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We only recently found out that Putterman Athletics celebrated 100 years as an American manufacturer of quality athletic and industrial products last year. In celebration of this remarkable anniversary, we decided to introduce you to three remarkable women who rock the sales for this company. And you know what? After reading their answers to our questions we were all ready to apply for jobs at Putterman.

To bring you up to speed on who Putterman Athletics is, here is an excerpt from their website:

Since 1920 Putterman Athletics (M. Putterman & Co. LLC) has set industry standards in the athletics industry and over time has become widely acknowledged for creating innovative solutions for the athletic market. Putterman Athletics, and its sister companies, MPC Containment Systems and MPC Containment International, also boast a prestigious following for industrial, containment, and agricultural applications. Putterman produces its custom products here in the United States, with production facilities in Chicago, Illinois, and DeLand, Florida. We continue to look to expand our presence to better serve our customers.

Today, Putterman Athletics is one of the largest suppliers of tennis equipment, outfitting everyone from backyard enthusiasts and private clubs, including the Midtown Tennis Club in New York and Chicago, the East Bank Club in Chicago, to internationally watched tournaments including the US Open in New York. Putterman’s baseball products are requested by National and American League teams and our football products outfit NFL and major university football stadiums across the country.


We're pleased to introduce Adella Savercool

Director of Sales, Putterman Athletics

North Deland, Florida


TCB: Hi, Adella, where are you originally from? 

AS: I was born and raised in DeLand, Florida- never left my hometown; 0)-Putterman came here so you know it’s AWESOME!

TCB: You got your feet wet in the tennis market working for Ball Products, Inc. How was that experience for you?

AS: I started with Ball in 1999- I had a friend who was the accountant there and they were hiring a receptionist- I was working a factory job on 3rd shift at the time and needed a DAYTIME hours position-so I went to work for Dale & Larry Ball.  Only after a


few months, I had worked myself into the AR/AP girl and then Sales- helping out Chris Bryant as his assistant and getting to know the customers, products, and the overall industry.  I traveled to the Industry Super Shows, Sport Builders meetings- etc.-  as well as other trade shows, and my knowledge and passion for this industry continued to grow.   Overall- I’d say my time spent with Ball set me on a career path that I never could have dreamed I would still be doing 20+ years later and I do have to thank them for that and of course my hard work.


TCB: In 2012 you began working for Putterman Athletics in Deland, Florida. What Putterman products are you mainly concerned with as Director of Sales?

AS: I sell mainly Commercial Windscreens –Full Graphics Printing on Screens ( it’s all the rage right now and we have a full-color large format digital printer)  and all aspects of Tennis Products, Windscreens, Posts, Nets, and all Accessories-Gym Divider Curtains, Wall Padding, ( Indoor and Outdoor) and all Types of Athletic Netting.


TCB: What is the best-selling Putterman product of all time?

AS: I would have to say we are most known for our Tennis Windscreens and Custom Divider Curtains.

TCB: Looking back after 8 1/2 years there, what was the best thing that happened during that time?

AS: I would have to say the team we have put together over time- we continued to build our team and grow as a company because of it- your team is the FACE of your company and the relationships you build with your customers and co-workers directly affects your business.

TCB: How would you describe the atmosphere working at Putterman?

AS: I love my work environment- it’s fun- but at the same time we are very productive.

TCB: What are some of the challenges in your current position?

AS: Not enough hours in the day sometimes!

TCB: What is your long-term plan? Where do you want to be in 10 years?

AS: I am sure I will still be here at Putterman – I have no plans to go anywhere- I feel like Putterman is MY FAMILY- and MY COMPANY- I love what I do and who I work- I have built relationships with customer spanning twenty years and I would not change a thing! I still get excited about new projects as much now is years ago when I first started.


TCB: Does Putterman carry Pickleball products?

AS: Yes – we do- and Pickleball is HOT_HOT _HOT!  I remember 5-6 years ago when no one even knew what the sport was and there were not even industry standards here in the states- it was growing and evolving to now we have world championships here in Florida- I am actually working with them for signage for this event.

TCB: Is there anything new in your line of products this year?

AS: Our full-color digital printing on our commercial screens line is our newest offering this year and it has been very well received.  I mean look around the larger cities- and it's everywhere full-color process screens-depicting projects to come- architects/const companies- logos – etc.


Banner from Putterman Athletics employees thanking CEO Benjamin Beiler on his birthday for keeping all of them employed with no lay-offs during COVID-19.

TCB: Why do you think a club owner or tennis director should take a good look at your catalog?

AS: We are a one-stop-shop- we offer it all and our customer service is amazing- you call and get a real person!!!

TCB: How did Covid-19 influence your business in 2020?

AS: Putterman has been very fortunate that all of us still have had full-time jobs- paychecks throughout this pandemic- it has been a struggle at times- with the procurement of some product lines but we have overall maintained steady sales-not a huge growth like we all would like to see year after year-  BUT – we all have remained healthy and that is the most important thing this year as we have had to endure this COVID nightmare.

TCB: Thank you, Adella.


We're pleased to introduce Janet Kosson

Sales Manager, Putterman Athletics

Joliet, Illinois



TCB: Hi, Janet. Where are you originally from?

JK: I'm from a suburb of Chicago called Berwyn, Illinois.


TCB: Do you play tennis? If yes, how old were you when you started with tennis, and who got you into it?   

JK: It has been too many years. I played every summer when staying with my grandparents in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas back in the day growing up.  They kept me super active for sure. 

TCB: After college, you spent 12 years getting amazing experience in sales. Is that something you were planning early on or how did you decide to go into sales?

JK: Yes, sales is in my blood.  When there is a product that makes sense and that is deemed quality in the market, it is a no-brainer for me. I LOVE to teach people on products or services that are pretty much essential and needed.    

TCB: In 2006 you began working for Putterman Athletics in Chicago. What made you decide to join that company?

JK: After doing much research on Putterman, I knew right away I wanted in. They are well known in the market and have a good name overall. I solicited them many times to get an interview actually. It took time, they had many applicants to go through. Once I met with Al Berman (RIP) and Ben Beiler for my initial interview, I knew, even more, I wanted to join Putterman. I was very lucky to be chosen by them.


TCB: What products are you responsible for as Sales Manager? 

JK: I handle personally an extensive list of products. We have many tennis nets and post styles we have to be knowledgeable with. Tennis courts also include needs for maintenance products that are imperative to the lifespan of your court.  So Miracle Dri units and even some court seating options I must handle to the success of turn-key tennis court.  My favorite product though is the custom windscreen we design and manufacture.  We have so many ways of imprinting logos on the screen we make.  We can put on mascots/club names or school art on the screen and that makes it even more cool. I love to show off Putterman products.

TCB: What did Covid-19 do to your business?    

JK: As for many, my market area had some ups and downs. Mind you being in the Midwest is a bit harder, indoor sports were suspended. Some things were put on hold but things are letting up once again, thankfully. I cannot wait because sports are needed for the kids and adults but also for our health and well-being. We just need a safe way to go all about it.


TCB: Looking back after over a decade at Putterman, what was the best thing that happened during that time? 

JK: Personally my growth and knowledge of the market for sure.  But seeing how Putterman has blossomed even more after my time here into a more innovative and growing company is really the best.


TCB: How would you describe the atmosphere working at Putterman in Chicago?  

JK: A joint effort and a team job for sure that makes us all appreciate each other.  When I call one of my girls in FL, I have a smile on my face before dialing them.  When you work with good people, it just makes it easier.


TCB: What are some of the challenges in your current position?

JK: What every business deals with,  being competitive with everyone out there.  Some care only about price and will discount quality for it.  I have a hard time agreeing with that and challenges occur.

TCB: After being formed in 1920, Putterman Athletics celebrated its 100 years' anniversary last year. What did you do to celebrate?
JK: New logo brand came out, new products and options arrived, a new digital printer was bought and a new and positive attitude for our future was felt. A GREAT reason to celebrate.


TCB: What is your long-term plan? Where do you want to be in 10 years?

JK: In 10 even 20 years I want to be selling Putterman products.  I am a sports girl so this job is the perfect fit for me.  So let’s even say 30 years I will be selling Putterman products if they will still have me. 

TCB: Thank you, Janet.


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We're pleased to introduce Ashley Land

Sales Manager, Putterman Athletics

North Deland, Florida


TCB: Hi, Ashley. Where are you originally from?

AL: I was born and raised in DeLand, Florida.  It is a small town located in Central Florida.

TCB: You studied Cosmotology and worked in a hair salon after college before joining Putterman Athletics in 2015. What made you decide on such a big change?

AL: The opportunity presented itself for me to join the Putterman Athletics team and I was looking for a change from cosmetology.  I jumped at the opportunity and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. 


TCB: What products are you responsible for as Sales Manager?

AL: My responsibilities are currently tennis court equipment, tennis accessories and gym floor covers.  I am passionate about taking on new projects for other sports, so I am not limited.  


TCB: How did COVID-19 affect your business?

AL: Putterman Athletics has been very fortunate throughout the pandemic.  We have been blessed to maintain our jobs and Putterman ensured that we stayed up and running.  The pandemic hit right before our spring season which is typically our busiest season for Tennis.  We unquestionably felt the impact, both in sales and procurement, compared to our typical volume during that time. While we were lucky to remained working, our staff and their families have all been safe and healthy.  For that I am extremely grateful.

TCB: Looking back after 6 years at Putterman, what was the best thing that happened during that time?

AL: The best thing that has happened during my time here is the ability to move up within the company.  I started as a customer service representative at Putterman Athletics knowing absolutely nothing about the industry. I can remember one of my first phone calls was a gentleman asking for a pickleball net and I’m thinking to myself, what in the world is a pickleball net? Fast forward 6 years later and I’m now the Sales Manager teaching others in the same position I started in.

Ashley with Putterman Athletics CEO  Ben Beiler

TCB: How would you describe the atmosphere working at Putterman in Deland?

AL: The atmosphere here in DeLand is like no other work environment I’ve ever been in. We are a team that has grown into a family.  Together, we are productive and know how to have fun while doing our jobs.

TCB: What are some of the challenges in your current position?

AL: I’m not sure I would call it challenges but last year I was handed a new book of business outside of the tennis industry, more of the athletic side of PA.  It has opened my eyes up to a whole new world. I’m constantly learning new things which is awesome because I’m not doing the same thing every day and it keeps work interesting.

TCB: Did you guys do some work for the USTA at Lake Nona?

AL: Yes, we provided the majority of the windscreens and logos at USTA at Lake Nona.  

TCB: What is your long-term plan? Where do you want to be in 10 years?

AL: I love the industry I work in and most importantly I love the relationships I have formed along the way. I see myself growing within and with Putterman as I have up to this point. I’m proud to be a part of PA and excited where we are headed as a business.

TCB: Thank you, Ashley.