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1-Question Survey

January 2022

"What kind of pandemic-related changes are you planning to implement

at your facility/club/program in 2022?"

We had 109 responses as of December 24, 2021.

6 participants answered just NONE. 

Here are all the answers.

  • Nothing, as we have been as proactive as possible from day 1 of the pandemic and have done a lot to protect everyone inside our facilities

  • None... other than hopefully one day removing the plastic at the front counter!

  • Mask if clients requested

  • None, we are at full capacity. Needing more coaches to fulfill the demand

  • None. We are an outdoor club and things will run similar to what we have done the last two seasons now.

  • Going back to full open. No restrictions.

  • Use the growth of tennis during the pandemic to improve our overall program offerings. It would be a huge mistake not to take advantage of this growth. Focus more on new players to keep them involved. and yes.... tennis benefited from COVID. Keep all tennis players involved in the game of tennis as long as possible.

  • Adding new courts to increase revenues

  • Do less better

  • None - we live in Georgia

  • continuing staggered start times, no lounge service, masking in lobby areas

  • same charges as usual

  • I don’t teach anymore…but I would do a few covid education seminars and explain we’re on this planet together….so vaccinate including the booster.

  • Work more online and sell online gear

  • None that aren't already in place.

  • Continuing to use face masks and get booster shots

  • None. I am a UK-based, private individual, playing when and where I can.

  • Clinic limit - 6 people per ct.

  • None at this point

  • Stay flexible, with the new variants coming...

  • Not really sure...the impact of the variants will decide our programming. Lower rates equal better participation and less worry. Higher rates, the opposite.

  • many more in-house round robins, getting members of all levels to experience each other

  • Exiting courts 3-minutes early.

  • Masking when necessary, adding more pros to meet demand for lessons, capital planning

  • Find more courts for all the tennis interests!

  • We will stay with many of the changes we implemented when we reopened 18 months ago. -Monthly billing rather than yearly billing -Short, 4-week adult lesson programs -Limited people in the lobby area -Masks on the courts during junior lessons -Card on File for payment purposes -Mandatory Online registration for all lesson Programs -We eliminated all USTA Junior Tournaments from our offerings -We continue to add more USTA Adult League Teams

  • Making certain everyone stays the 6' social distance apart

  • Offering more classes for the increase of new players

  • TBD....

  • More in-house tournaments.

  • New 18 hole Golf Course

  • Travel program not facility: follow all CDC, ITF, USTA Covid regulations, will REQUIRE all participants be vaccinated. Also will follow all regulations of countries we visit.

  • Additional Lesson programs.

  • vaccine certificates and RATests.

  • Be vaccinated

  • More tournaments and pickleball courts

  • We will follow proper covid mandates.

  • Remain within local safety protocols, including personal distancing and masks (if required).

  • It should be no changes as we learn to live with it like the flu. Enough already.

  • None, tennis is already a social distance sport and all our courts are outside.

  • pricing

  • I'm at a high school, so whatever the school's governing board implement!

  • Retention staged for players

  • Raised hourly rates and group lesson fees. Always raise something January 1st.

  • Will follow whatever the facility/city of Miami Beach requires

  • Increase programming while increasing post-pandemic health education.

  • Have players continue to bring their own reusable water bottles. Keep players spread out as much as possible.

  • We are expanding programs and hiring more pros. The pandemic led to a noticeable mini-boom in tennis. We have never been so busy. Changes ahead? Prepare for more tennis players and more players playing tennis.

  • Mask wearing, vaccinations + booster, social distancing

  • I informed USTA Nationals that I will not be running the Men's 40, 45, 50, and 55 Level 2 Indoors in 2022 due to downgrade from Level 1 to Level 2 and Covid issues. Serve Tennis software isn't helping as well.

  • Still maintain social distancing, wear mask inside if around others regardless of being vaccinated and wash hands frequently.

  • No major changes. We continue to be vigilant in requesting members to practice safe behaviors when feeling under the weather.

  • vaccination checks until no longer necessary

  • With more players, we are adding more programs

  • None - We are returning to regular operations. This is something we’re going to just have to live with

  • None. People can decide for themselves what things they will do, if any, to protect themselves from getting the flu, a cold or coronavirus.

  • using iPlayMe2 app to further digitize player engagement at our clubs

  • Nothing that we have not already done.


  • No different than last year

  • None. As a lot of clubs in this area (Florida), we are not restricted and have had regular programming since May 2020.

  • We will simply follow the science and the CDC guidelines.

  • We hope to loosen our protocols sometime in mid/late January.

  • None unless absolutely needed

  • Zero! We are crushing it. Things are back to normal here

  • No change. Players have their own choice to wear a mask during the play.

  • More programming and activities for players

  • Follow City and state Recommendation

  • More social tennis activities to get people playing more

  • None come to mind right now but we are planning to upgrade our red clay court surfaces.

  • More organized programs

  • limit amount of people to 4 per court

  • Limiting the number of Socials and Tournaments

  • Social distancing

  • increase participation

  • We will implement any necessary changes as directed by CDC & local agencies.

  • NO doubles, booking before you come to the club.

  • add touchtennis because it can be played anywhere and is easier to play than tennis

  • More on-line registrations

  • Nothing at this point - it's pretty much business like we did prior to the pandemic.

  • Wearing the mask on and off court

  • N-95

  • Safe Play & Temp Checks.

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