This comprehensive course is for tennis coaches seeking certification in video technique analysis. You will be trained on filming, editing, and analyzing tennis strokes with your phone & Dartfish software.


USPTA Accredited

4 Continuing Education Credits


Learning Video Tools

There’s a new certification course for tennis coaches that’s different from anything the tennis industry has seen.


Tennis friends Warren Pretorius & Will Boucek have put together a course that trains coaches to film, edit, and analyze tennis strokes from your cell phone.

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Warren is the founder & CEO of Tennis Analytics where he works with top college programs, ATP & WTA players, the USTA, Tennis Canada, and tons of other high-level coaches. This course teaches you “the video coaching system” he uses with all these players and coaches.


After you start using his system, here are 6 things that will happen.


  • Players will improve faster. People learn better visually than audibly.

  • Student retention will improve since players keep getting better.

  • You’ll create a library of videos for each student to document progress over time. They can go back and watch what their serve looked like 6 months ago.

  • You’ll attract new players because they’ll want to be a part of your new system.

  • You’ll start “remote coaching” and generating an income off the court. You can analyze the video from anywhere.

  • Parents will love it! If you coach juniors, then you’ll find one of the best ways to keep their parents happy is to record and send videos of their kids improving.


If you don’t use video in your player development program yet, you should be. Pros have been doing it for years, and now most colleges and high-level academies have implemented it.


Soon, using video for private lessons will be expected everywhere!


If you aren’t using video yet because you don’t know how, or you don’t have a system, or you aren’t sure where to start… check out their new certification course below.


Click here to learn how to become a Certified Technical Analyst.


It includes the software you need to get started from your cell phone (iPhone or Android), so you can implement it next week.


If you have questions about the course read more about it here or you can contact Warren or Will through the website.

USPTA Accredited

4 Continuing Education Credits