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Javier Palenque

Javier is a Global business consultant based in Miami, with an MBA from Boston University and Executive studies at


Northwestern Business School. Global expertise in supply chains, distribution, foreign markets, family businesses, and business transformations. A D3 player when young, Javier has been involved in tennis for all his life.
An avid photographer and a defacto tennis coach, he writes articles often trying to influence the direction of tennis in the USA. His mantra is to make sure tennis is accessible for all who want to play, regardless of income level.

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Imagine if the USTA Board had these Principles?

Mission-Focused - Constituent-Driven? Wow-What a Concept!

By Javier Palenque


Below is a nice video clip that I urge the brilliant USTA board members to watch. Maybe the board members can open their minds and realize that the track that they put the sport on is simply the fast track to its irrelevance. If it is not, then why do they hide participation numbers?


Watch it and come to terms with these facts: The mission of the USTA is to grow tennis, yet we see no numbers of participation published by the organization by state, gender, and zip code? Why is that? The deliberate conflating of the US Open with the health of the sport and some PAC report that shows the growth of 3000% in kids participation, a number beyond belief that is absurd. The report claims 3M more kids played last year when USTA only has less than 100K registered kids, that means through a health crisis the interest in kids grew when the two largest generations of the country; Millenials and gen Z are the least interested people in watching tennis and therefore participating in it.


To conclude remember this fact: The government allows non-profits to exist because it realizes that the greater good of the country will be served by those that it approves as nonprofits. In exchange for the tax benefit, the government expects some greater good to be done, kids having access to sports, mentoring, fun and decent competition, etc.


As a board member ask yourselves these two questions:

1.- Whom does the USTA serve? And do your numbers reflect your opinion?

2.- After watching the video, how does it apply to you personally?

I can be reached at @palenquej or


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