Can you make money in tennis when your name is not Roger or Rafa?Drop-In Tennis Secrets is a handy guide for those seeking to organize tennis matches for local players and make some money in the process. This manual is suitable for tennis professionals that want to add a second income stream to their regular business, and for entrepreneurial tennis players who want to start a business in the sport they love.


All the steps for starting and conducting a successful drop-in tennis business are covered, including

•Evaluating your situation and the market

•Your goals and profit expectations

•Business plan and finding Host Clubs

•Planning weekly drop-in tennis events

•Marketing strategy

•Conducting events with a Secret Sauce

•Tips on how to be a good leader


All aspects of a new tennis business, from start to finish, with plenty of tips and tricks, are included.


Written by Rich Neher, a tennis writer, and publisher of a monthly newsletter titled TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS. Rich has organized and conducted thousands of drop-in tennis events in Southern California since 1998.

Drop-In Tennis Secrets

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