March 2020

How does your
tennis club attract
new members?

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Doug Atkinson

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APRIL 2020



How does your tennis club attract new members?


The exposure I provide for the club with my social media contacts, traveling and presenting and my reputation in the tennis community.

I attract new members as well through the site.

The use of SYSTEM-9 creates something other clubs don’t have.

Enrichment program with nearby elementary/middle school, cardio tennis, junior after school program

By invitation

The club has a program in place where members refer new members to the club and both the member and new member get club credit for 18 months on their monthly bills. This is a 5-month program that is occurring at the start of 2020 to attract both golf and social/tennis members.

Lessons are offered to non-members and used to show off the club for potential new members.

Our club relies on our association with our local USTA office

Community Tennis Association YSR

We encourage people to play pickleball!!!

The pool attracts lots of new families every Spring/Summer. Then they become interested in tennis.

Price, court condition, organize group play.

Sadly, I have gotten pretty much no help from the USTA ... they are busy with other stuff other than growing the game.

We are using Love to Learn/Love to Play which uses current club members as Tennis Ambassadors to bring in new beginners. USTA league play brings in most of the more advanced players.

Digital Ads

New deals offers

Private club. Members must be proposed.

Members bring in new members; TD attracts new members through strength of program; people see FB, Instagram posts that attract newbies


My situation



Club member

I am self imployed.

Membership Director

Tennis Management Company owner


Tennis and Wellness Director

I am a teaching pro, but I give lessons at parks and schools. I am just a member at my club.


Former tennis tournament promoter

player, adult league coordinator

Club builder, early manager

Tennis Coach

Marketing Director

Tennis marketing consultant

Project Development Consultant for Sports Club Industry