Slinger Bag

We are welcoming our new advertiser Slinger Bag with an introduction for our readers. And what would be more appropriate in times of epidemic scares and social distancing challenges than looking at Slinger Bag as the ideal social distancing technology? We think you should take a good, hard look at that new technology and see for yourself. Tell us what you think about it.

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“No Court? No Partner? No Problem – Say Hello To Slinger Bag”

As  U.S. sports begin to emerge, consumers are thinking about how to engage in their personal passions they have not access to since the new normal began last March. For tennis devotees, the biggest challenges are the lack of partners and a convenient tennis venue. Say hello to Slinger Bag, the first truly portable and affordable tennis ball launcher that recently launched in the United States. Garnering positive reviews from the likes of Men’s Journal, Sunset and the Wall Street Journal, its proprietary technology enables enthusiasts to practice their favorite shots in their local parks, in their driveways, any open space or at their local club.


Slinger Bag is the ideal social distancing technology for tennis – especially for these strange times.


Its authenticity lies in the fact that is designed by players for players. Great  care and attention has been paid to its functionality, design and engineering.




Slinger Bag also holds your racquets, your wallet and keys, your towel and water bottle, and can even charge your cell phone!

Slinger Bag may be wheeled like carry-on luggage and can easily be tossed in the trunk of a car, like a set of golf clubs. It is the 24-7 tennis partner, always available whenever and wherever you need it most.

Product attributes include:


  • Quick Set-Up: Slinger Bag may be set up to start launching balls within one minute.

  • Players Have Total Control of their Shots: Players easily control the launch speed and the launch frequency of the balls using two customizable dials, providing best in class in terms of shot variation.

  • Lightweight Convenience: It is incredibly lightweight at only 33 pounds, easy to transport with a handle and wheels.

  • Value: It is priced at approximately 50% less than its key competitors.

  • Ideal for Players of all Skill Levels: Its ease of use is ideal for those playing tennis for the first time or tennis devotees looking to sharpen their skills.

  • Multi-functional: It is multi-functional transporting transport 72 tennis balls, a wallet, keys, towel and water bottle, and charges cell phones.


Recognized as a product that may significantly propel participation in the sport of tennis, Slinger Bag is aligned with the Bryan Brothers, the most successful doubles team in tennis history, and respected icon Nick Bollettieri, who has taught some of the greatest tennis names in the sport.


Slinger Bag is that perfect partner on the go, always loyal and ready to play at a moment’s notice.


Slinger Bag will be with you through thick and thin.