The Commish is not just one single person, it is a real and true thought experiment of many different entities. That's also why the Commish has no prefered pronouns and you 


can call the Commish anything and anyway you want. Makes no difference to the Commish. The Commish lives in the minds of all tennis professionals, tennis players, tennis organizers, everyone with a clear and logical thought pocess. For January of 2021, the Commish suggests that you "work with people, befriend them, make them family, love them, and see the game explode."

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Making Noise For Tennis


By The Commish

The Commish used to like to go to big meetings to be seen and heard, now they don’t have to do that anymore. Commish would like to commend commish like people such as Rich Neher our beloved publisher for building an amazing platform outside of your editorial control.  It’s a noisy place at times, listen to it. OK, that’s enough ass-kissing for now, gotta keep the sponsors happy.


There were some big meetings a few years ago and it was said, ‘Contrary to public opinion, we aren’t just having a meeting in Indian Wells, so that we can be here at the tournament and have an excuse to travel to an exotic destination’, except that was a lie and two full years of fun meetings with inspirational speakers, expert panels, and super-duper technology pieces yielded exactly ZERO Action Items. Probably the most comedic moment was that one where a mucky-muck told the commish about his plans to create an app where juniors could anonymously report each other for cheating. That was like a goldfish spitting out its poop, only to eat it, spit it, eat it.  

Have you noticed that as the USTA has grown in size, tennis has not?  Who remembers the Tennis Boom?  That happened when the USTA was a few people in White Plains, and some sections had one employee. How did that happen?  It wasn’t them, they just sorta looked over some tournaments, and said “Game of a Lifetime” a lot, a lot, a lot. 



Be Extra Noisy In 2021

Let’s hear it for a noisy 2021. The Commish heard from a little birdie that the mucky-mucks on top don’t want to hear noise.  So turn your speakers all the way up and listen to the Commish’s response:

Let’s hope that’s not true and it was just something overheard out of context, but let’s assume that it is true, because it’s the well-established USTA way. (BTW, by the time you are done reading this you might want to string the Commish up by their short and curlies…)   It’s time for the populist movement in tennis to be reinstated, as we tried throwing money at it with bureaucratic competency, and what did we get? Bureaucracy is what we got. The recent downturn in everything seems to be just what large organizations need: hunger. 



Listen To This

Covid brought you tennis growth. Period. It wasn’t messaging from USTA, it wasn’t a teaching organization, it wasn’t any organization. It was the desperation of people who had no other sport to play. Look what’s happening, tennis is booming, but I assure you that it has nothing to do with the USTA. New starter racquet sales are up a gazillion percent.  But you, the bureaucrat WILL NOT seize on the opportunity.  We The Commish, you The Commish, we are ALL The Commish, the owners of the game.  With this boom tell me, how have their big organization membership numbers moved?  That’s what I thought. 

Winners Listen

Who are the winners?  The ones who listen.  When someone says ‘Tune out the noise’, they are saying, ‘We know better, we are not listening’.  So you, fellow Commish, don’t talk.  Listen to your people.  With the many many people starting, find out what they want.  We bet they don’t want to be lonely, they want to be with people socially, having fun, falling in love with the best sport in the world. We bet they heard something about how tennis players are 50% less likely to die of any cause.  We bet they found out that tennis players are among the brightest minds, problem solvers, and optimistic ones. They want to meet people from all over the world who love the same game. I bet they don’t want to pay $45 to be over lorded by a bossy bitchy USTA captain hell-bent on personal glory, and not on growing the game. Commish bets they don’t want that so they can be bullied into going to every practice for the hope of maybe playing two matches, if and only if they are seen as a player who can contribute come playoff time.  Commish bets that those players who scurry around like uncommitted cockroaches all over town to play on three teams in the same season, in order to be sure to play some, then find themselves over-committed and burnt out are not the future of the game.  That game is imploding. 

Stop, Look and Listen More

You the reader might just be the person who can latch onto this. The most important thing you can know is that none of the strategies, messaging, marketing campaigns that millions of dollars were thrown at, worked. They didn’t work. Stop in your tracks. The new idea people, the my idea people, the put my mark, lay down my stamp people they are not actually the doers, but they are good at spending millions of dollars on websites, slogans, logos, and finding minions to peddle their wares, except that it doesn’t work, it never worked, and it won’t work. What works?  Ancient wisdom.


Hear The Ancient Words

The Golden Rule works, treating others like you want to be treated. Accept every player, give them the amount of attention they want or need, not based on looks, ability, or dollars, but based on them being one more human being in the greatest sport.  So you the hand wringing, position justifying, work log filling person out there, get to work.  The awesome graphics in the email that you spend all day crafting that was opened by less than 25% of recipients, and most of those accidentally with a click-through rate around 1%, you are NOT getting it done. Press the flesh, meet the people, really listen to the person on the phone, build relationships with all tennis stakeholders, not just the ones you can brag about later at the water cooler. 

Read Aesop

I hear that the grand poobah’s of tennis have said that you should ignore the noise, but we/they have something to say. You didn’t grow tennis, you haven’t grown tennis, you won’t grow tennis. The foot soldiers have always grown the game even when the larger organizations have done everything they can to profit from it. It’s like they never read Aesop’s fables, you know the Goose and the Golden Egg. Back in a board room, the big brains of the sport are mouthing words that seem inspired by altruistic concerns for the game they claim to love, except that at their core, at the core of their being, the total focus, the unspoken truth, the stuff they don’t want you to know is that there are two things that motivate them: Profit Centers and Personal Glory.  They want their name on the trophy, they want a magazine to call them a hero while having presided over incredibly weak growth numbers, while they actively and passively sabotage the Goose.  They are going to get that extra egg to show something on the P and L, even if that animal doesn’t survive.  It’s the way of corporate America, come in, flip something, turn an imaginary profit, get the bonus, move to the next place. 

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Right now, be loud, proud, and get people into the game. Bring them into something. Give them a ‘Cheers’ experience, learn everyone’s name, introduce them to friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, and future wives and husbands, and scrape them off the court when they die doing the thing they love!  

If you read this far, then you definitely earned the right to know why the commish has a desire to remain anonymous, if you couldn’t get to the end of this for whatever reason, then so be it.


The Commish has been in the game for a long time, and is busy doing their thing. Getting wrapped up in drama over what seems to be common sense is not that which they need to be doing right now.


The Commish is not a person really, but an idea, and full of thoughts. Some of you are so much in the category of  ‘respecters of persons’, you filter all your information based on the credibility, value, reputation, past accomplishments of the person who said it. New kids, shut up. High School Coaches, shut up. Non-Master Pros, be quiet.  That’s how it goes.  


The commish is for the idea that you can’t stop them. Ideas, truth, goodness and right, these things are beyond the control of the power mongers.  The commish also accepts all ideas from no matter where they come, and they don’t have to be fully researched either. If they pass the smell test, then its time to bat them around for value.  If it’s a better idea, then let it surge ahead. This game needs to remember how to think, and what it’s all about: people.  


Commish heard that an assistant director of something something wanted to know who The Commish was, and The Commish answered by saying that it will engage in dialogue on an idea basis, but not on a vindictive identity erasure basis.  The Commish is pretty sure that they will be wiped off the face of the planet and blocked from moving forward, but those who make those blocks.  Part of The Commish might even come forward if they learned to trust The People in Charge. 

Do this: 

  • Create drop-in social play that cannot be violated during the prime hours of operation.  

  • Manage and cut back on league play, make it a premium, a privilege, and something that people get value from not just maybe two matches a season. 

  • Do UTR

  • Do SwingVision

  • Do Cutting Edge Technology

  • Take a sincere interest in the healthiness of recreation

  • Show concern for the fears of your people.

Don’t do this:

  • Allow your club to be overtaken by USTA programs that gobble up court space from all the new players who just want to have fun.

  • Look at players and judge them by their relative athleticism and likeliness to bring glory to you or your club.

  • Make everything about profit.

  • Work to please your overlords, for the sake of winning the QuickNetLittleTennis champion of the universe award. 

Work with people, befriend them, make them family, love them, and see the game explode. 

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