Marsha Friedman's company News & Experts represents corporations and experts in a wide array of fields such as business, health, food, lifestyle, politics, finance, law, sports, and entertainment.

JOE DINOFFER, Marketing 

Joe Dinoffer comes with an extensive "world-class" career in the entire tennis industry and is founder and president of well-known tennis and pickleball supplier Oncourt Offcourt.

APRIL 2020




Marsha Friedman doesn’t like sitting still. As a prominent businesswoman, she has run her public relations firm successfully through prosperity and adversity, ironically having one of her best revenue years in the midst of 2009’s recession. As a publicity expert, she has authored the book Celebritize Yourself.


Marsha Friedman launched News and Experts in 1990. Her PR company represents corporations and experts in a wide array of fields such as business, health, food, lifestyle, politics, finance, law, sports, and entertainment. Some of the more prominent names on her client roster are Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane and the famous Motown Group, The Temptations.


She consults individuals and businesses on a daily basis and is frequently asked to speak at conferences about how to harness the power of publicity.




How To Grab The Media's Attention When Their Gaze Is Focused Elsewhere

One piece of PR advice I always give people about pitching the media is to tie your message to what's going on in the news since the media are already writing and talking about those subjects.


But what happens when one or two events come along that are so earth-shattering they dominate the news cycle - and don't really fit into your area of expertise, leaving you minimal opportunity to squeeze in your message?


That's been the situation in the early weeks of 2020 as impeachment, the Democratic primaries, and especially the coronavirus took control of the headlines, the sub-headlines, and the sub-sub headlines!


If you're an epidemiologist or a presidential historian, this was your moment. If your authority lies elsewhere, the media pickings probably looked slim. So, what do you do under these circumstances? Just give up and wait for the moment to pass?


Nope! Not at all.


In fact, at News & Experts, we've had success throughout this period landing interviews for our clients on such diverse topics as Boeing's changing corporate culture and the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. So, opportunities are there - even if they aren't always immediately apparent.


With that said, let me offer a few tips on how to grab the media's attention even when the news cycle doesn't appear favorable to what you want to talk about:

  • Find an opening for yourself within the big story. Even if your expertise doesn't relate directly to the topic that's dominating the news, you may still find an indirect connection. We discovered that to be true with the coronavirus. This disease, of course, was a natural for a doctor to discuss. But how about someone whose expertise is in the world of business, specifically the supply chain? It turned out there was a connection, and we arranged for our client to speak with the Washington Post for an article about the economic fallout from the virus. That's why it's so important to keep track of the news when you are trying to promote yourself. At some point, that big issue that's seemingly unrelated to your expertise could take a detour right into your message. If you're clever and creative, you might even be able to give the media a little assistance in making the connection.

  • Look beyond the top headlines. Although these major stories have dominated the news, they haven't taken over every line of print or every minute of air time, even if it does seem that way! Journalists at newspapers cover all kinds of beats. There are sports reporters, financial reporters, government reporters, and many others. Their work may have been shoved to an inside page in print, or fallen farther down your newsfeed online, but they continue to write a variety of articles about a variety of topics, regardless of impeachment, coronavirus or whatever other major story might arise next. See if you can connect your topic to what those other journalists are writing about. The same concept applies to radio and TV. Talk show hosts aren't likely to devote every minute of every broadcast to one topic - no matter how huge that topic is at the moment. Their audiences will become bored! Probably, the host will become bored as well! So, it's your job to come up with something creative to fill the gaps that are certain to happen. 

  • Don't forget that you still control your message on social media. Regardless of what's happening with traditional media, you can still use your social media accounts to get your message out to your followers. With traditional media such as newspapers, radio, and TV, you have to get past a gatekeeper - an editor, a producer - for your message to be seen or heard. But on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, you are your own editor or producer. You get to choose what you want to say and when you want to say it - regardless of the day's major headlines! 

Sure, it's an extra challenge to get the media's attention if the current news cycle isn't falling neatly into place for you. But it's not an insurmountable task! 


With planning, creativity, and persistence, your message can still find its way through!

See you in the headlines!



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Joe received the prestigious 2006 USPTA Tennis Industry Excellence Award and was also selected as the 2012 USPTA Texas Pro of the Year. In 2019, he was awarded the Dallas Tennis Association “Humanitarian of the Year” recognition for his charitable work with the largest District organization of the USTA in the United States.


Joe is the author and editor of 9 books and 22 DVDs, with his two most recent books being books of poems. He has written over 200 articles and continues to writes regularly for several leading tennis magazines, and also has had numerous tips airing on the Tennis Channel.  As a member of the Head/Penn Advisory Staff and National Speakers Bureau, Joe has been a frequent speaker at national and international tennis conferences, having conducted over 250 workshops since 1995.


He is also the founder and president of OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd., a company exclusively serving the needs of tennis, fitness, and physical education coaches with innovative training aids and educational tools. OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd. celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.