Scott Mitchell

Scott has been an Executive Director of Tennis with 30 years’ experience at private clubs, public facilities, and resorts.

Scott is considered an industry leader in first-class facility management, junior and adult coaching, and program design and implementation. 


As CEO, Premier Tennis Consulting providing innovative and profitable solutions for clubs/facilities and professional tournaments. He has been involved in some of the largest and most prestigious facilities in the U.S. and many of the worlds’ leading professional tennis tournaments. 

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One Degree More and you can

Change the World. *

by Scott Mitchell


If you performed one degree extra than you did yesterday, how much more improved would your lesson, program, or facility be?  Focus on the little things with the intent to perform them one degree better than you did the previous time.  Many of us think we must do or focus on an element that will be huge, in your face, knock it out of the park type element. That is not what makes people or businesses successful.  So, let us look at what one degree could do to improve you or your program, lesson, business, or facility.


If you put water into a pot and turned up the heat to 211 degrees, the water would be hot.  If you turned up the heat just one degree more, only one degree, to 212, the water boils.  It is amazing to see what one degree will do.  Now you say, that is not a big deal to turn hot water into boiling water. Well, did you know… that by turning it up that one degree the boiling water now produces steam.  Hmmm still not convinced.  Well steam produces power which is what propels a train.  One degree can make all the difference between hot and boiling, steam and moving a train. That one extra degree of effort in your life, business, lesson, or facility will separate you from those that are good, and those that are great!


Things you enjoy doing or strive to be successful at really come down to hard work and very little margin for error, or degrees of excellence. A few years ago, there was a statistic that showed the margin of victory over a 25-year span that all major golf tournaments combined was less than three strokes.  Another statistic showed that in the 2004 Olympics men’s 800-meter race the runner who finished 4th, without a medal was .71 seconds behind the runner who received the gold medal.  Lastly, I saw one additional statistic that showed the average margin of victory for the Indianapolis 500 at one point over a 10-year period had been 1.54 seconds.  If you are more into how financially that 1.54 seconds impacts a driver, the winner took home $1.2 million while second place took home 620k.  The point being, little things make a huge difference, and one degree of effort is the difference between good-great, first- second, Gold medal or nothing at all.  You are responsible for the effort you give and the results you receive.


It is time to work and turn up the heat.  If you want to receive what you never have had before, the only thing that stands in the way of you reaching those goals is you, and the effort you give, and the belief you have in yourself, that you will be successful.  You should be willing to adapt to the changing environment and look at every aspect of your business, lessons, and facility. Can you do things one degree better than you did yesterday?  If so, you can change the world! Remember, one degree of difference, from 211 to 212 turns hot water to boiling that then produces steam.  With steam YOU will become the train that makes a difference.

*From the video and concept- Sam Parker-the extra degree, visit the site about 212, the book, and the other products.

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