Scott Mitchell

Scott has been an Executive Director of Tennis with 30 years’ experience at private clubs, public facilities, and resorts.

Scott is considered an industry leader in first-class facility management, junior and adult coaching, and program design and implementation. 


As CEO, Premier Tennis Consulting providing innovative and profitable solutions for clubs/facilities and professional tournaments. He has been involved in some of the largest and most prestigious facilities in the U.S. and many of the worlds’ leading professional tennis tournaments. 


He is married to Ashley a former Florida State University player and ACC doubles champion and they have 3 children, Brady-11 and girl/boy twins, Brooklyn and Cason, 8 years.

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As Steve Harvey says, JUMP!

by Scott Mitchell

When I was young, I always remember thinking, I wish I were older and was out of school and living the dream of working.  It always seemed to be better working instead of being in school doing all the hard stuff.  Then it was over.  School ended and I remember, now what.  I was given the opportunity to do my internship at two locations.  One was in my hometown, with the promise of being the next director of tennis for our Parks and Recreation department once I completed my internship.  The other was at Van der Meer Tennis University in Hilton Head Island, SC.  One was a great opportunity, gave me the chance to stay in a town I loved, and close to family and friends.  The other was to a place I had heard about, in a town I visited for 2 days a few years earlier, with not a friend or family in sight.  It was my second biggest decision next to deciding on where to spend my college playing days.  So, I took the leap, and I began my internship, and my career at Van der Meer Tennis University. 

For most of us, it is our nature to do things that are comfortable.  We tend to not venture too far away from home or into situations that make us uncomfortable.  It is always easier to navigate when you are familiar with the people and the roads around.  That was my dilemma when I had to decide if I would stay in the Midwest or head off on a journey that was uncomfortable and unknown.  What kept coming up as I began to weigh the options of staying or going was one thing.  It was this constant thought of, if I stay, this is all I will know, and this is all I will achieve.  I wanted to do more, learn more, and be in an environment to really allow me to achieve things that I was not sure I could.  Or better yet, what others did not think I could achieve. A huge driving force for me throughout my playing days as well as my 30-year career is that there were always those that doubted.  Not me, but others. I always wanted to reach goals that no one else thought I could and that motivated me to put myself in situations that I usually would not.


One thing I knew early on, and maybe it was my father who was inside my head with his soft voice encouraging me, was to plan for years ahead and what does your career look like at that point.  I loved being on the court, loved coaching, and loved making an impact on people through the game I loved.  I also knew that I was not going to be able to coach 60+ hours per week when I was 40, 50, or 60 years old.  Not in the manner that I always enjoyed. So, I began to put myself in places to bring more value to myself, and more value to the facility.  I wanted to learn how to run large groups, socials, sales and marketing, budgets, operations, and a whole lot more.  I wanted to be sure that each day I was learning something that would allow me to reach the next goal I had set and the only way to reach those goals was to learn more about running a facility.  That is when the next opportunity came, and I again had to decide if I wanted to take the leap.  This would require me to move to Atlanta and become a Director of Tennis at a brand-new facility for the first time.  Wow, were there more bumps ahead, but I needed to take the leap, the JUMP to get to where I had always wanted to be.

Throughout my career, and yours too, you will be faced with opportunities, challenges that you will need to decide.  Do you stay where you are, comfortable and familiar, or do you JUMP into a new challenge? As Steve Harvey said in the below video ( for you to reach your goals you will at some point have to JUMP. 


He states that every successful person, at some point in their career, had to JUMP.  If you believe there are big things ahead for you, then you will need to take some chances.  Everyone has a gift, some find out that gift a bit late in life, others find out early on.  At some point, everyone must take that leap of faith, find, and use that gift, to get to where they really want and should be in their career and in life.  I have made these leaps throughout my career and my first true JUMP was leaving my hometown.

It will not always be easy, there will certainly be bumps along the way. My journey has had plenty of bumps, curves, and disappointments.  I have taken the JUMP and now I spend my time, working with professionals, and with clubs to help them take a chance on themselves.  Since I have been through it myself, my purpose now is to help others… JUMP.

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