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We publish tennishead magazine & ‘The Bagel’ newsletter & we have our own ‘tennishead CLUB’ for those true tennis fans!

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Encourage your customers to enjoy and engage with tennis even more with this exclusive discount offer for the Tennishead CLUB

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Tennishead magazine has been around for over 10 years serving tennis fans & players from around the world with a mix premium quality tennis content, but now under new ownership, they’ve launched the ‘Tennishead CLUB' aimed at appealing to a younger tennis audience of amateur players and fans.


The Tennishead CLUB delivers members a wide range of benefits including a gift box of tennis shoes and clothing, online tennis coaching from the likes of Boris Becker and Brad Gilbert, and an exclusive online seminar called ‘Fears and Doubts’ from a renowned mindset coach. The total value of the club benefits is well over $700 but membership levels start as low as $65 per year.

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Now, the Tennishead CLUB is looking to grow its membership, which is why they can offer an exclusive discount for any of your pupils or members who might be interested in joining. The benefits offered by the Tennishead CLUB should help your clients to enjoy their tennis even more and to keep them engaged in the sport even when they aren’t hitting balls. 


Full details of the Tennishead CLUB can be found at and members from around the world are welcome with a range of membership options to suit everyone.

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Tim Farthing, the owner of Tennishead, says, “Tennis fans and players told us they wanted more than just a magazine so we’ve teamed up with some of the world’s leading brands and coaches to put together this truly unique members club. If you are a keen tennis player or complete beginner then the Tennishead CLUB will take your game to the next level as well as helping you enjoy tennis even more and looking great on court.”


Tim has been involved in tennis since an early age, first as a national standard player in the UK then as the Chairman of one of the UK’s largest tennis clubs, and now as the owner of Tennishead magazine and Tim has a real passion for the game so he jumped at the chance to turn this passion into a career when he sold his previous soccer news website and used the proceeds to invest in Tennishead.

At the time he joined Tennishead 2 years ago, Tennishead was mainly a quarterly print magazine but Tim realised that to grow the reach of the brand they needed to engage with a younger audience through much better digital content and a more attractive offering for paying customers. Hence the launch of the Tennishead CLUB.

“From asking members of my tennis club and many other tennis fans I realised that often an amateur player will play tennis once or twice a week and then go home and forget about the sport. But with my publishing hat on I realised there was an opportunity to create a membership club that catered to these players when they weren’t playing the game. Obviously life is harder during the Coronavirus outbreak but we’ve found it’s given us an opportunity to talk to our readers more and really find out what they want.”


“As a coach or a club manager or tennis director we are sure that your clientele will be interested to find out from you about this members club and also be appreciative of the discount offer you can bring them. We feel the range of benefits the Tennishead CLUB has to offer will complement and add to the services you already provide them"


Tennishead is offering a 10% discount on Tennishead CLUB memberships for any of your members or students. To redeem this discount and join the Tennishead CLUB just direct them to and tell them to use coupon code TH10 when they get to the online checkout.


In his role as a tennis club Chairman in the UK, Tim would also be delighted to connect with anyone who wants to discuss tennis-related issues and to share knowledge. You can contact Tim directly on 

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