The former world no. 1 player from Sweden has had great success after his professional career teaming up with ex-touring Pro Cameron Lickle for WOW (Wilander On Wheels), the revolutionary tennis experience that brings the fantasy of hitting with MATS WILANDER, to your backyard. Today, Mats is all fired up about Neuro Tennis, the wearable that provides instantaneous auditory feedback, commands & reminders while you play.

Read below about this incredible product and the story behind it.

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“To reach the next level, I believe in modifying your game and not just measuring it. I believe that to reach your full potential, you need to train your brain just as hard as your skills and fitness. We at WOW are excited to announce the release of NeuroTennis to the tennis community.


After several years of design and development, we are finally able to put our pioneering model, the NT200, on the wrists of tennis players everywhere.

NeuroTennis is a wearable wrist band that improves all aspects of your tennis game. Because it coaches you while you play, it’s unlike any other sports wearable on the market."


NeuroTennis comes with hundreds of audible coaching instructions that we, at WOW, have found to be game-changers for players around the globe. The product also comes with an awesome app that contains a library of great drills and lessons, and video explanations from Mats and Cameron. Plus, you can use the app to customize your own instructions and drills.



Mats Wilander

Founder, Designer

Former #1 in the World tennis player from Sweden. From 1982 through 1988, Mats won seven Grand Slam singles titles (three at the French Open, three at the Australian Open, and one at the US Open), as well as one men’s doubles title (at Wimbledon). He finished 1988 ranked #1 in the World. Inducted to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2002. Mats played on Sweden’s Davis Cup Championship Team in 1984, 1985 & 1987, and Captained Sweden’s Davis Cup Team from 2007-2009. Mats most recently opened his own training center in Sun Valley, ID entitled Gravity Fitness.

Cameron Lickle

Founder, COO

United States Naval Academy Tennis Team Captain 2002, 2003. Played No.1 singles and doubles. Cameron was selected as the “Captain of the Captains” for all of Navy’s sports teams in 2003. Inducted into the Naval Academy Sports Hall of Fame in 2003. Served two tours to the Gulf in 2004 and 2007 in support of OPERATION IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM. Cameron left the military and pursued professional tennis for two years until he conceived and co-founded Wilander on Wheels with Former World #1 Mats Wilander.

Alain Cohen

Founder, CEO

Marc Cohen

Founder, CEO

Alain Cohen and Marc Cohen are brothers and seasoned "serial entrepreneurs”. Together, they have started technology businesses, and run companies ranging form startups to public companies. Alain is an MIT-educated electrical engineer and computer scientist, and Marc is a Stanford-educated electrical engineer.

The duo started a portfolio company, Cobroventures, Inc., to expand into new areas, including biotech, where they participated in founding several companies seeking cures or treatments for major diseases, incl. C4 Therapeutics, Inc.  

Their latest tech venture, Bublup, offers a visual system for organizing your entire digital life and sharing with friends in a more private way than social media. NeuroTennis is a result of combining their experience in technology, their life-long passion for tennis, and their partnership with tennis powerhouses Mats Wilander and Cameron Lickle.


Just like in every other venture they’ve helped create, Alain and Marc’s objective is to bring a transformative change to the tennis world with NeuroTennis.


How it all began...


Neuro Tennis Alain Cohen, who describes himself as 'a man with a tennis bug' says, "It was a team effort. Mats, Cameron, and I were hitting balls during a WOW event in DC and then continued at weeklong events in different locations." When Alain and his brother Marc were hitting balls one day, Mats was giving him coaching hints from behind. "Marc was playing so well, he said he wished Mats was in his ear all the time." The three of them were sitting down with Cameron and wondered how to make that work. Alain continues, "How can we get Mat's suggestions exactly at the right time? Then the cadence would work and the product would make sense."

In 2015, their first idea involved sensors that detected impact, and their first prototype was housed in a case that fit in the throat of a racquet. But it was clumsy to play with. The next prototype was much smaller and still fit in the throat of a racquet. They were not quite there since the player felt the device during play. Finally, the idea was born to put it on the wrist into a bracelet.

  • Lighter than a watch

  • Wear on your hitting wrist

  • Immediate impact on your game

  • NeuroTennis coaches you while you play, providing instructions from the speaker on the wrist band.

  • Designed with Mats Wilander and world-class Coaches, including the WOW team.

  • Customize your tennis instruction: You or your coach can use the app to add custom content, addressing any aspect of your game.

  • Unique 2-player system: NeuroTennis is the world’s first two-player sports wearable, using wireless communication across the court to keep coaching instructions synchronized with your hitting.

  • Designed, engineered, and supported in the USA.

Extensive library of instructional material: Use our iPhone or Android app to tap into our world-class library of fun lessons, insightful drills, and game-changing coaching instructions. Watch short videos illustrating what you need to do on court. Download the content to your NT200 to put it into practice!


Whatever your level is, boost it now
with NeuroTennis


NeuroTennis is a wearable wrist band that improves all aspects of your tennis game. Because it coaches you while you play, it’s unlike any other sports wearable on the market.

Smart and Adaptive

Coaching Instructions are synchronized with the rhythm of your playing, conditioning your brain to develop the best skills and habits.

Two-Player or Solo Mode

NeuroTennis is most typically used in a two-player mode, meaning that the sensors in each device communicate across the court with your partner’s device. This allows NeuroTennis to stimulate your reactions at the exact right time. Because reacting to your opponent’s shot quickly is highly correlated to better play, the two-player system can literally improve your game immediately.

NeuroTennis App

NeuroTennis is controlled by an app on your smartphone. The app allows you to select and customize lessons and drills from an extensive library designed by our world-class coaches, including Mats Wilander, former world number 1, and winner of eight grand slams.