David Sammel

Author and Creator of "Locker Room Power" David Sammel is an International Tennis Coach and widely respected consultant across the spectrum of professional sport.

Named as a world top 50 coach by Nike from 1996-2002, he furthered his coaching career with prominent roles as National Coach for Men for the Lawn Tennis Association. 


In 2006 David set about founding the Monte Carlo Tennis Academy in Monaco, alongside renowned physical conditioning specialist Jez Green. In the goal to establish a top International High-Performance Tennis Centre in the UK, the academy was relocated to Bath and in partnership with Bath University, became TeamBath-MCTA of which David is now Head Coach.

David has over 25 years in world tennis, coaching international players to career-high rankings, many of whom have represented their countries in the Davis Cup and Olympics. David is an official ATP Coach member in recognition of his many years on tour. David currently coaches Liam Broady and Marcus Daniell.

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New: Mindset College

A message from David Sammel

I have created a great opportunity for coaches to enhance their skills, add value to their client offering and earn extra money. Over lockdown, I finished Mindset College which is accredited for Licence CPD points in the UK and the USPTA are currently evaluating the course. Below is a short summary of how much MC could help your clients. 


Mindset College 


As a coach who has spoken to hundreds of other coaches, I know that every caring coach wants their programme to be holistic and successful. I have encountered many performance problems. The biggest? Helping players face and manage their fears so that they can compete more effectively. How can coaches deliver these skills with limited resources? 


Mindset College (MC) tackles the very real problem of delivering a top-class mental skills programme at an affordable price with answers to real issues athletes and coaches face, using tried and tested tools from the coal-face of elite performance. 


The positive impact that MC has on athletes is the reason I created MC. This story is best told by those who have experienced MC. Like you, it is the positive influences we can make that drive us. Here are two testimonials selected from the many. 


My son, Liam, a 15-year-old high-performance soccer player, recently completed the Mindset College course. Dave’s advice throughout the course has put him on a new path that is more purposeful and deliberate and has removed much of the pressure from his young shoulders that he was feeling before completing the course.” David Mullins (Managing Director) - Intercollegiate Tennis Association | Former NCAA Division I Head Tennis Coach


“I thought I was mentally weak with special problems. MC changed my perceptions towards self-talk and fear in a match and my results improved quickly. What I didn’t expect was a total change in my attitude to life. I’m happier, more relaxed and winning more matches” Joe Leather (College Tennis player).

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Good mental skills are often difficult to consistently and methodically implement or can largely overlook the player’s life outside the sport.


Sport brings us mental and physical challenges. MC weaves a connection between life and the physical demands of the sport. Athletes experience these at high-intensity levels. MC is a program that is needed to excel and provides a step-by-step guide on how to master the mental skills and craft a distinct winning advantage.


Great coaches understand mental skills are not ER for athletes in crisis. “You cannot just grab mental skills out of the bag like a new racquet when a string breaks.” 


A strong and healthy mindset is developed daily just as physical skills are practiced for mastery. We know this journey is long, tough, and complex. It involves creating great habits, yet complex problems need SIMPLE solutions, solutions that MC provides.


The gold is that Mindset College both condenses and simplifies, a self-paced process that allows athletes to take practical tools and use them to transform into powerful daily habits.  


Today's athletes need to understand why they need to do anything, why they should care about studying mindset. MC is designed around their challenges and speaks to this curiosity. This quickly translates into them being happier and more able to endure the ’sweet suffering’ required to win prizes - As Joe succinctly says - "MC changed my perceptions towards fear and self-talk in matches.”

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The beauty of the course is that it opens opportunities for impactful conversations with you, their all-important coach, and compliments any other support system that is already in place. MC is a gateway to inspire athletes to become mentally strong and robust. I’ve attached a PDF that outlines the full course and I would love a conversation about how I can help. 


For simplicity in finding a suitable gap in busy diaries, interested coaches please book a call to discuss your needs via: https://calendly.com/david-2060


Mindset College – Ambassador Program 

Become a Mindset College ambassador and earn with every referral. 

Every Mindset College ambassador has a unique opportunity to not only gain a license for FREE* but to also distribute the program at discounted prices, whilst earning from every single referral. 

How to be a Mindset College Ambassador 

1.     Apply for the Ambassador Program 

2.     Pay Ambassador Registration Fee of $830 

3.     Complete Mindset College Course, for FREE ($1660 Value) 

4.     Receive Certificate of Completion & Ambassador License 

Start Earning 

1.     Access to discounted course pricing ($830 - $1660) – You choose how much you want to sell it for! 

2.     Use your unique referral code for students, clients and customers to use 

3.     Receive 40% commission for every sale 

…. but you said, the license was free? 

Refer 10 clients and as an added bonus, we will give you your original $830 back! Which gives you the license, the course, and access to unlimited discounted courses for FREE. 


You want to give maximum value to your clients, so price the course at $830. Let’s assume you make the 10 sales to hit the bonus… 

10 x $830 x 40% = $3320

Plus BONUS for 10 sales = $830

Total Commission Earned = $4150

Mindset College Outline

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