Slinger Bag Customer: Claire Carter

Born in Nottingham, England, Claire Carter started playing tennis at the age of 8. Her coach Alistair Higham taught her from the age of 9 to 19. She played Junior ITF tournaments, Junior Wimbledon, and professional Satellite tournaments before College at the University of Washington.


Claire Carter brings over 30 years of high-level playing and coaching experience to her teaching and blogging pursuits. She works with college-bound players, strong recreational players, kids and beginners. She is a specialist in multiple aspects of tennis instruction, from high performance training to fitness programs, and she maintains numerous sought after certifications.

Claire's playing achievements include playing junior Wimbledon twice, playing on the WTA Tour from 1999 to 2001, and being a four-time All American at the University of Washington, where she was a full scholarship athlete. While at UW, she achieved national rankings of 21 and 3 in singles and doubles, respectively. The University of Washington reached the NCAA Sweet 16 in three of Claire's four seasons, after not having won a postseason match until she arrived on campus. Claire played a large role in leading the UW team to a pair of NCAA Elite Eight appearances in 2001 and 2004.


On LinkedIn, Claire describes herself as, "Experienced Tennis Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Strong community and social services professional skilled in Leadership, Sports Marketing, Social Media, Online Social Networking, and Fitness." However, her followers also know her as a tennis professional with an insatiable appetite for trickshot-videos. Like the one here, "Chasing the Lob." Click on it to see the video. Scroll down for more trickshots using her Slinger Bag.


We featured Slinger Bag in our November 2020 issue as the new SOCIAL DISTANCING TECHNOLOGY. It stated, "Garnering positive reviews from the likes of Men’s Journal, Sunset and the Wall Street Journal, its proprietary technology enables enthusiasts to practice their favorite shots in their local parks, in their driveways, any open space or at their local club."

Questions for Claire Carter


TCB: Hi Claire, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How old were you when you started with tennis? Who got you into it? Did you play High School/College tennis?


CC: I am from Nottingham, England. I started playing tennis at 8 years old after my parents brought my siblings and me a plastic racket & foam ball for fun during a holiday. I loved it so much that when we returned from holiday I joined a club & started playing “Short Tennis” at a National Level. I progressed to yellow ball & in the junior age groups, I was able to represent Great Britain. I played junior Wimbledon twice before moving to the States for college. I played tennis at The University or Washington & was a 4 time All-American. I was ranked in the top 20 for singles & top 5 for Doubles. I played professionally & my highest WTA ranking was 542.


TCB: Why did you go into coaching tennis? Did you get certified by PTR or USPTA?


CC: My plan was to play professionally but I was a bit burnt out after college & I wanted to try something else. I loved tennis & still wanted to be involved in the sport so coaching was a great option for me. I am certified by both PTR & USPTA & USTA high performance.


TCB: When did you purchase Slinger Bag and why?

CC: I purchased the Slinger bag in November 2020 through Team HQS. As a tennis player, I have always wanted my own ball machine. I also like using a ball machine with my clients. I saw the Slinger bag advertised & did some research on other options but I decided on the Slingerbag. In all honesty, one of the reasons is because it was the cheapest option! I spoke to a couple of tennis pro friends that had one and they all gave me great feedback.  It is very portable, easy to set up & I have the oscillator too. It had some cool gadgets like a ball tube, camera mount & phone charger. I was a little disappointed that it doesn’t work with red balls but it does work well with orange, green dot & obviously yellow balls.


TCB: What is your experience so far with Slinger Bag?

CC: I have thoroughly enjoyed using it personally to hit balls during the lockdown and for fitness. My kids also enjoy using it too. One thing that surprised me was how much topspin it can create! 


Click on the video for "regular shots."


Click on the video for "trickshots."

TCB: Is Slinger Bag mainly used by professionals such as yourself or by club members and why?


CC: I have seen teaching pros & club members use them personally so both.


TCB: What your tennis racquet of choice?

CC: I love the 2021 Head Radical Pro racquet. This is my favorite racquet. It has the best feel with the right amount of balance of control and power for my game. 

TCB: Thank you, Claire.

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