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  • PTR International Tennis Symposium goes Virtual

  • RacketStats - Train Faster - Play Smarter

  • Tennis and Media Industry leader George Mackin new Slinger Bag advisor

  • NeuroTennis launches in time for the holiday season.

  • SportPass - New Reservation System

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Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) will host its premier coach education event - the PTR International Tennis Symposium - February 9-11 as a virtual event.

The virtual Symposium is slated to have over 15 hours of live and pre-recorded presentations with topics ranging from tennis business and sport science to teaching tactics and techniques. Though the Symposium may look a little different than in years past, the virtual conference platform provides multiple avenues for attendees to network and interact with speakers, tradeshow vendors and other attendees like never before.


The PPR Virtual Pickleball Conference will be kicking off the week, starting Monday, February 8. Attendees can add access to the PPR Virtual Conference for an additional registration fee.


Registration for the virtual event opens December 5, 2020, with pricing starting at $97 for current PTR members and $127 for nonmembers.


PTR is the largest global organization of tennis teaching professionals with more than 16,300 members in 125 countries. It has the greatest percentage of multicultural and women members of any such organization. PTR is dedicated to educating, certifying, and serving tennis teachers and coaches around the world in order to grow the game.  |  843-785-7244


Train Faster - Play Smarter


In the last 20 years, sports and analytics have worked together to improve performances in nearly every sport except tennis. The top players have access to great analytics through the work of Craig O’Shannessy of Brain Game, Golden Set Analytics, and others, but at a significant cost.


Since most coaches are not able to see their students play matches, RacketStats was built for the family who usually take the players to the events. After a match, the person who charted the match can send the results to the coach for interpretation. The coach can then make coaching decisions unique to each player based on facts and analytics. This information can then be compared to a database of players from 12 yr. olds up to the college level.


Featuring an easy entry system and fast startup, it has two levels, Beginner and Advanced, both based on the same entry system. The Basic, designed to get even the most novice person a quick start in gathering useful information about a player is and will always be FREE. It was written specifically for parents of young players who are not yet familiar with the game.

The Advanced is for parents, coaches, or friends who are well versed in tennis and want to gather as much information as they can. The Beginner produces 8 statistics, the Advanced 34.


RacketStats can be used for matches, practice matches where the coach wants the player to “try things out”, or as an excellent scouting tool. Based on the results, players, coaches, and parents end up on the same page, and improvement can be quantified allowing the coach to build an efficient and unique developmental plan for each player.


Click on video for advanced scoring tips

Players are especially excited to see their results and it opens the communication channels to parents and coaches. Available in the Android and Apple stores, there is a Trial Period of a month Free. Go to to download.


Slinger Bag Announces Addition of Tennis and Media Industry Leader

George Mackin as Advisor

The first member of Slinger Bag’s new Advisory Board, Mr. Mackin will help to drive media strategy, technology partnerships and overall brand development

Slinger Bag (OTC: SLBG), a sports brand focused on innovating game improvement equipment for all ball sports with an initial focus on the global tennis market, is pleased today to announce the appointment of George Mackin as Advisor to the company. Mr. Mackin is a well-respected media industry executive with deep connections throughout the sport of tennis. In his role on Slinger Bag’s new Advisory Board, he will help to guide company strategy as it relates to media, technology partnerships, and overall brand development.


“We are thrilled to add a person of George’s caliber to our company,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO of Slinger Bag. “He is one of the most respected people in tennis and has created tremendous value in his career through his media and marketing companies, numerous tennis endeavors, and experience with leading successful strategic investments. Slinger Bag is at a momentous time right now as there are many people with a new or renewed interest in tennis, and the pandemic has also driven a tremendous increase in demand for innovative products that drive health and wellness. We are excited to continue improving the Slinger experience to best serve the tennis market, and George is the perfect person to help us do so.”


Mr. Mackin previously served as Chairman at PlaySight Interactive, a leading global sports video technology platform that first launched in tennis, the sports vertical he helped to build, market, and brand as a leader in the space. In his role, he recruited the PlaySight Tennis Ambassador team and drove several key commercial partnerships for the company. Mr. Mackin is also the previous owner of the Tennis Media Company (TMC), including Tennis Magazine and


“I look forward to working with Mike and his team to grow the Slinger Bag revenues, relevance, and market-leading brand, first in tennis globally, followed by other sports,” said Mr. Mackin. “The Slinger Bag is truly innovative and has already been embraced by many tennis enthusiasts, ranging from elite professional tennis players, to coaches and recreational players of all levels and has the potential for much more explosive growth in the months and years ahead. With the addition of smart technology, building a connected Slinger community, and establishing a leading brand through global media partnerships, Slinger Bag is poised to become in tennis what so many other connected sports, fitness and wellness products and services are to those growing markets.”

About George Mackin:


Mr. Mackin built the largest and most successful media representation company in the world which he sold in 1998.


In 2000 he invested and became managing partner in the Tennis Media Company (TMC), named Chis Evert as his Publisher and brought in strategic investors across tennis, media and technology, before leading the sale of TMC to Sinclair Broadcast Group (NASDAQ: SBGI), owners of Tennis Channel, in 2017.


In 2004 he led his investor group to buy out IMG’s ownership in the Indian Wells Masters Series Tennis Tournament (now the BNP Paribas Open), helped to save the tournament from moving to Shanghai, the competitive bidder, turned it around with a recapitalization and leveraging of TMC media assets to grow revenues and strengthen the brand before selling it to Larry Ellison in 2009. This successful turnaround later became a published case study by the University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Graduate Program.


In 2015, Mr. Mackin also led his expanded investment group into PlaySight Interactive, where they are the majority owners alongside key groups such as Verizon Ventures, SoftBank Ventures Asia, the Great White Shark Opportunity Fund (GWSOF) and Unbound, among others. He served as Chairman from 2018-2020.


About Slinger Bag®:


Slinger Bag® is a new sports brand focused on delivering innovative, game improvement technologies and equipment across all Ball Sport categories. With the vision to become a next-generation sports consumer products company, Slinger Bag® enhances the skill and enjoyment levels of players of all ages and abilities. Slinger Bag® is initially focused on building its brand within the global Tennis market, through its Slinger Bag® Tennis Ball Launcher and Accessories. Slinger Bag® has underpinned its proof of concept with over $200M of retail value in global distribution agreements since the Spring of 2020. Led by CEO Mike Ballardie (former Prince CEO and Wilson EMEA racquet sports executive) Slinger Bag® is now primed to disrupt what are traditional global markets with its patent-pending, highly transportable and affordable Slinger Bag® Launcher.

Visual Training for Tennis

by Bill Patton

Bill Patton has published his 4th Video Tennis Course since 2018: Visual Training for Tennis. Bill is a maverick leader in the sports industry with 30 years-experience coaching. He is a Catalyst with Evolution Sports. He is also the co-founder of USATennisCoach with Styrling Strother, a PTR and MTM Tennis Professional.  He is also a former 25-year USPTA Elite Professional. He is also the author of 12 books which can be found using the code: B00JSCZNGM on Amazon. Bill is most proud of The Athlete Centered Coach which is a blend of his experience of 30 years, ancient wisdom, and advice from timeless coaches. All the written reviews are 5* for that one. 


There are two main sticking points for would-be and advancing tennis players. These sticking points will determine whether someone becomes a regular player, and also what the ceiling level for their play will be. “A lack understanding about how to train visual skills by players, coaches and parents contributes to a significant challenge to our retention and improvement rates of players” plainly states Patton

Players don’t learn solid instruction on the actual visual skills needed to play good tennis but instead are told to ‘watch the ball’ or ‘keep your eye on the ball’ which are actually counterproductive. Players that are successful stumble upon visual skills, but they might not have what they need to move beyond the 3.5 to 4.0 level on the NTRP. Visual Training for Tennis shows that people vary more widely in their visual experiences than they do in any other characteristic. Therefore, a much more complete set of tools are needed to customize training for the differences between people. Players and coaches who learn these tools will find themselves much more valuable to their teams and players. 

Coach Patton worked under the mentorship of Brent Abel of one of the smartest coaches in tennis working in a specific niche. Brent Abel is a disciple of Tom Stow, well noted as one of the best teachers of tennis that the world has known. Bill has also been indirectly influenced by multiple disciples of Stow, and the late great Don Henson, and there are elements of that influence in the course. 

The knowledge you will gain is made up of over 30 videos, mostly in the 3 to 5-minute range, with some a bit longer.  Each video is a concise detailed conversation, a Q and A between Brent and Bill to give details based on the book Visual Training for Tennis. You can get a FREE sample video of The Three Most Common and Catastrophic Visual Errors (…and How to Fix Them Immediately), and/or an offer to get the as-yet-unreleased 4th edition of Visual Training for Tennis .pdf if you follow the following links. 

FREE Instructional Video:
Visual Training for Tennis eBook

See Bill's LinkedIn profile. If you do a google search on Bill Patton Tennis, you will find many different resources in regards to his reputation, background, and resources. 

The best thing about the course is that the solutions are not overly complex, and are spoken and written in an accessible and conversational style.  There is some theory taught, but the emphasis is on practical things to do and not do, to help players see the ball better, make fewer mistakes, gain confidence and perform better without more time in the gym or a weird diet. 

Since the course covers a large percentage of what is available in terms of real-world, usable advice, you are certain to find something that works for you. A word of caution: not every tip or trick will work with everyone.  So the tip that works great for you, might not work for someone else and vice versa.  “I’m confident that you will find anywhere from 5 to 10 concepts that you can work with to improve your ability to see the ball and not only become a real tennis player but move to and beyond the 4.5 level”, states a confident Mr. Patton

There are a few stories of matches that were saved from straight-set losses to wins, and other major breakthroughs that players have had, along with Bill’s own struggle, that he overcame to become one of the better 5.0 level players in his section after quite a few years playing below 4.5. “The proof is in the pudding, I have taken this information on the road in Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Florida with great success, and seen many players have great breakthroughs in my laboratory of the road trip clinics”, Bill asserts.  He would like to thank the coaches and programs who took a risk to bring him out to speak. 

Contact Bill Patton for an interview, article, or speaking engagement today: (510) 909-3662

or email

Neuro Tennis Launches In Time for the Holiday Season--

the World’s First Two-Player Wearable Coaches You While You Play

NeuroTennis, Inc. announced the release of its smart tennis wristbands. Two key differences make this wearable technology so different from other smart tennis devices on the market. 


“One major difference is that NeuroTennis coaches you while you play,” said NeuroTennis CEO, Alain Cohen. “Other tennis trackers just report statistics on speed, spin, and stroke counts, without much actionable information. NeuroTennis, on the other hand, provides coaching instructions that are synchronized with the rhythm of your hitting, as you play.”

Cohen stated that the second revolutionary aspect of the technology is that it wirelessly connects the wristbands of two players across the court, in order to pinpoint the timing of audible coaching instructions, precisely when your opponent hits the ball.


Former world No. 1 Mats Wilander was an integral part of designing NeuroTennis. “To reach the next level, I believe in modifying your game and not just measuring it,” Wilander said. “I believe that to reach your full potential, you need to train your brain just as hard as your skills and fitness.”


Features and benefits of NeuroTennis include.

  • Two player or solo mode - NeuroTennis is most typically used in a two-player mode, meaning that the sensors in each device communicate with each other, across the court.

  • NeuroTennnis App - The feature-rich app allows you to select lessons and drills from an extensive library designed by world-class coaches, including Mats Wilander. Taking it to the next level, you or your coach can easily customize content to specifically address your goals. Available for iPhone and Android.

  • Game Modifying Technology - While other wearable tennis products just measure physical results, like speed and spin, NeuroTennis is about ingraining better habits and accessing your tennis skills consistently so you can raise your game while you practice. Training at higher levels leads to playing at higher levels.


NeuroTennis is available now at and sells as a pair for $269. For more information on how to train your brain and raise your game, visit


About NeuroTennis: NeuroTennis has been recently featured on and


SportPass - New Reservation System

By Jay Surovy


As a former professional tennis player and instructor, I have been surrounded by tennis the majority of my life. However; I was always intrigued by website or mobile app development for some reason. I received a great deal of satisfaction when my creativity could flourish when designing apps. By combining these two passions of mine, I have decided to build SportPass. 



As a former tennis instructor, I struggled to find new clients and make sure that I have a consistently full schedule. I didn’t want to have breaks in between lessons even though they were sometimes compensated with late cancelations. My manager was forcing us to send cold text messages and make cold calls but that ended terribly. Not only I couldn’t find new clients but I made more enemies than friends when I reached out to someone when they were at work. It occurred to me that other instructors or tennis centers might have the same problem when selling clinics or open courts. 


So I thought, why can’t I have a system that would notify the right clients at their preferred reservation day and time. That’s why we have built a reservation system with this feature in mind. The system learns which activities clients reserve and it can notify them if they don’t have a reservation in place for that particular week. 


Other features

Our system works like an app store. The most basic functionality revolves around the calendar and contacts. This is the most basic setup but SportPass provides great customization features that can be turned on or off. For example, SportPass currently provides 5 different types of payment options that work automatically. Clients can pay for their reservation with a payment card, package, or season pass and automatically get a refund when they cancel their reservation within cancellation policy. They are also reminded automatically when their preferred payment option expires so they can renew.


Our goal

SportPass is a one-stop solution for tennis centers, coaches, and their clients. We strive to remove stress from daily organizational duties and we are successfully doing that by automating about 90% of the features we have. Our aim is to allow clients to hang out in a virtual tennis club space that is tailored to each tennis center's needs and where they can connect with other tennis players, set up their matches, play round-robin tournaments, and more. By doing this we believe that we can bring new innovative ways to make tennis more fun not only for tennis center owners but most importantly for clients as well. 


For more information about SportPass, you can visit our website


Watch this 1-minute video:


Contact info

Jay Surovy - Founder


Global Fitness Leader Launches New Platform to Serve Tennis and Fitness Community

 Offerings include instruction on popular High-Intensity Tennis Training (HITT) Group workouts

Global tennis fitness expert Michele Krause has launched a dynamic new platform to meet the unique educational needs of tennis and fitness instructors delivering high-intensity tennis training (HITT) classes. 


The new platform, called inTENNSity, features the foundational on-line course “High-Intensity Tennis Training FUNdamentals.” This five-hour course is comprehensive and addresses all the fundamentals to launch or elevate an instructor’s current cardio-inspired or live ball offerings.  



Krause, the longtime leader in the Cardio Tennis movement, has applied her expertise from that popular, international offering to inTENNSity.

"I have spent most of my career training and educating tennis and fitness professionals on tennis fitness integration. With the inTENNSity fitness online platform, we can now reach and help so many more instructors from around the world. In-person training will also be an option going forward and will include staff training on delivering intensity fitness workouts and member events,” Krause explained. 


Thiago Santos, National Cardio Tennis Director for Genesis Health Clubs, located in five states, was one of a handful of tennis professionals who got a sneak peek of inTENNSity.  "WOW! Such an easy-going online course -- it kept me focused, interested, and challenged the entire time! Very informational, comprehensive, clear, and specific.”

"I believe this is the most comprehensive online course I have seen to date,” said Andrew Sirota Tennis Director at The Oaks in Sarasota, Florida. “I used to believe that on-court, in-person courses were the best, and frankly, the only way to educate. This course has completely changed my opinion. The details, diagrams, examples, modifications, and general fitness information was amazing. The fact that the learner can go at their own pace is a very useful feature.”

There is a constant demand for instructors to elevate their coaching skills specifically in more non-traditional ways with surveys indicating HIIT is particularly in demand. By increasing their skill set, instructors will be able to grow their programming, increase revenue, bring new players to the great sport of tennis and retain members/clients.

The inTENNSity platform, recently featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, will include many specific courses on different topics relating to HITT. The online inTENNSity Fitness Club will be launching soon and features the “workout of the month.” Each month will offer a unique workout, from a different instructor around the globe, and will include all the video education collateral to support the best delivery for the coach.   

To sign up or learn more, visit