Sebastian Laine

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, the CEO of Zenniz, says he's in a sweet spot, combining his love for sports with his passion for business, data visualization, technology, and also digital marketing. "I enjoy having a global role. Already from studies when I had a chance to do parts of my Master’s degree in India and Sweden and later having worked with Google at the European HQ in Dublin."

Zenniz address:

Kutomokuja 4, 00380
Helsinki, Finland

Tel +358 40537 0277


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The Future of Tennis

A conversation with Zenniz CEO Sebastian Laine


TCB: Sebastian, what is Zenniz?

SL: Zenniz is a smart court for tennis. It is ITF-approved and award-winning tennis tracker. The most accurate self-automated line calling system in the world allows players, coaches, umpires, and audiences to enjoy more of tennis. It provides the tools to take anyone's game to the next level: Intelligent coaching tools, interactive drills, match statistics, and shot placement maps.

TCB: Why would I want to buy Zenniz for my tennis facility?

SL: For tennis clubs, Zenniz is an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade to the next level. Due to new, innovative sensor technology, we’ve been able to keep the cost to a minimum, making Zenniz accessible for all clubs, coaches, and players.


TCB: How does it work?

SL: I'm explaining it in more detail in this video. But basically, our dual tracking system combines sound sensors with computer vision to identify several types of court events, such as serves, shots, volleys and bounces at very high accuracy. It uses two cables with 30 sound sensors that are easy to install around the court. Game data is displayed in real-time on a high brightness led screen located next to the net post. It'll give you line calls, real-time shot speeds, bounce and stroke maps, animated replays, rich game statistics, and video analysis.


(Here's the link for the video that explains the "How it works":


TCB: How does Zenniz compare to its competitors. 

SL: Oh, it's much more cost-effective and easier to use. Look at Hawkeye, which costs some $60,000 per court per week and needs 5 people to run it. Or PlaySight with its high maintenance cost and a very complex user interface.


Sebastian Laine giving the winning pitch for Zenniz at the 2020 Kiuas Demo Days.

TCB: How much do the systems cost?

SL: In Europe, we are selling it for 8,900 Euros per court. The maintenance fee is only $40 per month. Pre-orders get a 20% discount. We are currently taking pre-orders for Europe and already have pre-orders from six different countries.

TCB: What about the United States?

SL: We are planning to enter the U.S. market and Asia in mid-2021.

TCB: How can interested tennis professionals and facility owners get in touch with you?

SL: The best way to reach me is via email at

TCB: Thank you, Sebastian.

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