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-------- California Tennis Club Openings --------

The Griffin Club, Los Angeles

Actually, for our club we had very extensive planning for the last few months. The opening went amazing, members are enjoying singles and family tennis. Additionally, private lessons have been amazing, we are booked all day and into the evening.


Tennis is booming at our club, and our members, staff, and ownership could not be more thrilled. We believe that by practicing safety protocols everything will work out just great. Unlike other states and cities we are really held back by our government leadership and we can only go as fast as they let us!!


All good from GCLA!

Alec Horton

Director of Tennis | Griffin Club LA |  


Los Angeles, California

Costa Mesa Tennis Center


Costa Mesa Tennis Center opened to the public on Wednesday, March 20th.  We worked with the City of Costa Mesa to open following State, County, local, and CDC guidelines.  We are open for singles play and private lessons only at this time.  The pro shop is open for curbside pick up.  Employees are happy to be back at work.  We have six teaching pros are happy to be able to teach again.  This is a beginning and we look forward to more tennis for all with safety for all.

Hank Lloyd

Costa Mesa Tennis Center

Costa Mesa, California


Billie Jean King Tennis Center & El Dorado Park Tennis Center

Everyone was so happy to be out on the courts again! No one was afraid or fearful, just excited! The staff was also very happy to be back at work at both facilities! 


Everything so far has been great, no problems at all! We have had players reserving courts from Marina Del Ray, Santa Monica, and Griffith Park just to play tennis. 


We are adhering to all of the City’s guidelines and everyone is happily following them with no issues. 


I don’t really have big concerns about the safety of our staff and customers, as I think we’re doing a very good job enforcing our rules. Our staff must wear masks at all times, everyone needs to wear a mask coming in an out of the shop, we are keeping social distancing, we have hand sanitizer available for everyone and we are anti-disinfecting all of our surfaces. 


My biggest concern is for my pros as they are only permitted right at the moment to give private lessons. I‘m hoping very soon they will be able to teach their small groups having 3-4 players on court. We are also hopeful to have our junior academy back on the courts in a small setting as well as our popular and successful Summer camps! 

Cathy Jacobson

Billie Jean King Tennis Center, Long Beach, California

El Dorado Park Tennis Center, Long Beach, California

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club


I really can't comment on that, Conan is the Director and he is working and doing what he can for now. Coaches are not allowed to teach yet, hopefully soon. 


LJBTC is open for members to play singles and doubles with the same household partner for doubles, same for the Barnes Tennis Center (they hire new people and looks like it's going to be a hub for high-level players). 

Some of the other clubs are allowing coaching, it’s really inconsistent. Oh well, this pandemic really hit hard the tennis community, compare to golf we are SO behind. 


Some of the coaches including myself are advocating hard to get fully open with teaching privates and clinics. 

We did a local news segment and wrote to the city council, and still have most public facilities and local HS locked.


Looking forward to get back to the courts. 

Nelson Alapi

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
La Jolla, California

Malibu Racquet Club

Very slow and uneventful club opening. Members are happy to hit the ball again but most think the 1-hour time limit is ridiculous. We’re all looking forward to having lunch at the club instead of just ordering take-out.   

Trey Waltke

Malibu Racquet Club

Malibu, California

Bobby Riggs Racquet & Paddle

We opened our first week under strict social distancing and go home with no socializing afterward.....face coverings when on the property, singles and doubles reservations only with nobody coming to the club looking for a game.  It has been great to partially open.  No breaking of bills, no phone reservations, everything on line.  New way of life until there is a treatment or vaccine.   Great to be open again. 

Steve Dawson

Bobby Riggs Racquet & Paddle

Encinitas, California

Mount Tam Racquet Club

With great membership apprehension, little by little our members began to come back to the Club…with no doubles allowed it has been slow, but what has happened is that members are finding joy and satisfaction in just hitting or practicing.  The teachers are still struggling to get back their students.  In Marin the virus has been well handled, but the locals are still very concerned about being in public.  Marin has the oldest average age of any county in California, something few know, so maybe that contributes to that trend.  Ironically, since it is hard to find others to play with, the ball machine can’t be used due to common touching, but if it could, it would be busy all day. 


Our new App, MyClubLives, has been a saving grace.  It was first developed to handle the excessive demand for the indoor courts by using a lottery system, but now, because every area of the club…pool, tennis, exercise room…all need to be scheduled and managed to maintain proper social distancing.  It does that for us and includes properly and fairly sharing the spaces, but also in function allows contactless usage. 


Rod Heckelman

Mount Tam Racquet Club

Larkspur, California

Ed Collins Tennis Academy / Peninsula Tennis Club

Unfortunately, our courts at Robb Field are still closed, as they are at Balboa Tennis Club. I just spoke w/Conan Lorenzo at LJBTC, and his courts are open, as well as the Coronado City courts.

Ed Collins

Ed Collins Tennis Academy

San Diego, California

San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club

SDTRC opened May 18th, exactly 2 months from our first full day of closing. We opened up with about half our courts available to the members on a reservation-only basis as well as allowing our four tennis instructors to give individual member only tennis lessons. Getting through our first week went very smooth. With the limited amount of courts as well as staggering court times throughout the day allowed the front desk staff to be able to comfortably enforce temperature readings etc. The members have been very appreciative of getting the club open even though it is initially on a very limited basis. We have also given a lot of tennis lessons during our shortened day time hours. During this whole time we have been able to pay all our 54 employees as well as our commissioned Tennis instructors and personal trainers.

Scott Slade

San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club

San Diego, California

Top Seed Tennis Academy / Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center

Calabasas opened last Monday, 5/18.  No fitness, no gym, no swimming.  Tennis only.  People/players check-in is outside on the patio through the front gate, the general public is not allowed inside the clubhouse.  Masks are mandatory while on the grounds of the facility except during active play.  Singles only, no doubles.  Pros can teach private and semi-private only, no group lessons or clinics.  Social distancing guidelines apply around the club.  Benches and chairs have been removed to discourage players/people from hanging around the club.  The club opens at 8:00 AM closes at 7:00 PM.  All lessons must be paid for by credit card in advance over the phone.  All employees must wear masks while there, except for the pros when they are on the court.  No tournaments, socials, League play, summer junior camps have been scheduled yet.


We are anticipating opening doubles up to players of the same family/spouses first, then later, open doubles.  No time frames for these new guidelines have been given.


For the immediate future, I see private & semi-private lessons to maintain a decent level of activity.  As soon as doubles opens up, which may be within the next two weeks, I see the club becoming very active again.  I am skeptical about summer tennis camps resuming, and if they do, much smaller numbers with higher pricing.  We will probably not have any “socials” at the club through the summer but may have our club singles championships in July.  I have no idea how USTA League play will be integrated into our programming once doubles is allowed again and I am not sure how USTA sanctioned tournaments will be played and formatted, at least through the summer.


As has been the ongoing issue during this pandemic, none of us know the time frames of any changes and modifications of guidelines set down by local, state, national authorities.


Let’s all hang in there and keep tennis alive!


Jeff Richards

Top Seed Tennis Academy
Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center

Calabasas, California


Braemar Country Club

After 7 weeks of waiting, Braemar opened to the “New Normal” of face masks, singles only, and hand sanitizers. Tennis changed from a walk-in play system to reservations and members only. Members now either call us or reserve online with Kourts.  Reservation times are staggered to help with our physical distancing. 


Members and staff are happy to get back to a little piece of our “new normal” day.  Everyone has embraced the new tennis protocols, and we are so appreciative.


We are looking forward to when we can offer doubles, open the Pro Shop, and physically distance on the deck. We are just waiting for the County of Los Angeles to give us the word! 

Braemar Tennis is thrilled to have the members come back out to play in a safe environment! WE VALUE YOU ALL!

Sue Pendo

Braemar Country Club

Tarzana, California

Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club

The Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club has been open now for a little more than 2 weeks. Our Tennis and Pickleball members have been like caged animals, but have been incredible in following the rules we have set up for theirs's and the staff's safety. At the moment all play is reservation only, and no social gathering is allowed either prior to or after matches. Since we are virtually the only facility with dedicated Pickleball courts that has opened up, we have had about 65 new Pickleball memberships in the past 2 weeks and will be waitlisting that part of the club. The atmosphere at the club has been fantastic, everyone is happy and upbeat. Our attorneys came up with a waiver form that everyone has been happy to sign in order to play.  Our Tennis Professionals are following the safety protocols we have set forth and I would say about 80% of their lessons are already back and playing again. Good to be back on the courts!


Bob Hochstadter

Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club

Laguna Hills, California

Riviera Tennis Club

Yes, the Riviera Tennis Club is so excited to be able to re-open after 6 weeks of being closed.

Our members were so happy to play again. Many told me that just playing tennis, gave them a feeling of being somewhat “normal” again.


We have very strict protocols in place.  We take everyone’s temperature at our front gate, as they enter the property, they must check-in with our front desk, and we mark one can of tennis balls with a big Red “X” on the ball, so that one player only picks up those tennis balls, while the other player only touches the non-marked balls.  We are doing singles play only, as well as lessons, with tennis pros only touching the balls and hoppers. We have a great staff that sanitizes the chairs after they singles players leave.  We stagger our times on the courts so that it helps with the social distancing in the parking lots and waiting for courts.


We have all realized how much we miss tennis, what a great sport it is for all of us, young and old, and I think we will have a big increase in more people starting the game or coming back to the game, as it is one of the safest sports outside, and fun!

Mary Pat Faley

Riviera Tennis Club

Pacific Palisades, California

-------- Help For Tennis Facility Coming --------

(May 1 USTA message)


Yes, but the grant does not address the needs of an independent pro travels to different sites and supplies the balls, etc.

Andrew G. Weiss

National Championship Tennis, Inc.


-------- Stay at Home & Pickleball --------

All is not lost!


It is not tennis. But, it is a fun, creative alternative. Don't nix the idea just because tennis is a better sport. If the tennis courts are locked, there is a fun alternative. You can set up a pickleball net in the driveway very easily. Chalk some lines. There are all kinds of fun drills, skinny singles, and regular doubles play.

I remember playing on a mini grass court at Hurlingham just before Wimbledon. It gave the players a chance to get used to grass and to have a fun social day. Consider pickleball during the virus sequestering to be a fun, social activity. Nets are reasonably priced and offered by a number of pickleball equipment dealers. My daughter purchased one on sale for $50 and her family has enjoyed playing in the driveway. Her 8 year old can set up the net himself and chalk the lines. Make this activity one of the positive things during this difficult time.

Kids can play by themselves. If you decide to get pickleball paddles rather than use your tennis rackets, there are plenty to choose from and they are reasonably priced. Balls last a long time and don't travel as far as tennis balls. Lots of people are setting up courts in their cul de sacs and driveways. If you are a tennis player you can keep your volleys sharp. Or, you can try an alternative and start playing pickleball. Better to be outside having fun than be inside missing out.

Alice Tym

Former World Tennis #13

Former U of TN at Chattanooga Women's Coach

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