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Embrace the Chaos: Why Running Your Club Like It's 1999 is the Way to Go

By Ashley Owens

Hello, tennis and pickleball aficionados! Are you tired of all this modern software mumbo-jumbo and yearn for the good old days? Well, you're in for a treat because we're here to advocate for running your club like it's 1999 – complete with Excel sheets, whiteboards, and snail mail invoices. Let's dive into the chaos, shall we?


Excel-lent Adventures


Who needs fancy scheduling software when you have good ol' Excel sheets? Forget about user-friendly interfaces and automated notifications; we're taking it back to when you had to input reservations manually. You'll be a spreadsheet wizard in no time, or at least by the time your members have waited hours for a court.


The Whiteboard Chronicles


Why invest in an online reservation system when you can have a whiteboard? Picture this: Bob and his retiree gang lining up at 4 AM to snag those shady courts. It's like Black Friday every weekend, but instead of TVs, they're after tennis courts. You can even sell tickets to this daily spectacle!

Cork Board Confusion


Junior clinics? Who needs an easy-to-access online schedule when you can post everything on corkboards? Little Jimmy showing up for the 7 PM red ball class at 6 AM is the highlight of our day. Chaos is the name of the game, right?


Snail Mail Membership Invoices


In the age of online payments and electronic billing, why not send out your monthly membership invoices via snail mail? Donna's forgetfulness is the gift that keeps on giving as you chase her down for three months of unpaid dues. Maybe she'll find that checkbook one day. Or not.

Final CTC Ladders Ad3 (660 × 180 px).gif

The Manual Calendar Mayhem


Modern instructors with their online calendars and automated attendance? Not in our club! Instructors should keep a paper calendar and manually take attendance, leaving room for creative accounting. A few "forgotten" students here and there, and suddenly, you've got a thriving, free-class economy!


Who doesn't love a good laugh while waiting for a court or remembering when little Jimmy's lessons are? While we jest, it's clear that embracing technology like CourtReserve can make managing your tennis and pickleball club a breeze. But if you're in the mood for chaos and nostalgia, why not try the old-school approach? Don't be surprised if your members dream of automated court reservations and online payments in their sleep! Call CourtReserve when they do!

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