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Barcelona, Spain

By Rich Neher

Club de Tennis Andrés Gimeno-Logo.png

Avenida Castelldefels, 58-62
08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona)
Tel. 93 665 23 00

I connected with Anna Sotoca on LinkedIn because her background photo is this beautiful picture of red clay courts. Anna works for Club de Tenis Andres Gimeno, a facility with 22 tennis courts and 11 Padel courts. When I saw that her club is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Barcelona, Spain I was ready to fly there. Been to Barcelona a few times and must say it is an amazing city!

Club de Tennis Andrés Gimeno-Map.jpg

Castelldefels is south of downtown Barcelona, close to the airport, and right next to the Canal Olimpic de Catalunya. Constructed in 1991, that canal hosted the canoe sprint events for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Club de Tennis Andrés Gimeno.jpg

Knowing that many of my friends and possibly many of our readers are interested in traveling to Spain, and particularly to Barcelona, I asked Anna Sotoca some questions.


TCB: Hi Anna, tell our readers a little about yourself and your career.

AS: I started playing federated soccer (competition) with a men's team when I was 6 years old. Little by little I grew up and experienced all possible sports and that is when I discovered that I had to create my profession around that field. I studied in Barcelona for a Bachelor's degree in physical activity and Sport science. Sports and travel have always been my passion, so when I finished my degree I started traveling and working, becoming coordinator of 3 WSL world surfing championships (Peru), coordinator at the Sanchez-Casal Academy (Barcelona, Miami ), Coach at Pelado Fútbol & Arte (Brazil) and Personal Trainer on a Costa Fascinosa cruise ship (Europe-Brazil). Also, I lived and traveled to Australia for a year.

TCB: How long have you been with Club de Tennis Andrés Gimeno and what is your position? What do you mainly do?

AS: I have been working in the club for 4 years. Meanwhile, I studied for my Master in Sports Management and Digital Marketing. I am a Chief Operating Officer, so I drive revenue and unit sales through new and existing business channels. I identify a target market and successfully reach KPI's, develop brand identity, create marketing campaigns and media press kits. Manage key customer accounts and discuss sales goals and results at monthly meetings with board executives and create new opportunities and partnerships. Also, I am the director of the gym area and I am focused on leading the Digital Transformation at the club.


TCB: How big is Club de Tennis Andrés Gimeno (number of courts, members)?

AS: The Andrés Gimeno Tennis Club is a non-profit association founded in 1972. It has 23,000 m² (247,570 ft²), made up of 22 tennis courts, 11 Padel courts, a gym, 2 fitness rooms, a swimming pool, a children's playground, a chill-out, and a restaurant. We do have 2,000 members at the moment.

Club de Tennis Andrés Gimeno-ClayCourts.jpg

TCB: Where is the club located in Spain? How do you get to the location?

AS: A beach town located just outside of Barcelona that allows you to enjoy the Mediterranean like a local. Andres Gimeno Tennis Club is an ideal location for holiday, especially if you are looking to combine sports and leisure. We are conveniently situated, just a 10-minute walk to the beach and a 6-minute drive from the airport. Provides the possibility to explore the tourist offerings and sights of Barcelona, only 15 kilometers away.


We do offer temporary membership that brings you the opportunity to enjoy our facilities and meet a wide variety of players of all ages and levels who may be at your disposal to play, organize tournaments, and competitions among other activities. Our staff is personally responsible for introducing you and making you known among our players so that we can facilitate friendly matches. Also, we do offer private lessons, aimed at those players who want to start, improve or accelerate through the personalized attention of our technical staff, the different facets of their game, both technical and tactical.

TCB: Why would tennis lovers want to travel to your club? Do you allow non-members to play tennis or take lessons?

AS: With 300 sunny days a year Andres Gimeno Tennis Club is the best place to practice outdoor sports, and also to enjoy the food and the country.


TCB: Are there hotels close to the club location?

TS: Yes, there's plenty of them. Castelldefels is known as a holiday beach town so there is a Hotel in front of our club or you can find a wide variety in front of the beach.

TCB: What is your area of Spain known for? What should visitors expect they can do?

TS:  Its cultural and gastronomic richness and especially its good communication with Barcelona, make Castelldefels the perfect place to spend the summer. Its night and day life, bars, restaurants, beaches, theater, cinemas, shopping centers, shops, and much more, make Castelldefels a very pleasant place to settle down and enjoy its quality of life. If you need more information don't hesitate to contact me.



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