March 2020

Tennis Facilities
and the Pandemic

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What type of facility are you?



Community Center

Country club

country club tennis, pop, pickle

Hospital-Based Facility

POP Tennis

admin office


Tennis, Pickleball, Fitness & Rock climbing

Private coach

Virtual/Online Tennis Club - Providing Tennis Playing Opportunities and Services


I rent court time to administrate tournaments, lessons and events


What kind of courts are at your facility?



Red Clay

POP Tennis

no courts - administer leagues


Basketball and racquetball

Platform Tennis And Squash also



What precautions has your facility taken to address the virus pandemic?



Hyper cleaning and being super vigilant, there are no reported cases in our city at this time.

Inside closed, outside no tournaments but lessons permitted. We are keeping groups under 10 and lots of sanitary measures.

Closed as of 18th of March completely.

The whole club is closed.

closed indoor courts. limitations on lessons

clubhouse is closed for all food; golf and tennis limited open

Made to close by the state for at least 2 weeks

closed indoor facility/only outdoor tennis/extra cleaning

Suspension of pickleball open play and pb lessons only, social distancing

All recreation facilities in the state are ordered close per the Governor's executive order

At the moment... still open but may close the clubhouse and fitness and operate only the outdoor courts on a self-serve basis for members only.

We have shut down all 8 of our facilities until further notice.

Mandated closure by State. Facility has been notified by health department that an individual with COVID-19 played on the indoor courts (prior to the state-wide mandated closing).

Outdoor club is open but supposed to make sure social distances are kept and disinfect everything after each player leaves and offering purell.

Issued hygiene instructions to members.

Suspension of services. Courts available to members to play at own risk.

As of Monday, Mar. 16, the NYC club remained open.

Closed until further notice. However, they are offering some food service if members want to order out and pick up. They will bring the food to the members car in the valet area.

"on hold" until the length of the virus can be better determined.

increased cleaning, reduced office staff hours


How do you expect the pandemic will affect the revenue stream at your facility during the second quarter of 2020 and beyond?



Significant Impact, but we have a temporary date and no real idea of when we are opening??? Minimum of 2 week closure

We have no outside support or income.

I expect no income from tennis in Q2.

No money in no money out. Simple math

Minimal, unless we are forced to close the courts for a couple or more months--really would affect the instructor's income but now parents want even more lessons

My tournaments concluded prior to the pandemic causing closures. Lessons are suspended until further notice.

Suspension of wages for me.

My next paycheck (Friday 3/20) will be normal. However the club has agreed to pay employees their salary. This will be about a 2/3rds reduction in my regular pay. They haven’t said when the club will reopen. I’m guessing April 12th.


Will you be able to pay your employees - even if the Pandemic can't be contained until the summer?



LLC no work-no pay

I most likely will suffer the loss of summer revenue

It is going to be the worse tennis year ever.

Only city employees

We are completely shut down. No internet business, so no working at home.

Not sure. I am an employee.

We are strictly a volunteer group - no paid employees

This could be a financial cost that we not recover from. Scary times Private owner

May have opportunities to work in Labor Poll at the hospital.

I’m not an employer.

Our POP people who teach are volunteer Ambassadors.

State unemployment

No money in no money out

I don’t know

The assistant pros are contract workers. The staff who work the shop will have reduced hours.

But not part-time employees

Not sure at this time.

club is paying salaried employees for at least 2 weeks as well as clubhouse wage earners tennis employees except for Director are seasonal. a few will be paid as we prep the facility (clay courts) and shop

Good question. Revenue and payment is based on lesson revenue. Numbers have gone down, but I strongly believe with intelligent planning with the priority of assuring our clientele that are priority is the safety of their health, that we will be able to survive and prosper in this climate of uncertainty and the virus.

We will be able to pay some of the employees but not all of the hourly workers since they are not working.

No money coming in.

Yes but we will be reducing their hours.

Where are the Association’s at i.e.USTA,PTR,USPTA to offer relief to Pros and membe

Will try to keep full-time employees on as long as possible but probably layoff part-time if extends into summer.

Don't have any employees--instructors are independent contractors

Very, very significant negative $$$ impact. Quality/quantity of tennis goes backwards. Junior tennis players will forget much of which they’ve leaned

for a period of time - 2 weeks

Will try to pay at least a partial salary. If closed, may offer the option for employees to come in to work on maintenance/cleaning projects... touch-up painting, etc. If it can be done safely with appropriate separation, etc. There's lots that could be done that we don't otherwise have time to do!

Not for me to decide.

I was in the process of hiring staff but suspended hiring due to no revenue.

Just going to ride it out, Feel very badly for the college seniors who lost their last season; I doubt few will come back...

unable to respond

We are a small club run by volunteers not paid employees.

We don’t know

Not sure

I do not have employees. My tennis business is secondary income.

Existential threat. We may go under and rebuild next year if we can. Entire staff save two furloughed.

Like the rest of the US economy, the virus has instantly crashed my business.