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U.S. Open 2020 - is it happening?
California Assembly Bill AB5
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Gary Horvath - Feature Article
The Tennis Economy is Officially Back

Rod Heckelman - Feature Article
The U. S. Open with An Asterisk

Tennis and COVID-19
Rich Neher: Top 5 Reasons Why Tennis is the Safest Sport amid COVID-19

Bill Patton
7 Ways to Grow Tennis with Visual Training

Scott Mitchell
Solutions for Quick Growth for Tennis Facilities

Allen Fox

Present-Day America: Parallels to
Ancient Rome


Javier Palenque
La Raison D'etre and the USTA

Larry Haugness
Growing High School Tennis

Tim Bainton
Club Management Mastery, Pt. 5

Steve Milano

Do you use Loss-Leaders to Increase Revenues?

Tennis after COVID-19
Rich Neher: California Economy Outlook -
Potential Effects on Tennis

Tennis Taught on Colleges
Interviews with 4 PTM Directors
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Around the World of Tennis

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Richard Burke

NGI ProClay Court Surface

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