teaching jobs?


QUESTION 2 - How do you plan to accommodate any jobseeker age 40 and younger today and in the immediate future?


A lot of replies suggested that new hires have to fit into the style and culture of a club. Others indicated they only hire older professionals. Here are some other replies.

"I have a business to run ... it is difficult to change my entire business model to accommodate some of the needs, wants and desires of many of the "under 40" group."

"I have a head pro position to transfer into Director. Succession plan. No one has fit so far." 

"Offer internship, i.e 40 hours of service, followed by review of skills retained and then offer job."

"Not sure yet but probably something along the lines of developing a legitimate mentoring program to help them understand that they have more to learn than they think."

"Understand that tennis teaching tennis is usually a backup job choice and is currently not a viewed by most as a desirable long term career. Give them insight into the potential long term growth, how it can be more than just an hourly grind, there is more than being on court in the future, etc"

"The biggest thing is being up front and communicating exact expectations...even if they don't like it. It's our business to run. Not their job to do whichever way they want."

QUESTION 3 - How has your business changed in 2021 vs 2020?


A lot of good responses. Here are some examples that stood out. I'd love to get to know the person with the last answer below!

"We had two great covid summers but 2020 was well above."

"We cannot keep up with demand. Our facility is full. Waitlists for all group and private lessons. We need more courts and, subsequently, more pros."

"Because of Covid restrictions and lockdowns, I was unable to conduct my business."

"Grateful for the Boom in players and students. Wish we had more tennis courts to accommodate the growth."

"The number of candidates wishing to be in the industry is at an all time low"

"Obviously shut down most of 2020, 2021 is slower plus competing with pickleball."

"We stayed open all of 2020."
"Tennis lessons, clinics and social play was unbelievable during Covid. Basically, we were the only sport in town for the families in our community."

"Where I go tennis grows."

QUESTION 4 - If you could make the USTA listen to you, what would you recommend they do to grow tennis in 2022?


The question implies that you cannot make the USTA listen to you. Many have tried. However, our readers have ideas and that should give Mike Dowse reason to reach out. Will he? Chances are, even if he read it, he will shrug his shoulders and move on. Right?

Here are just a few of the ideas that stood out. I wonder if the last one is the same person from above.

"Stop putting out ridiculous programs that will die in 18 months. Make decisions on tennis growth or let people who can do it."

"Scrap Player Development and put money into the Club Tennis program and Senior tennis programs."

"Not charge so much. Even if the money does trickle back it would be best served to let people keep their own money and maybe come up with programming opportunities for them to reinvest it into tennis as they see fit."

"1. keep pointing out the 40 reasons tennis is a great sport to play -- the physical, mental, social, social, competitive benefits 2. try harder to get increased media coverage 3. improve the ranking system -- both the criteria for analyzing tournament results and the online presentation of rankings."

"Get rid of HP put monies in grasssrotes."

"Allow every player who wishes to enter a tournament be admitted. I cannot understand how, especially at Level 6, entries can be rejected if a player has no national standing or low UTR. The argument raised that USTA wishes to allow players to be in main draw, consolation and other draws limiting number of entries will actually discourage participation in tennis... and wasn't tournament participant the main goal of the new junior programme?"

"Pros and clubs must increase drop-ins, game-matching, etc. If people have to set up their own play, they'll play less. Pros need to bring people in, not wait until they come in. Introduce teen mixed programs on Saturday nights and weeknights. More night-time/weekend activities for working adults, when most pros/managers/directors go home. Duh."

"Quit being elitist. Tournament tennis is too expensive (both junior and adult). Everything about the US Open is elitist - prices and sponsors - the entire image presented."

"Partner with Pickleball."

"Keep promoting grassroots programs. Keep it simple and get out of the way with guides to growth and assistance when necessary. Keep trimming National Staff."

"Program from the bottom up instead of from the top to the bottom. Let districts and sections have more latitude."

"Change league format and let people play where they want and put money from player development into futures and satellite tournaments instead."
"put more emphasis on inner city/ low income kids/ adults."

"Get rid of pickle ball."

"Invest in grassroots - tired of their 3 year programs that do not work, it's about time for a new one. Lets see what they come up with."

"Increase social tennis and focus on high school support."

"Look at new things, give out dollars to the community without going through equally as political and divided sections. An R&D budget if you will or perhaps VC. Give money to those who have a good idea."

"Invest in creating more tennis coaches; education that being a tennis coach is a good job pivot for those that are disenchanted with office/tech jobs (other than huge stock payoffs). Also USTA should be investing in building public facilities to grow program opportunities."

"Listen to proven game growers, start solving the huge problem of cheating in juniors, support high school and college tennis, stop paying others to do your job, avoid rolling out new programs."

"Better customer service."

"Start the ATC program again and hire experienced and proven pros as TSR's to grow tennis."

"Stop ruining Junior tennis."

"Drop the political and cultural virtue signaling and return the basics ... focus on TENNIS! National and sectional staff need to open their minds, listen and pay attention to the real tennis community, and get out of the way. Also, stop the focus on Pickleball, Padel, and other distractions and promote and support TENNIS! (Virtually every troublesome issue or problem in tennis over the last 15 or so years has been the result of bad decision making and bad judgement of the national staff. They need to get out of the way.)"

"Listen to those who are actually growing the game!"

"De-centralize and put the money and support behind the local districts (I am a Board member in Chicago), embrace all racket sports (pickle, paddle, padel, etc., stop speaking to non-tennis players (who don't play yet) like tennis players and develop a strategy to combine racket sports / health and wellness / mental health."

"It's more about what we can do for the USTA and in particular our own section. Volunteering for the USTA NorCal and eventually working there for 7 yrs has provided me with a unique insight. The USTA is us, the players and families of our section. The barriers to entering tennis are huge. If it's not only a monetary barrier, it's a lack of appropriate programming at the private and public sector. While at USTA NorCal our team developed the volunteer model used by all the team sports to introduce kids to tennis. Volunteer local leadership and start up funding provided by the section. It worked! What happened to this successful program is another story, but sadly the USTA sectional volunteers get in the way of operations. Adult leagues have been a stresser on tennis. Just too many leagues get in the way of social tennis and providing programs for children to play the game. More coordination with year round schedule of leagues. I'd simply ask, "Where are all the junior leagues?" It's an immense challenge to get private clubs and public facilities to participate in junior team tennis. That's on all of our certified tennis professionals and we are not held back by the USTA. The administration work to organize kids leagues is just not something our professional industry seems willing to do."

"Have the USTA National Executive Team travel to all the sections and personally ask each, what USTA National could do to promote the game. Drill down to what their folks on the street need from them. Not top down management."

"Get rid of the Orange ball, Green Dot ball!!! Eliminate the point system for juniors to graduate from Orange Ball to Green Dot ball to Regular Green ball. Teach Juniors to construct a point, and not "bang" the ball = First Strike Ball should be taught for Juniors aspiring to play in college."

"Get out of the way."


QUESTION 5 - What professional organization do you belong to?


QUESTION 6 - If you answered PTR or USPTA, what would you recommend they do differently to add value to your membership in 2022?


Here are the more serious answers. I kind of agree with the first one a little. And the last one? What are ther chances this is not our friend from above?

"This is more challenging. USPTA is just a trade organization. Limited. One, put resources in job placement, two - completely change the Speaker line ups for conventions. Too stale."

"Lower dues. Try not to become another USTA. Not all pros have clubs paying their dues."

"I dropped my membership for 20+ years. I survived just fine without it. I don't mind them increasing certification requirements because it does bring professionalism. Once you are in though I'm not sure the value is there that benefits me personally. I don't have time to become more involved in the organization because as a director I'm already working 60 hour weeks. If I had the time I would probably take more advantage of what they offer."

"The two organizations should merge. USPTA is already in the process of redesigning standards including educational standards. We need YOUNGER members."

"Stop rewarding friends of the office staff."

"More training from the USPTA, similar to PTR. Keep PTR training. Less focus on the politics and cozying up to the USTA."

"They are doing a great job to educate and inform."

"The costs have gone up tremendously. That means they are overstaffed, not budget conscious or losing members."

"I'm fairly satisfied with PTR, having been a member of both."

"Focus on doing something different to grow tennis and make your pros feel valued."

"Things are pretty good right now in the USPTA. Lots of educational opportunities."

"More online educational credit programs."

"Stop recycling the same tired speaking lineup and promoting former players who are mediocre coaches."

"USTA focuses on grass roots and NET generations. The real work across the USA is in the private sector. So much money is raised by facilities doing all the USTA programs and tournaments with No financial rewards of thank yous."

"USPTA dues are too high."

"Help pro’s understand how to teach younger beginners."

"Move away from using specific companies to be their "Official Brand" (Offends so many of us.)"

"It seems USTA is taking the lead in defining certification and methodologies. My focus the last 8 years has been in applying and expanding on the Spanish system. Through our efforts were able to carve a pathway for 10-12 year olds to PRO path, now have two on that journey. PTR and USPTA offer benefits in term of equipment and insurance as well as occasional conference material via ZOOM and some in person. Though much is available through YouTube and other media outlets."

"Lay out a clear career path for tennis pros. Learn something from the PGA of America - combine forces and stop competing for tennis pro dollars. Be a value add to support the lack of pros in our industry."

"Stay away from USTA for a few years and get back to their business of taking care of their clientele. USTA is too fractured to have them involved in USPTA\PTR business."

"Become a regular at college and university job fairs to recruit coaches."

"Quit sucking up to the USTA."

QUESTION 7 -  How do you rate the quality of TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS content in 2021?


My British friend Nigel would now say, "I'm shocked and stunned - but not a little amazed!" Very encouraging. Thank you!

The follow-up question was, What can TCB do to better meet your needs?

"Continue to utilize different contributors to expand the base."

"When I get the chance I appreciate hearing the different perspectives. I do believe that some opinions, while on the right track, are a little too strong. However, I appreciate hearing all angles and know that sentiment is out there. I also tend to agree with a lot of the content and concerns shared."

"Have a Point-Counterpoint debate in every issue about a Great Tennis Issue."

"Get other opinions."

"Navigation is confusing."

"Supplement the USTA criticisms with examples of folks in any tennis capacity who are improving the sport. There are pockets of people and facilities who are thriving and it would be awesome to spotlight them."

"More stories on diversification in tennis industry."

"Highlight more of the good things volunteers do across the country."

"We get it, you think the USTA is incompetent and terrible. Yes, they have sucked at growing the game and a lot of people make a lot of money. But the reality is they hold the money and are the governing body. At some point, basing an entire publication around USTA incompetence and waste... while not affecting any change at scale, I'm not seeing progress outside of getting the same people who hate the USTA continue to hate the USTA and click on headlines."

"So far, valuable and interesting information."

"Keep the balance to stay credible."

"An old boss of mine used to say, "don't bitch without a solution." You should take his advice."

"More east/ southeast coverage?...logistics may be problematic."

"More surveys."

"Just keep reporting the facts. Factual reporting is becoming a lost art. Get all the sides of a story before reporting on it."

"THANKS - you are awesome."

"Keep working on USTA to improve their faults."

"Include all geographic areas, not just SoCal."

"How about some positive news about the industry."

"Be a little more harsh on the Uspta."

"It’s spot on by providing open articles and questioning operations and procedures of the governing bodies."

"Keeping up with the behind the scenes of tennis."

"Teach clubs how to get people involved in tennis that have never played."

"I would say "good" ... somewhere between fair and excellent. Sometimes TCB gets too bogged down in personal grievances and issues (for instance, So. Cal. office, PNW issues, etc.) ... sometimes stories about the issues with the So Cal ED or the execs at PNW sound too whiny and vindictive. Just the facts, Ma'am.."

"Need a better User Interface. Writing is very interesting and topical, but it is hard to navigate."

"It's always a good read, but not sure what action steps take place after individuals vent their frustrations. Discuss how we can all be partners with the USTA rather than critics."

"Keep up the great job you are doing across All levels/issues of Tennis."

"The information regarding the USTA is informative."

"Weekly podcast."

"Keep diggin’."
"Don't back off!!!!"


QUESTION 8 -  What do you think about our mission of holding the USTA's feet to the fire?


Okay, let's dig a little deeper and see what you answered to the follow-up question for comments.

"Javier and you try getting the word out, but maybe some other group needs to be the US governing body and one can run the Open."

"The more pressure, one would think may attract attention and then changes."

"I don't disagree that there needs to be a platform and public forum to hold their feet to the fire. But it is a lot. Keep it up but maybe not so much with the intensity. It does turn some people off."

"Many of your writers' positions are antagonistic and even nasty toward the USTA; on the other hand, someone has to take on the USTA old boys' network."

"You do a fantastic job. I'm in the PNW section and would like to see more coverage of that train wreck."

"Keep exposing their incompetence!!"

"Your buddy Javier needs to do a better job of getting his facts right. The USTA has some problems definitely, but let’s not embellish."

"You've identified a problem, loud and clear. What are you doing to be part of the solution? The USTA is not going away and they control the money. I'd like to see the mission be "growing the game of tennis."

"Necessary to keep USTA from taking success for granted because of size and bureaucracy."

"The USTA is not an enemy. We should try to work together for the overall good of the sport.. Yep, I'm an idealist."

"USTA is not providing membership with quality membership information."

"Everyone in our great game is accountable. Like it or not."

"We are always very quick to point and accuse others, but are not really that good in recognizing any good from such organization..."

"Continue to expose info and educate but in a positive, productive way. We gotta grow the game in a positive, productive way with or without the USTA."

"Too much can get old. A balance of good and bad never hurts. Our world has so much negativity these days. Sometimes it’s nice to hear that not everything sucks."

"It's a known fact that the USTA is antiquated and obstinate. let's move on and be the catalyst for change instead of harping on them."

"Maybe they will listen one day, once they get truly desperate."

"It’s long overdue that developmental coaches should be involved in developing USA pros. Not the centers that coach after development."
"The organization is not interested in growing tennis. We need to!"

"USTA seems to be a bit top-heavy with a vision that I can't relate to."

"I believe they have done a much better job in the last few years. But the last couple of decades before they were clueless. Better now but."

"USTA is too high-minded. Their beginning tennis to juniors is absolutely nonexistent. They need to read the book “8 weeks to a lifetime of tennis" and start doing it."

"Yes, the USTA needed to be held accountable. But, at times it seems like piling on. The USTA does not seem to be paying attention, either. It might be time to try a different tack. But, that is not to say that the USTA does not deserve the criticism ... they do."

"We need to figure out a way to broadcast your message farther and louder."

"The USTA will NOT change until there is a significant shift and condemnation of the USTA by those who know the problems."

"Is this really a good mission? Besides venting, what is it accomplishing? The time and energy should be spent developing and building programs. Act locally and forget the national scene."

"I am not sure, I don't see/hear about any changes. Is that too sure???"

"The USTA needs an overhaul."

"Read many articles - may not be aware of everything that is going on-- suggest USTA have a chance to write an answer when complaints are presented."

"Slay the dragon."

QUESTION 9 -  Name three USTA national employees that are doing an outstanding job of growing tennis.

Some people thought this was a trick question. One answer was, "I wish there was one, the phrase "ignore the noise" casts doubt on the entire organization. People who listened, then promised to get back with answers abjectly failed." Another wrote, "I don't know ANY who are in the National Office doing an outstanding job. PERIOD."

"Craig Jones" 

"Jason Harnett and Jason Allen in wheelchair tennis. They work 7 days a week and all hours trying to grow wheelchair tennis on a shoestring budget."

"Todd Carlson"

"David Ramos, Eric Butorac, Ben Shapiro"


"Kim Uliasz. Senior Manager. Special Events and Services."

"Laura Bowden, Andy Gladstone and Jason Gilbert."

"Glenn Arrington has always done a good job."

"Jon Glover Jon Glover Jon Glover"

"David Ramos- that’s all I got"

"I think Tracy Davies is trying. Unsure about others."

"Do not interact with many - Kathy Renaldi, Dan Faber Danny Zaisner, Martin Blackman."

"How many can name three national employees. I don't think most can name their section staff, but here are my three; Michael Dowse, Craig Morris & Martin Blackman. I'm sure there are many doing their best to grow tennis by their leadership. Obviously I don't review their job performance and without that info I can't really access their contributions."

QUESTION 10 -  What would you say the annual compensation for USTA national coaches should be?


Ouch! Seems like USTA executives are a little out of touch with public opinion in regards to coaches' compensation. Here are some comments. I had to laugh really hard reading the last one.

"Why more than a club pro?"

"Yes. If successful coaches earn approx $125 - 175 thousand per year, PD Coaches should NOT make more."

"I have no idea what they make now but I also do not know what their cost of living is. That may change my response. I also think that some of these coaches are traveling the world. Sound exotic but when you consider they have no family life and make that sacrifice alone I'm ok if they need to make more."


"USTA membership has declined from 700,000 to around 350,000, so that must be taken into account."

"Don’t need them."

"No, I mean I guess it depends, but I can think of better ways for the USTA to grow tennis than with huge salaries. I would think most people could live fairly well on $200K except maybe in really expensive areas."

"How about 50,000 - 100,000?"

"Yes, too much has been spent on PD."

"Tough to say without knowing the full scope of where position is based, responsibilities, hierarchy, hours worked, deliverables, benefits, travel, etc. what the market is paying high-performance tennis coaches."

"High end of this range, but really? $500,000? Nooooo......."

"...No Nat'l Coach should be making more than $75,000-$100,000...not when tennis directors struggle to make ends meet."

"It's all about not what you pay but the return on your investment. I used to work for a billionaire!"

"Teaching tennis is hard and demanding, travel and dealing with kids and parents is not easy."

"Think PD monies should be given to coaches/families of high ranking jrs. Quit stealing the kids from home coaches, help them succeed where they are."

"Don't overpay....... creates complacency."

"Maybe a top exec could get 500,000 but only if they meet incentives."

"They did not develop the player. The development coach should get kickbacks."

"Part of that depends on travel too. If they travel 40 weeks out of the year, then the compensation should be higher."

"Most of the usta seems to be overpaid."

"$100,000 is way too much"

"Given the results, what is the justification for more? Do better, be paid better. How about a pay scale based on actual results?"

"Some are excellent many are incompetent the current administration has defunded player dev to the point that the topic is almost moot."

"Their compensation should reflect their success or failure."

"They should be compensated based on results. Pay a reasonable base salary and bonus them on key performance indicators."

"The value of the compensation for the national coaches should be based on their level of expertise, demands on their time, etc. In my experience, these professionals earn their wages."

"They should be paid something plus expenses but what have they really done to help the men's and women's game?"

"There should be performance-based compensation."

"Depends on responsibilities and expense account- $100-300K."

"Is it per coach or the whole national coaches staff??

QUESTION 11 -  What USTA Section do you live in?


QUESTION 12 -  How do you rate your USTA Section when it comes to supporting you and your business?


QUESTION 13 -  Provide an example how your USTA Section has supported your business.

While a good number of people have replied with "have not" or similar, we did have some interesting answers.

"I went to a USTA gathering last Friday here in Scottsdale and they were trying to promote our great game. I've known Glenn Arington for 40 years and he is a star!"

"My TSR regularly communicates with us and looks for ways to grow the game at the grassroots level. The section office also reaches out and communicates with us regularly regarding play opportunities."

"Karen Fawthrop has asked the Springfield (Mass.) Tennis Club how it could help with the Forest Park clay courts."

"Grant to help us to reopen after the initial COVID closure. League play brings in revenue. The local USTA people are fabulous."

"They have physically come in and helped run events."

"They fund programming and organize leagues, people need product to play tennis. They organize tennis events where we can sell our products."

"Has staff available with assistance, primarily CSC's."

"Our district provides most of our support, but that comes through the Section, to an extent, right?"

"As a volunteer, my opinions are welcomed by the staff."

"When I call with a problem, I get help right away."

"Helped me with promotion and time spent with them visiting their facilities and how they run some of their programs."

"I had questions about bidding on a public facility. Patrick Kearns pulled in Drew Robinson and national usta Todd Carlson to help me with the process."

"Doesn’t at all. HPS is a monopoly that is politically and self-serving. Similar to problems you outlined in your previous section financial and articles." ( I think Hawaii Pacific Section was referred to here)

"Plenty of league opportunities and they are willing to make changes to leagues and the registration process if it’s needed."

"Prompt tournament sanction processing."

"Opportunities to run higher-level tournaments. Opportunities to host adult league championships."

"They purchase some equipment from me."

"Some promotion in their newsletters/online."

"Haven't I would love to have resources made more available."

"Last year paid our dues nice gesture."

"Over the last 5 years or so, the MW has been pretty much MIA when it comes to the support of tennis in my area."

"Low ball the use of our facility for their needs."

"Notifies us and does paperwork for the grants. gives ideas on how we can get equipment."

"There is nearly NO interaction, support, nor interest by the USTA in High School Tennis."

"I do not depend on USTA to support my business. I do comply to keep membership etc and meet the safe play requirements."

"USTA Staff have always approached me to host junior team events for entry-level players and higher. Constantly asked to host sanctioned tournaments and provide support for club events like our annual tennis carnival, celebrating the summer of tennis. Net Generation teaching material has been priceless for staff training and organized lesson planning."

"Not necessarily my business so much as I'm at a member-owned country club. But the support they give to our less fortunate community (NJTL) in the Dallas area is outstanding."

"Lets us host tournaments - process at this time is crazy difficult. Much better support in the 90s.for everything."

"Pulling teeth is more like it"

QUESTION 14 -  What would you say should your USTA Section do to support your business?

Some people thought this was a trick question. One answer was, "I wish there was one, the phrase "ignore the noise" casts doubt on the entire organization. People who listened, then promised to get back with answers abjectly failed." Another wrote, "I don't know ANY who are in the National Office doing an outstanding job. PERIOD."

"Help with tournaments. Grow the game initiatives."

"Provide resources for the local tennis community including money."

"I don't have any concerns other than the USTA as a whole needs to stick to a game plan and not switch things up every time parents and pros just begin to figure shit out."

"Use the TSR's to keep us up to date on "Tennis" In the south, they do a great job."

"There always seems to be a bias against commercial tennis businesses."

"help local parks maintain courts."

"They seem unable to act without approval from USTA Nationals. Independence would be helpful."

"Each section should have ambassadors to help all facility operators promote their programs."

"Make tennis more accessible by working with the local municipalities to build courts in areas of our section that have boomed in population over past 20 years but didn't see any new tennis courts built."
"Help with equipment costs."

"Just be available when good ideas and suggestions arise."

"Keep it up and give us more to help get kids thru the colored balls."

"More entry-level marketing and lower tournament costs."

"They should learn from the grassroots up."

"The Mid-Atlantic has supported me through our CTA."

"HPS competes with every club and pro by utilizing section resources to run a business under the guise of nonprofit."

"My business is not based on anything to do with NorCal USTA."

"Continuing education opportunities, promotion of leagues, lessons and clubs."

"Not much - don't really need them. However, other clubs may feel differently."

"Quit trying to push tennis on the poor and push it on people that can actually afford it."

"Financial assistance in growing programs established programs and teachers. Not 5 pages of grant money applications. Come on."

"Purchase more equipment for events that are done in the section."

"Lessen tournament entry fees to get more people playing tournaments."

"Hire tennis people."

"We don’t need them. We are thriving without them. We teach them what is next."

"Help promote the game of tennis ... help with events to grow the game ... actively promote USTA and MW programs and new player events ... do a better job of getting the word out that tennis is a great sport."

"Seriously, we need $$ for indoor courts and resurfacing to have year-long programs and build up the park courts for programs, tournaments, high schools, etc."

"First seek input by reputable coaches; be involved in HS tennis with passion and intent. Create a vehicle for HS coaches to contact the USTA in a meaningful way; (SEE how the PGA is involved with HS GOLF...its night and day, compared to the USTA)."

"Help me get Grants to resurface the courts."

"More involvement and input with volunteer committees, publications like yearbooks that encourage participation/ celebrate achievements of players and facilities. For sure a website that is tailored to our section - USTA standard website is difficult to navigate and find info. Need to have more people promoting tennis who know the local area to spread the word. USTA website and Facebook just do not do it. Our section did away with districts - need local admin."

"Stay out of my way."


QUESTION 15 -  What kind of content would you like TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS to focus on for Q1 in 2022?


QUESTION 16 -  My Profile


That was a lot of information in that survey. Right? We'll have time to digest it and make some adjustments for Tennis Club Business. Thank you, everyone, for participating.

Tennis Club Business is the only tennis business newsletter that calls out the failed policies and programs of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the 17 USTA Sections, the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), and the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

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