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  • Quick Nik® Tech Takes on Tennis

  • Slinger Bag - New Sports Brand

  • Slinger Bag partners with USTA Mid-Atlantic

  • PPTR + APTA partner up

  • Kinesthetic Learning Academy

  • HEAD Expands Extreme Racquet Series

  • Court Reserve Player Match-Making app

  • HEAD Penn Pickleball signs Steve Deakin

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Tech Takes On Tennis
New decade, new innovation. Quick Nik® introduces an actual interactive ball machine
that not only listens but detects and reacts to your shots.

by Jayne Sutherst - Contributor to Quick Nik®

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After years of the heavy, cumbersome, repetitive tennis ball machine the future is in interaction and
true simulation. A new type of ball machine that is so versatile, you will forget it is an actual machine
and not a real player.

Quick Nik®, created by a group of tennis enthusiasts and experts, announced today the launch of new software that makes a ball machine interactive. Interactive? A machine that hears and sees when the ball is struck or bounces, enabling it to deliver balls with the right speed and direction just at the right time for real-time simulation.


Simulation? The Quick Nik® software enables machines to have motorized wheels to react to your shots on the court and then deliver the ball back, simulating a real game scenario. The machine’s sophisticated cameras are so life-like that they can detect your position on the court and can track a flying ball from anywhere. Tennis is becoming more physical with increasing technological advancements such as rackets, balls, video analysis, etc. Quick Nik® has recognized this trend for both the tennis player and coaches and developed a new innovative ball machine. From the local tennis club to performance tennis academies, or even just for personal use, players can focus on their development and movement more effectively with a modern machine that will surely enhance their game.


Jayne Sutherst PTR/USPTA tennis pro: “Quick Nik® has combined a tennis machine with responsive interactive elements, ingeniously creating a simulated true tennis game experience, perfect for any level of player.”

Quick Nik® key benefits:
• Rally continuously cross-court and down the line. Quick Nik® will move to your spot where
you hit the ball and fire a ball back to where you are.
• Serve and Return. Quick Nik® will recognize the serve and send a ball back.
• Serve and Volley. A high floating or hardball is sent back for a player to attack.
• Passing shots with doubles partner. A ball can be sent back to either ally.
• Limitless Ball Supply. The machine continually gathers balls from the court.


Today’s ball machine is limited with its ability to feed balls, delivering only a repetitive, continuous, preprogrammed sequence of shots that are not reflective of a real live tennis drill or game. The new evolutionary ball machine will detect the position of the player on the court and feed the ball to open areas, forcing the player to move to hit the ball replicating a live ball rally. The machine can also launch the ball only when the receiver has recovered from the previous shot, thus giving the player the ability to move, hit and recover. In addition to sending the right ball to the right area at the right time, the interactive ball machine will go on wheels to where your shot landed then feed the ball directly from that point, simulating a real back and forth hitting session.

"It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the release of the Quick Nik® interactive ball machine," said Nikki Roth, inventor of Quick Nik®. “If you want to improve your game or want to have a true, interactive training aide for your lessons, Quick Nik® is your answer. We believe Quick Nik® will change the tennis industry!”

For more information go to: or contact: Nikki Roth:




New Sports Brand Dedicated to Innovating Game Improvement Equipment


As U.S. sports begin to emerge, consumers are thinking about how to engage in their personal passions. For tennis devotees, the biggest challenges are the lack of partners and a convenient tennis venue. Slinger Bag is the first truly portable and affordable tennis ball launcher arriving in the U.S. in July enabling enthusiasts to practice their favorite shots in their local parks, in their driveways, or any open space. You can wheel it like carry-on luggage and throw it in a car trunk.  It is a 24-7 tennis partner. 


Product highlights: 


  • Can be set up to start launching balls within one minute.

  • Players easily control the launch speed and the launch frequency of the balls using two customizable dials. 

  • Is lightweight - 33 lbs.

  • Targeted to be 50% of the price of competitors, is an affordable option for players of all ages and abilities.

  • Is a multi-functional transporting 72 tennis balls, a wallet, keys, towel and water bottle, and charges cell phones.

  • Is working with the Bryan Brothers as well as Nick Bollettieri, the respected tennis coach. 


Slinger Bag can address the stagnant growth trends in tennis. (According to 2019 TIA statistics, there is been almost no increase in tennis participation over the past five years in the U.S. and play occasions have decreased by 3.3%.) Happy to send one for testing.


Slinger Bag Partners With United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS) For Summer Community Challenge 


Highest scoring Challenge players win Slinger Bags

Slinger Bag, Inc. (OTC: SLBG), a sports brand that pioneered the first portable tennis ball launcher for players of all abilities, today announced its partnership with the United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS)  #ServeItForward  Junior Team Summer Community Challenge. The competition, running now through August 31, encourages junior tennis players to engage in a points race that celebrates team play and activities that give back to the tennis community. High scorers win prizes including the Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Launcher that incorporates proprietary technology into a lightweight, portable 24/7 training partner that may be set up in any open space, such as a driveway or a local park,  ensuring players never have to miss a day of practice. 

USTA  Mid-Atlantic Section’s Junior Team Summer Community Challenge is free and open to all junior tennis players. The program encourages teams of four to six players to earn points by participating in tennis activities and community engagement. Individuals earn points for the team and the team may also earn points doing activities together.  Activities include team competitions and practices, participating in virtual tennis events, and engaging in community support ranging from volunteering at a local tennis club to helping a neighbor in need. 

“The USTA Mid-Atlantic’s Junior Challenge is in total alignment with Slinger’s mission of making tennis more available as a way to encourage current and new tennis players to play more often,” said Mike Ballardie, chief executive officer of Slinger Bag. “Exposing young people to tennis and giving them a chance to play tennis more often is one of the most important things we do as an industry to foster a lifelong love of tennis and develop stars of tomorrow.” 

“We are thrilled to launch the Junior Team Summer Community Challenge with the support of Slinger so that more young people have a fun and easy way to get active with tennis and gain the healthy benefits the sport provides,” said Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro chief executive officer of USTA Mid-Atlantic Section. “Slinger’s involvement adds an unparalleled excitement that we know will inspire youth to go above and beyond in their tennis and community service activities through the Challenge.”

Slinger Bag’s partnership runs through mid-September. Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Launchers will be given as prizes to high scorers and will be featured in signage, on collateral material, and in online posts.

Slinger Bag is available to order now - to find out more about Slinger Bag, visit

For Investor Relations contact or  (443) 407-7564, or visit

For the U.S., please contact the U.S. Press Office, Meryl Rader,,

at CGPR, 908-528-3826


About USTA Mid-Atlantic Section:

The United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS) is a 501(c)3  not-for-profit organization committed to promote and develop the growth of tennis. One of 17 sections of the United States Tennis Association, USTA MAS offers quality recreational and competitive programs for people of all ages and abilities. The organization aims to grow tennis in the Mid-Atlantic by creating accessible and inclusive opportunities that enrich lives socially, emotionally, and physically by connecting all generations with the lifetime sport of tennis. USTA  MAS has been part of the official governing body for tennis in America since 1923 and serves nearly 33,000 members in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and eastern and southern West Virginia. Tennis players of all ages and skill levels are involved in leagues, tournaments, and programs sanctioned by the section. Follow USTA Mid-Atlantic on Facebook (@ustamas), Twitter (@USTAMidAtlantic), and Instagram (@ustamas) for all the latest tennis information in the Mid-Atlantic. 

About Slinger Bag®:

Slinger® is a new sports brand focused on delivering innovative, game improvement technologies and equipment across all Ball Sport categories. With the vision to become a next-generation sports consumer products company, Slinger® enhances the skill and enjoyment levels of players of all ages and abilities. Slinger® is initially focused on building its brand within the global Tennis market, through its Slinger® Tennis Ball Launcher and Accessories. Slinger® has underpinned its proof of concept with over $1 Million in sales of its Tennis Ball Launcher.  Led by CEO Mike Ballardie (former Prince CEO and Wilson EMEA racquet sports executive) Slinger® is now primed to continue to disrupt what are traditional global markets with its patent-pending, highly transportable, and affordable Slinger® Launcher.

PPTR to be the Official Education and Certification Partner
of the American Platform Tennis Association


Professional Platform Tennis Registry (PPTR), the newly formed subsidiary of Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), is pleased to announce it has signed a partnership agreement with the American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) to become the Official Education and Certification Partner of the APTA.  The multi-year agreement will be a tremendous benefit to hundreds of racquets professionals who want to add or enhance their coaching skills and become certified in platform tennis.


“PPTR is thrilled to be working with the APTA.  The APTA is a dynamic organization with a forward-thinking Board and a dedicated staff that is helping grow platform tennis, said Dan Santorum, CEO of PTR, PPR, and PPTR.  “It is a natural partnership, because many PTR and PPR members, mainly in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest, want to add PPTR to their credentials.  As a professional membership organization, it’s important to provide PPTR members with the tools they need to do their jobs better, to serve their members/employers better, and to improve the overall health of both sports.”  


As an introductory offer, those who join PPTR as a Charter member now will get FREE membership through the end of August.  PPTR workshops will begin in September, which is the beginning of the inaugural PPTR membership year.  As an added incentive, those who are members of PTR and/or PPR will receive a deeply discounted price to join PPTR.


“This agreement with PTR/PPR/PPTR furthers the mission of the APTA to grow the sport and improve the experience for all platform tennis players,” said APTA CEO, Amin Khadduri.  “Not only has PPTR patterned their platform tennis program after their successful and accredited tennis coach education/certification, but they have demonstrated a desire and willingness to work directly with the APTA to improve teaching and to grow our sport.”                                   


PPTR’s curriculum was designed by Patricio Misitrano, a tennis, and platform tennis professional, with the assistance of several platform tennis champions. “As a proud PTR/PPR/PPTR and the APTA member, I am thrilled to play an important role in this exciting new partnership.  The APTA and PPTR partnership is a huge positive for platform tennis!” said Patricio Misitrano, who serves as PPTR’s educational consultant and lead clinician.  “I am excited to create the educational curriculum and videos to further the knowledge of those teaching platform tennis.  I look forward to conducting PPTR training and certification workshops.” 


PPTR and the APTA both see platform tennis as a complementary sport for tennis and pickleball, which provides a boost to the racquet sports industry.  Tennis manufacturers, facilities/clubs, court builders, and pros are benefitting from the growth and increasing popularity of platform tennis. 


About PPTR

PPTR is a subsidiary of Professional Tennis Registry, the largest global organization of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches with 16,000 members in 131 countries.  PPTR is dedicated to inspiring, educating, certifying, and serving platform tennis pros in order to grow the game.  PPTR membership is available beginning July 21, 2020.  For more information, visit


About APTA

The American Platform Tennis Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 1934 and is the governing body of the sport of platform tennis. The APTA sanctions more than 180 annual tournaments, including 47 National Championship events. The organization provides national rankings of its members; maintains the official rules and etiquette of the sport; administers the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame; regulates standards for balls, paddles, and courts; manages its web site and produces Platform Tennis Magazine. For more information, please visit

OnCourt OffCourt & Emma Doyle Finish Virtual Tennis Symposium
and Launch Kinesthetic Learning Academy

In July of 2020, Emma Doyle and OnCourt Offcourt’s own Kalindi Dinoffer held the first-ever Virtual Tennis Symposium. The Symposium was free for attendees with optional donations to three chosen charities (The Judy Murray Foundation, the Women’s Tennis Coaching Association, and the Future Champion’s Foundation). The theme of the symposium was the parent, player, and coach triad and featured 20 renowned speakers from around the world.

Watch the promo video here.

OCOC Kinesthetic LA Free Trial

Their next project is the launch of the Kinesthetic Learning Academy to serve as a virtual hub, resource, and game-changer for parents, players, and coaches during COVID and post-COVID times and beyond. Life as we know it is different. We will see an increase in private lessons as well as players improving their skills at home to complement weekly training. Parents can play a role in supporting their children to practice at home as well.  Emma and Kalindi are offering part of the Kinesthetic Learning Academy course free to check out here



HEAD is expanding the EXTREME racquet series in 2020, with a new model added to the dynamic range of spin racquets. All the racquets in the series are powered by HEAD's innovative new Graphene 360+ technology.

Presentation-235320_Graphene 360 Extreme

Endorsed by Matteo Berrettini, a semi-finalist at the 2019 US Open, the EXTREME racquets allow players to generate a devastating combination of spin and power. The updated range includes the new EXTREME TOUR, which is designed for advanced tournament players. With five racquets in the expanded series -TOUR, MP, S, LITE, and PWR - players of various abilities can now take a spin to the EXTREME.

The entire EXTREME range has a dynamic new design identity and has also been updated with Graphene 360+ technology for enhanced flex and a clean impact feel. For optimal spin and power, the EXTREME range features unique spin grommets which allow more string movement and a powerful trampoline effect on impact with the ball.

The HEAD EXTREME racquet series will be available at selected retailers and online. For a perfect blend of control and spin, HEAD recommends stringing a HEAD EXTREME racquet with HEAD LYNX TOUR strings. This co-polyester, which has a unique six-edge design, is ideal for a range of players, from the harder-hitting intermediate to the advanced tournament player. HEAD LYNX TOUR is a monofilament made out of a new co-polymer mixture which increases the durability while being still comfortable to play with.

Presentation-Lynx Tour 1.25mm.jpg


HEAD TENNIS, a division of HEAD UK Ltd, is a global provider and marketer of premium branded tennis apparel, footwear, balls, and equipment. Since its launch in the 1960s when HEAD founder Howard Head first introduced the aluminum racquet, HEAD TENNIS has consistently delivered innovative engineering and performance-driven products to athletes of all competitive levels. Many of today’s top and future ATP and WTA players such as Novak Djokovic, Alexander Zverev, Marin Čilić, Sloane Stephens, Bianca Andreescu and Cori Gauff are part of the HEAD TENNIS family.

Arranging Matches has never been this easy!

CourtReserve is finishing up development on a brand new robust Player Match-Making add-on app set to release by the end of summer!


Features include:

  • Ability to set your personal play availability schedules

  • Set preferences based on skill, location, court type, and more

  • Propose new matches

  • Accept matches

  • Report Scores

  • Charts and Graphs to track your progress and stats

  • ELO ranking/rating algorithm

  • "Friend" Lists

  • Text alerting and real-time app-notifications


CourtReserve has experienced a crazy growth spurt over the past two months helping more than 150 clubs open back up not just their courts - but pools, lap lanes, fitness centers, and more!

If you're interested in learning more about our fast-growing club management platform, feel free to reach to us at



HEAD Penn Pickleball announces it has recently signed Steve Deakin to join the HEAD Penn Pickleball team. As a top world player and medalist, Steve joins athletes like Sarah Ansboury and Randy Zbinden on the roster of successful HEAD Penn Pickleball players.


In regards to his signing with HEAD Penn Pickleball, Steve said, “I am so excited to be joining HEAD and its group of dynamic pros. It’s an honor to be included on this team and I am looking forward to being part of HEAD’s growth in the industry.”


In 2019, Steve medaled at all 3 Pickleball majors in addition to the Canadian Nationals. Steve achieved bronze at the 2019 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships and Tournament of Champions, silver at the 2019 Margaritaville US Pickleball National Championships, and gold at the 2019 Canadian Nationals.


Ben Simons, HEAD Penn Pickleball Senior Business Manager, said, “We are very happy to add Steve to our HEAD Penn Pickleball Team. Over the past year, Steve has proven to be one of the best players in the world and will be a great asset to the team. As a full-time pro player, as well as instructor in both the US and Canada, Steve is a perfect fit for the team as we continue to grow the HEAD Penn Pickleball brand.”


Steve’s dedication to playing the game at a high level and continued desire to educate others through camps and clinics makes him an apt addition to the HEAD Penn Pickleball team.


To follow the HEAD Penn Pickleball professional tour team, visit:




HEAD UK Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of premium sports equipment and apparel. Our business is organized into five divisions: Winter Sports, Racquet Sports, Diving, Sportswear, and Licensing. We sell products under the HEAD (alpine skis, ski bindings, ski boots, snowboard and protection products, tennis, racquetball, paddle, squash and pickleball racquets/paddles, tennis balls and tennis footwear, sportswear, and swimming products), Penn (tennis balls and racquetballs), Tyrolia (ski bindings) and Mares, SSI and rEvo (diving) brands.


The Company´s key products have attained leading market positions based on sales and reputation and have gained high visibility through their use by many of today´s top athletes.