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  • How COVID is accelerating the move to hybrid cloud

  • Streaming with friends

  • Thermal Imaging Systems

  • 3 secret Amazon pages

  • 11 hidden tricks for Win10

  • Best face masks for exercising

  • PTZ cameras - content capture without onsite crew

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How COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Move to Hybrid Cloud

COVID-19 has changed just about every facet of business. As Brian Solis, global innovation evangelist at Salesforce, puts it, “Whatever the digital transformation roadmap was before COVID-19 is now on hold, indefinitely postponed, or redirected.”

Many IT departments are now finding it necessary to accelerate their migration to multi-cloud architectures if they were not already headed that way. It’s predicted that by 2022, more than 90% of enterprises worldwide will use a mix of on-premises or dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms.

In fact, many are dubbing 2021 “The Year of the Multicloud.”

Case in point, Volterra recently conducted a global study of 400 IT execs and found 97% planned to distribute workloads across two or more clouds. According to Solis, "This is going to take more unified digital strategies, vision, leadership, and purpose.”

Read on to learn more about how COVID-19 is accelerating the move to hybrid cloud.

Many streaming services have released options to let you watch shows with friends. How to co-view TV on...

  • Amazon Prime Video: Click on the new Watch Party icon

  • Netflix: Download the Netflix Party or Scener apps

  • Hulu: Find the Watch Party icon on select titles

  • HBO: Link your account with Scener

Thermal Imaging Systems - So Hot Right Now


As businesses and people adjust to their “new normals,” so too are technologies adapting to meet our current needs in a post-COVID world. Take, for instance, thermal imaging systems. This technology has found new life as fever screening is becoming more commonplace. 

An industry that was previously seeing negligible growth, experts like IDC research director Mike Jude now project 25% growth by 2025 for thermal imaging companies. “Now, many [companies] are looking at building these systems into their budgets for next year, which is partly why we think this space has traction."

As companies eagerly look to deploy, maintain, and use thermal imaging technology, they’re also interested in applying AI and machine learning algorithms for facial recognition to provide consistent and accurate readings.

But other factors must be considered, such as privacy concerns. While a recent Harris Poll found that 84% of Americans supported required health screenings, there is still the question of where and how the data is stored. 

Read on to learn more about thermal imaging tech and whether it will soon become a fact of life.


Cool stuff as seen on CNET

3 secret Amazon pages you need to know about

Hidden deals can be yours if you know where to look.

Rick Broida introduces us to three secret Amazon pages every shopaholic should be very happy to discover:

Amazon Bargain Finds page - Everything for under $15

Amazon Renewed - Like-new products at a discount

Amazon Warehouse - One rung down from renewed, and even bigger discounts

Very exciting! Read the full article here. Many other great tips for shoppers.


Windows 10 hacks: 11 hidden tricks to master now

This is your guide to taking screenshots, shutting down background apps and a useful battery-saving tip

Alison DeNisco Rayome writes about Windows 10 tips that can save you time and effort.

1. Minimize all windows except the active one

2. Open the 'secret' Start menu

3. Create an event without opening the Calendar app

4. Take a screenshot

5. Open items on your Taskbar with keyboard shortcuts

6. Figure out how much space apps are taking up

7. Get rid of ads in your Start menu

8. Shut down background apps

9. Use background scrolling

10. Show file extensions in File Explorer

11. Cut down on distractions with Focus assist

See all the tips and details here.


The best face masks for exercising

And what to look for when shopping for a performance face mask.

There's no question that wearing face masks is an extremely important part of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. But when it comes to wearing them while exercising, not every health authority agrees on best practices. 


For those who are really eager to go back to their gyms and fitness studios, where masks might be required or not, here are a few masks that are breathable, moisture-wicking and designed for working out.


In test are masks from:

Under Armor

The Well


Carbon 38



See full article and mask details here.


SVG Sit-Down: Panasonic’s Steve Milley on COVID-19’s Impact on In-Venue Production

The company’s PTZ cameras allow content capture without an onsite crew

When it comes to providing reliable and efficient PTZ cameras, Panasonic is a notable name in both professional and collegiate organizations. After the coronavirus pandemic hit the sports-video community, these cameras became more important than ever. SVG spoke with Steve Milley, national sales manager, Panasonic, to discuss how the company has navigated the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how the in-venue production sector of the industry is affected.

How have operations transitioned to working in a remote setting?
There are certain people that are wired to be in an office with colleagues, and it’s hard for them, but, for our group that is engaged with sports and live entertainment, we’re used to being remote. That said, our regular office employees were all equipped with laptops, Microsoft Teams, and other resources so our daily operation wasn’t interrupted.

Continue to the full article here.