Street Racket founder and inventor  Marcel Straub's professional (and private) life evolves around the many aspects of sports and physical education as well as learning in movement..  He says, "With our social and fun motorskill based activities for all, we are creating places where people come together."

Street Racket

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Marcel's mantra:

Do you want healthy, motivated, and successful employees? Play Street Racket in your company!

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Greetings from Zurich


My name is Marcel Straub. I am the founder and inventor of Street Racket that has more and more impact on a global basis – we want to bring racket sports activities to all at the grassroots level. Lots of experts in the field are thrilled and we are closely working with Swiss Tennis and other racket sports associations. I am also presenting Street Racket at the national tennis forum. We usually work in schools and use the teachers (train the trainer) as multipliers and the kids will transfer the concept into the streets, the homes, the neighborhoods!

I am a passionate racket player (and tennis) and I want the world to play more racket sports! It works .. at grassroots level … for ALL!

Street Racket is playfully fighting inactivity, obesity, diabetes, and myopia as well as social isolation and boredom – with a racket and a ball!


Street Racket promotes health, sports, daily activities for all, motor-skill training, empowerment, wellbeing and self-confidence, integration, inclusion, and a feeling of belonging - with a racket and a ball!

For a quick first impression have fun and watch these videos:

Street Racket was published in many national magazines for sports and education (among other: Swiss Tennis magazine “SMASH”) (can provide most in English if needed)


Intro With over 300 ways of playing, Street Racket aims to bring racket sports & healthy activities to all at the grassroots level. No matter what age and what playing level. We are moving thousands of people every day, in Switzerland alone, there are already more than 500 permanent courts in schools and villages, outside of sports facilities, in the corporate setting and elsewhere. New courts are added on a weekly basis. Those permanent courts are a very good way to offer playing options 24/7, but of course, the quick-to-make courts drawn with chalk by hand are much more common. Thousands of these courts are made every day around the world, and they disappear with the next rainfall … they bring all people together in social play, the create places of fun and wellbeing.

Street Racket is playfully fighting inactivity, obesity, diabetes, and myopia as well as social isolation and boredom. Street Racket promotes health, sports, daily activities for all, motor-skill training, empowerment, wellbeing and self-confidence, integration, inclusion, and a feeling of belonging.

Street Racket rules, courts & how to play:


App: The new and free Street Racket App is available in the App and Android stores. You can also access via Lots of Street Racket games that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere, level by level, alone or with friends! Available in 8 languages so far, more coming soon.

You find  the trailer to the App here:


Marcel and Rahel Straub invented the Street Racket concept during a charitable mission to promote physical education in a developing country. When they returned from that journey they saw the enormous potential (also for social change and life skill training) with their ideas and visions and they both quit their high-profile jobs (in sports promotion and in marketing) to pursue their dreams. They are now teaching Street Racket around the world and often they are taking their 4 kids (aged 2-9) with them. Street Racket is a non commercial association for sports and health promotion (NPO).

A short description of Street Racket – rock the street!

This new, innovative movement and activity concept from Switzerland is available anytime and anywhere to anyone. In a very short period of time, this multi-award-winning concept is played, enjoyed, and promoted in more than 30 countries already. Within only two years of existence, Street Racket had a big impact for active schools, communities, and people in general around the world, mainly in central Europe (where Street Racket is based). Alone, in pairs or in groups, indoors and outdoors, and at all playing levels. It is practically free of charge and requires no infrastructure, except a solid ground (even gravel, short grass, and hardened sand/beach works just fine). And above all it's very versatile with over 300 games and variations - just draw your own court and play!


Also, the intensity and complexity of the chosen games can be easily adapted, so every player will find just the right challenge - thanks to the very simple but effective rules and the court setup at the grassroots level. Street Racket is especially suited for the use in schools, to add healthy motor-skill activity within and around the daily schedules, and to enrich the schoolyards. There are many ways to benefit from Street Racket in schools - during physical education classes, during breaks, for events of all kinds or even in the classroom to increase the effects of learning through the combination with movement (mathematics, language skills, general knowledge – we have written a whole book of exercises about it!). Street Racket is the new entry point for all racket sports, developed along the lines of „simplify to the max“, and it’s a lot of fun! It promotes active classrooms and a very fun, social, and motivating way of learning.

Racket sport is loved by many! BUT the traditional disciplines all have a common problem – they are hard to get into for various reasons (facilities may be far away so you need to actually go there with takes time and also money / it may be costly to play a racket sport and to buy the equipment / you need to get organized to actually play and have a training session or a playing partner, etc / the sport is hard to learn and takes a long breath no to drop out or lose motivation through the frustration of not making enough progress / the sport needs a lot of space / there is a risk of injury / you need to set up the sport with a net, boundaries, etc. which also takes time and can be annoying especially in schools ….). Street Racket has none of all that and is, therefore, an ideal gateway to all these fantastic sports (squash, tennis, badminton, table tennis, pickleball, speedminton), once you are comfortable with ball and racket you can play Street Racket forever but you can also move on and register for a club, book a court, join a training group, etc. We want people to get involved at their doorsteps and feel good about it!


All players will experience feelings of competence and success from the very start, which ensures motivation and therefore sustainable activity. Control is the key, it’s not about power and speed (like most racket sport or sporting activities), but much more about hand-eye coordination, racket work, motor-skills, cleverness, and fundamental skills in general. As a result, the many game forms work perfectly for girls and boys, beginners with top players or young and old - all mixed together.

Gender equality, integration, and inclusion are also part of our philosophy!
And the concept can be transferred immediately into the private sector. It’s very easy to draw up your own sports ground and to get involved with friends and family and even create your own Street Racket games. Every organization that introduces Street Racket to its members/customers/network, therefore, acts as a sports facilitator and as a sports promoter. Once you learn about Street Racket and the simple setup (3 squares on the ground for a basic single court!) you can play and enjoy it every day. No maintenance of a court, no installments (e.g. net, boundaries), no storage, no time-consuming extras - no trouble. There are no set measurements for a Street Racket court, it simply adapts to any available space! We recommend 2x2m squares, but if you make the courts bigger you will get the extra intensity and bigger movements, if you make the courts smaller it’s more about fine motor skills and precision. Both of these aspects are good so we urge players to change the size of the court on a regular basis which also helps promote differentiation skills.

We also promote activities for elderly people, people with a handicap, prisons, community projects, etc. But Street Racket is much more than that. By linking body and mind (in many games we add cognitive elements so the brain is actively involved) we can work on brain fitness and use more of our brain capacity. Learning becomes deeper and more sustainable that way and focus and motivation are on a higher level. Also, we promote the importance of psychosocial aspects when everybody can be a part of something and when you can interact in a fulfilling way. In the meantime, we have developed more than 300 different game forms, with plenty of additional teaching material (like books and online tutorials).

A selection of YouTube clips about Street Racket:

Street Racket „VARIATIONS“ – a few of our game forms

Street Racket „MOTIVATION“ – a game for all

 Street Racket „IN THE HOOD!“ – make friends through sports at your doorstep

Street Racket “SINLGLE COURT ACTION” – some ideas on a basic court

Street Racket “CROSS COURT ACTION” – some ideas on a cross court (two single courts combined)

Street Racket „INDOOR/GARAGE“ – be creative and use your environment for sports (for example your garage)

Street Racket “FOR SENIORS” – a very good way to stay fit at an older age, no injuries, no high impact movement, lots of fun

Street Racket “PRIMARY SCHOOL” – an example of a workshop with school classes from a primary school

Street Racket «FOR ACTIVE SCHOOLS” – teaching teachers about the many ways of using Street Racket in schools

Street Racket «WHEELCHAIR» - this is how Street Racket reaches out to paraplegics

Street Racket “FOR PEOPLE WITH A HANDICAP” – playing Street Racket with various kinds of mental and physical handicaps

Street Racket «WITH AN ARTIST” – Street Racket founder meets world famous racket artist Stefan Bojic in Serbia

Street Racket «AT HOME» - Activities in or around the house, homeschooling, family time, home office

Street Racket „LEARNING IN MOVEMENT“ – brain fitness while promoting motor skill training

Street Racket „FOR ALL“ – a clip from the very beginnings of the Street Racket story