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Tennis Club Business



RedClay USA and Viacor bring
affordable real clay to American tennis


Is it possible? Real clay and affordable? Get ready, America. After 20 years of R&D and 600 courts installed in Europe, RedClay is now available in the U.S.A.

German manufacturer Viacor/Porplastic GmbH has teamed up with RedClay USA LLC, as their exclusive North American partner, to offer a real terra cotta red clay court that is virtually maintenance-free. It cannot puddle and needs no compaction.

Material: Imported European red clay made from recycled roof tiles. The super porous base means there is no rain downtime. It also means there is no clay base maintenance. Interesting: for Indoor use, the clay toping is treated and uses no water whatsoever.

All these advantages result in RedClay being very budget-friendly. It happens to be the least expensive of any court to build and use.

The below images show the porous base, the 2-3 mm clay topping, and how the lines are embedded in the 30mm base. Since the lines are permanently embedded in the base, no line maintenance is required.

ball line cut top mix.jpg
line embed.jpg

Sean Froehling of FDC Fast-Dry Courts, wrote, "I had the pleasure of playing on the RedClayPro court in an outdoor setting, and I can say it exceeded my expectations. If I had to wrap up the experience in one word it would be - FUN! Sliding on the red dirt brought a smile to my face and conjured up feelings of Roland Garros and the heritage of our great sport. My hitting partner concluded our time by saying, “I think I’m sold.” He plans to install two of them at his new property. Such a great product, especially considering the ease of maintenance. Thanks!"

Markus Günthardt, Tournament Director of the WTA Premier Event PORSCHE TENNIS GRAND PRIX in Stuttgart, Germany writes, "... The surface was supplied and installed by a team from Porplastic which provided excellent work and support during the tournament. Porplastic RedClay Pro is a real clay court technology and provides true clay court play with long and exciting rallies which are characteristically for clay court Tennis. In light of this very positive experience, we highly recommend Porplastic RedClay Pro to any Tennis player in the World in search of a real clay court experience."

Call or email today for private consultation and initial cost estimate.

Tennis Club Business



Will USTA and UTR adapt to new technologies?

Upcoming chaos on the tennis courts if the rules don’t change.


Tennis was one of the first sports to embrace technology when using Hawk-Eye for video review and AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted referring at the US Open in 2006.
Now, Tennis takes another leap forward as the Tennis Line Call App™ launched this February and is available in the App Store. Your phones have officially become an impartial and reliable referee. Players simply setup their phones on tripods and challenge difficult line calls with their Apple Watch or in a future release by raising your arms up for 3 seconds removing the need for a watch.


The Tennis Line Call App™ leverages advanced algorithms to establish much more reliably than the human eye (and other apps) whether the ball was in or out.

TLC-Flash and Watch.jpg

The Tennis Line Call App™ was built over the last 3 years having in mind the millions of competitive and enthusiastic tennis players who sometimes walk of the court feeling cheated and frustrated. Julien Duhautois, CEO and Co-Founder of the app recounts coaches sharing that “parents incite their children to cheat” and “young players quit tennis because of the line calls”. Sadly, some players never grow up. Not to mention some who just don’t see well and need help.

While there may soon be no more confusion about where the ball bounced, the arrival of new technology can become a source of misunderstanding. How many challenges can a player make during a game? If technology overrules a call, is the point replayed or is it lost? What if only one player has the necessary equipment (phone & tripod)? The rule book needs an update. The team of the Tennis Line Call App™ is willing to help and engage in a discussion.



USPTA San Diego 2022 Division
Convention and Awards Luncheon

Saturday, March 5

The La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
2000 Spindrift Dr., La Jolla CA


Featuring: Grant Chen, Leon Bax, Jerome Jayapal, Nigel O’Rourke, Steve Adamson, D’Wayne Begay,
Andy Schwich, Justin Belisario, Richard Spurling, Brian Wilson, Steve Kappes

Keynote Speaker: Trish Faulkner



Register online at:, click on Calendar then Division Conference Calendar. Registrations will also be taken at the door.

Educational credits will be available for attendees. You will receive credits for each seminar attended if you scan the QR codes at the end of each seminar. No paper submissions will be taken.

For more information about the convention, contact the convention chairman Conan Lorenzo at 619-846-3094 or
email to


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