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Questions for Victor Bergonzoli


Victor's LinkedIn profile states, "Senior executive offering extensive experience in handling large-scale accounts as well as in establishing strategic plans toward revenue growth. Equipped with expertise in market research and analysis, information technology, new business development, and territory management. Effective at strategizing marketing initiatives to boost the competitive position of the company. Known for bringing notable contributions to various companies focusing on launching a new product line and increasing sales revenue worth millions of dollars.


TCB: Victor, where are you from and where do you call home now?

VB: I am originally from Lausanne in Switzerland. Home of the IOC and Olympic Capital. However, home has been the USA now for 20 years. My children were born here and this is the country we chose.


TCB: Your LinkedIn profile shows you working in finance both in Europe and in India until 1999. Then it's Co-founder/CEO of Dartfish in the USA and in Switzerland for the next 10 years until 2020. How did this come about?

VB: When I was in India working for a telecommunication company, I had a Swiss colleague who introduced me to a revolutionary video technology. If you remember the Simulcam on NBC where the two skiers are overlaid on top of each other, you will understand why I got hooked and ended up co-founding Dartfish with him and a group of highly skilled engineers.

I moved to the US to develop our American activities and decided to stay on this side of the Atlantic when I became Dartfish CEO. Dartfish quickly became a leader in the field of video analysis solutions and at the last Olympic games, more than 70% of the medals were won by athletes using our solutions.


TCB: In 2016 you co-founded the International Sports Technology Association (ISTA). Was that your brainchild? Are you still active in it? Is it growing?

VB: David Geddes and I shared the same vision about Sports Technology. In 2016 we decided to create ISTA . There was an important need to gather all different actors under one roof. The association is growing organically and is developing very interesting concepts for sports technology providers, sports technologists, and others in this field.

Here is a good example of an article written on load monitoring and the course we launched:

I am a board member at ISTA and the daily operations are in the hands of David Geddes, Tanya Porter, and the team.


NBC Sports Anchor Harry Cicma is also Executive Producer for SportsEdTV. We asked him what it's like to be involved in SportsEdTV.


"Being part of the SportsEd TV Team is an honor, and the focus has always been on helping the community, and helping people to improve their abilities in a positive way. When it comes to producing videos and content, we pride ourselves on state of the art innovation, while also maintaining top cinematic quality. Being able to consistently produce mass content, at such a high level has been amazing, and unprecedented”

TCB: Victor, are there any tennis-related companies or organizations in ISTA?

VB: There are certainly many sports technology tennis companies involved in the whole ecosystem.


TCB: In 2018 you became a member of the SportsEdTV Advisory Board and took over as CEO earlier this year. What interested you in that company? Are you using Dartfish technology there?

VB: I have been involved with video coaching solutions for two decades. During my Dartfish years, I realize how important video content and online learning was to athletes, coaches, and organizations. However, there is a very pressing problem that keeps coming back - what iOS the best way to create good content. And what is the best channel to distribute this content? Nobody had set up the team, the process, and the knowledge needed to become the ESPN of sports education until I met the SportsEdTV team in Miami. The market is huge as there are more than two billion people who play sports worldwide and it is very difficult to find good educational content in one place. The team, the vision, and the fact that we will make a big impact in the world were more than enough to convince me. We use Dartfish technology in our content creation process.


TCB: SportsEdTV features a very impressive number of sports and an even more impressive number of tennis coaches. How did you get them all to sign up?

VB: We are very glad that the number of coaches is growing on a weekly basis. All our contributors share the same vision and passion that we can create a level playing field in the athletic world. Sport and good coaching should be accessible to all regardless of economic background.


TCB: The videos in SportsEdTV are available free of charge. How do you do it? Do you guys all work for free?

VB: Nobody works for free and everyone involved gets the benefits of their contribution. Our audience represents millions of visitors every month. It is well recognized that sports practitioners are an important demographic for many brands.  Since we are able to connect major brands with our audience, we are able to keep our site for free at a very high quality. At SportsEdTV, we look for every opportunity to let sponsors make a sale. We help sponsors engage the audience with enticing content and then put them one click away from a sale.


TCB: What is the future for SportsEdTV? Any expansion plans? Online distribution is already worldwide. How far do you want to take the company?

VB: Our goal is to become the leading worldwide brand of sports education and community. We recently created a member section (free) where cool tools and communication possibilities exist to help athletes of all levels achieve their goals. There are billions of people worldwide who need what we have to offer. We will keep growing our number of sports, members, and visitors and when, in a few Olympics, we hear athletes saying that they won their medals thanks in part to SportsEdTV, we will say “mission accomplished”.


TCB: Thank you, Victor Bergonzoli.


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