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At TCB we want to embrace many racquet sports and introduce you to the games and the forces that drive them. ​​As always let us know here if you want to get connected to any of the people featured below. State your name and what you do, please. Thank you. 


Pickleball Education

Considering Opening up a Pickleball Club? Trying to get your programming priced correctly?

So much FREE education around Pickleball in this one hour webinar! Listen as Dr Lee Martin of the Pavilion of Pickleball in Knoxville built a facility and went from 0-700+ members in 18 months!

If you missed our #Pickleball #education with @pavilionofpickleball



(Joe Dinoffer is a master professional in the USPTA and PTR, has written 9 books, produced 22 DVDs, and has appeared on the Tennis Channel. His company manufactures training aids for pickleball and tennis, and Joe brings that experience and passion in this regular column for Pickleball Magazine.)

Joe Dinoffer

Do you know the function of the 3 parts of every swing?

By Joe Dinoffer


In pickleball and tennis, coaches commonly say “Follow through in the direction you want to hit the ball.” This may sound sensible, but it is misleading and can open players up to problems, including too much grip tension which slows down your paddle speed (and therefore the ball speed).

Why am I complaining about this instruction? Because the follow-through has nothing to do with the direction you hit the ball! This is not a typo. The reason the follow-through has nothing to do with where you hit the ball is simple. The ball has already left the paddle!

There are three parts to every swing. The backswing, point of contact, and follow-through. Here is the function of each of these three parts:

Backswing – This is the part of the swing where you build up paddle speed and that converts to ball speed or power.

Point of Contact – This is a very short event, lasting only 2 milliseconds (1/500th of a second). This part of the swing directs the ball, creates all spin, and determines the arc of the ball as well.

Follow Through – This is the part of the swing that occurs after the ball has left the paddle. It has nothing to do with direction, but it does play an important role. Picture taking a nice swing at the ball and slamming on the brakes at contact! You would have to grip very tight and tense up your arm and your body. The follow-through is needed to promote a more relaxed stroke, which is needed to swing faster (and hit harder!). Equally important is that a relaxed follow-through minimizes your risk of injury!


Nate Gross, Founder of Spec Tennis writes,

Here is the February Spec Tennis Newsletter


Here is the March Spec Tennis Newsletter

Interesting article in the March newsletter:

Spec Tennis - The OTHER White Noise.......

by Ralph Gorgoglione

USPTA Elite Professional / Spec Tennis Ambassador


Message from Nate Gross for our readers:

Hey guys,


I just launched a video course called the “30 Day Tennis Blueprint” and am offering special promo pricing for this week only–just $37 (the price will go up starting next week)


The course is designed to get people who are new to spec tennis (or tennis) to actually be able to play in 30 days.


This might sound crazy, but it’s not if you learn simplified swings and follow progressions.


One of the highlights of the course is a concept I teach called the “Stop Your Finish technique”.


When a player is new to the sport, I believe they shouldn’t be trying to swing like the pros or hit topspin…instead, they should establish control and learn to place the ball to the intended target.


Because this helps them reach a ‘playing level’ faster, and for most people, ‘playing’ is what’s most fun and will get them hooked on the sport.


I’ve had so many players on the court that were taking big swings and had no control (they couldn’t rally 10 times in a row with me), but when I showed them the “Stop Your Finish” technique it was like magic and it transformed their game.


Click HERE to get the course


Think about when you were in school, you learned how to add and subtract before you learned how to solve complex equations right?


So why should it be any different in spec tennis (and tennis)? Start simple, and then add more complexity as you reach a higher level.


Now if you’re already an intermediate or advanced level player, the 30 Day Blueprint might not be right for you, however, it could benefit you to purchase it as a gift for your spouse, child, or friend. 


Why? You can help them to quickly reach a level where you can enjoy being on the court with them.


So many tennis players don’t play tennis with the people they love, because the level disparity makes it an un-enjoyable experience.


This problem can be solved by buying the course for a loved one.


When you buy the 30 Day Tennis Blueprint you get lifetime access to 6 weeks of video lessons (5 days a week). The course is taught using Spec Tennis equipment (paddles + orange dot balls), so I recommend in order to maximize success in the course, that you also use the same equipment.

Professional Tennis Registry PTR

Lynn Cherry, Owner

Pickleball Fire

I wasn't around Pickleball very long before I knew I wanted to start a website about the game. That's because I became addicted to the sport in 2018 shortly after finding it when I moved to Connecticut from North Texas. When I saw the local recreation center had Pickleball, I looked up the sport on Youtube and thought I'm going to love this game! I hadn't played a racket sport in quite a few years because of my bad knees but I realized on the small court I could probably handle the movement. So, using my skills from when I played open-level racquetball and a couple years of tennis, I started playing and writing about the game.  Contact Lynn Cherry

Lynn Cherry

If you ever wanted a complete guide to everything there is to know about Pickleball, look no further!

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