Jack Broudy is a tennis player, coach, speaker, author, and inventor. As a teaching pro, Jack has influenced the development of several pros on tour today, as well as countless top-ranked USTA Juniors and college national champion players and coaches. Jack is a mentor to thousands of tennis coaches, players, and professionals around the globe.

Jack currently lives in Southern California, teaching dozens of students at various tennis courts and country clubs in the San Diego area every single week.


Growing up in New England, Jack was a top 10 ranked junior, representing New England District on the national junior circuit, including playing at the infamous Kalamazoo. He also played college tennis for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 1973-75. Jack played on a pro tennis tour in Florida in 1976, before becoming a top varsity tennis player in singles and All-American doubles player for the University of California San Diego, in La Jolla from 1976-1979. Jack has also been speaking at USPTA conventions for the past fifteen years.

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The Swing Tennis Launches Web Coaching & Line of Teaching Products

By Jack Broudy

World-renowned Coach Jack Broudy Launches His System Based on 25 Years Of Biomechanics Research.  The Goal of the System Is To Help Every Player Play Beautiful, Healthy, and Fun Tennis. 

The Swing Tennis is veteran coach Jack Broudy's nationally recognized system of playing tennis in an optimum biomechanical approach that yields beautiful, easy to learn strokes that help players enjoy their game for decades.


"Tennis for a generation was known as the most fun game an athletic family could play together, it was a game of beauty and excitement," explained Jack Broudy.  "I've spent 35 years helping frustrated juniors through senior citizens rediscover the greatness of the game in just days and weeks.  Whether they have used the lessons in The Swing to win NCAA championships or tennis is a part of their active lifestyle, my students online and in-person understand the game quickly and powerfully."

Video: Jack demonstrating the Essentials of the Swing Tennis movement

Video: Demonstrating the Swing Wand™

Based on research going back over 100 years on the body's movements combined with Jack's ever-cheerful approach, theswingtennis.com will offer dozens of hours of lessons along with a number of teaching products made in the USA by master craftsman from the finest materials.


"On the court, as in life, your body is intended to move symmetrically in balanced motion," Broudy said.  "The Swing and products like the Swing Board™, the Swing Ramp™, the Swing Wand™, and many others teach that positioning your racket and movement of your body are as important as any other decision you make on the court.  These products are the result of a career spent in research and tens of thousands of hours of use."


Mike Bryan says, "My brother and I have known the fluid strokes and feeling of being "connected" in the game of tennis for much  of our lives. It's great to know the science behind this feeling, so we can use this knowledge to play even better. Jack's revolutionary learning system and various devices, including the Swing board, can help every player feel and groove the natural strokes."

As a company, The Swing Tennis has been producing videos since early summer 2020 at local clubs in California, using a wide variety of students from those who had never picked up a racket to former NCAA champions, and all levels in between.  As part of the effort, Broudy has enlisted a board of advisors that are experts in helping spread The Swing Tennis and its unique approach to tennis across the crowded tennis world.


"After losing so many months to inactivity and worry, it is really clear to me that the world is hungry for fun and skill acumen in a short time," concluded Broudy. "Tennis, and especially The Swing Tennis, have a great opportunity to help all Americans get back into improving their lifestyles and their games, whether it is a serve that is so reliable it puts a smile on your face or a forehand so beautiful you want to play a second set!"

Video of The Swing Tennis Products



The Swing Tennis is a coaching company started by Jack Broudy and it principally offers online coaching and teaching equipment purchasing at theswingtennis.com


Mr. Broudy has for four decades been an internationally recognized coach whose students have gone on to national and world Junior and Pro rankings, NCAA championships, and thousands of happy lifelong players.

Go to theswingtennis.com for more information.