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February 1, 2021



Rich - awhile back you indicated that the USOC wanted to dictate that some players be on the USTA board. Talks are beginning to pop up that the US should boycott the Olympics in Beijing because of the way China treats certain groups of people.

Will the bleeding liberals at the USTA and the activist of the year, Naomi Osaka, overlook the actions of the Chinese leaders and participate in Beijing, or will they lead the boycott. It seems like they should be screaming bloody murder right now if they really care about social justice and the rights of people. 

The Commish



Dear Commish, why does the USTA have almost zero transparency?
A. Because they don’t want you to know what they are doing. 

The Commish

Dear Commish, why does the USPTA offer so many benefits that pros do not take advantage of?
A. Because the pros don’t want them, and/or there was some backroom deal involving kickbacks.

The Commish

Dear Commish, why are there so many gatekeepers at the top of the tennis organizations?
A. They have issues of power and control, their egos won’t allow them to advance someone else’s idea and allow them to get full credit for it.  They might promote you, but you have the kiss the ring, pay your dues, or some other fee.

The Commish

Dear Commish, when will the large organizations change?
A. When they are desperate, bankrupt, or both. 

The Commish


January 31, 2021


Many of your and Javier's pieces concern the player development budget and impact on creating champions. Some might additionally be interested in learning more about the community tennis marketing budget and its impact on reaching new players. 

The Commish


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