As we navigate each day during the uncertainty of COVID-19, it is important to look for the bright spots in the tennis industry. Here is some information about TGA Premier Sports developing online tennis programming for families and youth to stay active and engaged in the sport during this time of crisis. 


TGA Keeps Kids Engaged in Tennis During Coronavirus

TGA Premier Sports develops programming designed for at-home use for the entire family

TGA Premier Sports values the health and safety of the entire community, students, their families, and coaches. With most schools around the country closed and programs postponed if not canceled for the rest of the school year, TGA is eager to continue serving local communities during these difficult times to keep a sense of normalcy. In an effort to help everyone Keep Playing!® while families are sheltering at home, TGA will be sharing online tennis content designed for at-home use and engagement with virtual classes.


The unprecedented events related to COVID-19 have affected everyone, drastically reducing physical activity and perhaps mental stimulation for children locked out of their classrooms. Teachers around the country have rallied to create E-learning lessons, parents are now educators and perhaps working from home as well. TGA’s mission during this time is to engage students and families together creating an environment similar to what they experience during the after-school enrichment programs. The focus will center on the sport of tennis through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) academic lessons, skill development, and activities that get kids moving.


“Social distancing and staying in place at home are short-term realities but that doesn’t mean we want to sit idle with how youth and families experience tennis during this time,” says Joshua Jacobs, TGA’s founder, and CEO. “For 17 years, TGA curriculum has been executed in tight spaces and we have an opportunity to serve our communities through similar programming in a home-based environment. Our corporate staff, franchise owners, and coaches are committed to working together to churn out existing and new content repurposed in an online platform for families everywhere.”


Over the next month, TGA will be sharing this new online tennis programming with their families and students nationwide through email, blogs, and online. This includes video-lessons from coaches, videos of kids playing the games, warm-up exercise videos, games to play solo, or with the family, all to put tennis skill practice into play. In addition, TGA will provide academic worksheets related to tennis and STEAM that the kids can do at home with minimal resources. 


These fun individual tennis activities will include at-home drills for the forehand, backhand, volley skills, footwork, serving (without racquet/toss and timing), lob and drop shots, as well as playing-related activities and games. Many of these come from TGA’s highly acclaimed curriculum, which can be used by all families keeping young athletes' brains engaged and playing. See sample content below.


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In the youth sports segment, TGA (Teach, Grow, Achieve) has become the go-to brand for introducing children to the sports of tennis, golf, and team sports, as well as the nation’s most prolific provider of in-school- and community-based youth sports enrichment programs. TGA’s youth sports “delivery system” is helping strengthen families and communities and reversing the trends of declining youth sports participation in cities across the country, leading to healthier lifestyles. TGA is on pace to register the program’s ONE-MILLIONTH student in 2021. For more information about TGA Premier Sports visit or follow @TGA_Sports on Twitter.