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USTA's tournament fee refund debacle

A lot of parents and coaches reached out to us after USTA Junior Competition announced they would only refund 50% of registration fees for canceled tournaments and forwarded the other 50% to the events. Letters like the one below outlined the sentiment of many.

"USTA is sitting on a mountain of money. They could easily pay tournament directors in full AND give full refunds to players as a way to say thank you. Gratitude is the last thing about which they might think. Those with full benefits are the ones forced to give the bad news handed down from above to those whose livelihood is at stake and do the actual work, the thankless and now unpaid job. Stare at your next pay stub a little harder."


The Commish

Fortunately, someone at the USTA must have had their ear to the ground. Here is the letter that was sent out by (Lew Brewer? Tracy Davies?) on March 27:

Dear Player,


We previously had communicated you would receive a 50% refund on your entry fee paid for the March National Level 3 and/or Easter Bowl. After further analysis and discussion, the decision was made to refund 100% of the amount paid (less the TennisLink convenience fee) to help ensure that you, the player, would have resources to get back on the court once the pandemic subsides. 


If you have already received your initial refund, the Tournament Directors will be refunding the additional 50% in a separate payment. 


Given the circumstances facing most communities, please be patient as tournaments work to send the refunds as quickly as they are able to.


We appreciate your continued support of USTA Junior tennis. Please be well and stay safe. 



USTA Junior Competition

Case closed? Did the USTA learn a valuable lesson here and acted? You decide. Let us know what you think.

On a side note: The name Lew Brewer has been taken off the USTA Executive Staff page. What's up with that? Do you think it has something to do with this blunder? Hmmm...

Communication with June 2016 TCB Pro of the Month Lucia Obysovska


Lucia: I am very glad to share my experience. Unfortunately, it is nothing positive.
At the moment I am Headcoach at Herning Tennis Club in Denmark and since
last week all lessons are suspended due to coronavirus. 
All that we heard from the
board of the club is, we do not get a salary till the end of the pandemic even
though we have employee contracts. 

For all coaches, it is very hard to deal with the situation, and there is no protection
of coaches during the hard times like this. 


TCB: Can you get unemployment money from the state?

Lucia: Unfortunately not, because my contract was very short, only 8 months til now, and I should be employed a minimum of 24 months to get unemployed money from the state in Denmark.

TCB: Sorry to hear, Lucia. Maybe there are some other jobs you can do just to put food on the table?

Lucia: It is okay all of us have some savings, but now I think it will be a good idea if the tennis federation will do some kind of insurance for coaches or some funds, where we can pay a monthly fee, and when something like this will come, we can get some money. But I think this is something that associations as USPTA, PTR can do for us, because we are not protected very well for this kind of situation or if we lose the job. 

TCB: Good luck, Lucia.


Strange times we are experiencing for sure.


Usually, life is so busy that life drives us. 

With the "unusualness" of life today, we are challenged to move out of our comfort zone by the situation we face in today's world. We are forced to evaluate our options.


My favorite thing was always at New Year to set down with my wife and take a look at where I was and where I wanted to go in my life.  New Year was a natural break to start anew where needed.


With this break in our lives, here are 3 questions you can ask to have a chance to reset your pathway in business, relationships, family, tennis, and life -


It usually is best to write your thoughts down to think, feel and see your thoughts as you evaluate

1. Where you are now in any of the situations you choose?

2. How long you have been there.

3. Where would you like to be?


I was once called into a company to address employees who were about to be laid off.  They were unaware of their situation and the company asked me to provide some insights they might use to become mentally "tuff" in the situation they were soon to face.

1. We talked about their favorite sports and how sports could be used to help them in their daily work and life situations.

2. What did they most enjoy about working here and how long have you been working at this company?

3. If you could, what would you most want to do with the rest of your life - what is your deepest desire to enjoy doing for your career and life enjoyment?  What is your dream job?

4. What are the things that are holding you back from what you would really like to do in your life or in the next phase of your life?


I asked them to keep the list they created and look at it each day or each week to see when they would begin to take action on some part of their list to become whom they wanted to be and where they wanted to be.


While none of us like what is happening in our lives today.  

Take the time and set down personally or with family and friends and ask these questions.  Make a list and look at your answers. Determine if there is a pathway you could take to be whom you want to be going forward in any of these areas. 

Look at the opportunities and obstacles and determine if you are where you want to be or could you begin a new direction to really do what makes you most happy?  


This can be a personal task or a family task.  

It is a great way to connect with your kids and help them understand goals and self-evaluation.


I appreciate your friendship over the years.  I hope you and your family are safe physically and financially during this time


All the best,


Ken DeHart


Director of Tennis - Silver Creek Valley CC


Leo Estopare on the value of pickleball right now.



Our Kansas schools have closed for the remainder of the school year today due to the health crisis our country is facing today in mid-March 2020.


So, it’s now up to the parents and family members to become temporary “Substitute Teachers” for the ongoing continuation of learning and broadening our kid's education. Now is the ideal time to introduce and demonstrate the sport of Pickleball on a more quality level. PB was created back 55 years ago and many schools have throughout the country used it as an occasional “PE Class” and gym activity. An informal intro at best but an intro nonetheless…which has been fair/good at that beginner level. When I ask kids about PB they all say they have played at school but not outside that time period.


If we can complement the book learning formats for boy’s and girl’s with home Pickleball as a healthy and exercising game, then we’ll have the best of both worlds…smart kids and pretty good Pickleball athletes. Now is the perfect moment to get kids involved in what mom and dad enjoy for their competitive sport and camaraderie among friends. Grandparents can “chime in” as well because they really love playing and can contribute to some teaching time with their experiences on the court. Coaching is rewarding and fun at any level. Dad’s, mom’s and gramps occasionally like to share advice every now and then…so why not some “Kitchen Talk” from the ladies of the house? The guys could express the knowledge of “Finesse and Power” on any given shot and at a strategic moment.


Pickleball with its small court dimension and ease of skill needed to be pretty good, provides an opportunity to encourage playing and “Coaching Up” the youngsters in this “Home Time” we have during our holding pattern of safety and good citizenship towards one another in the community neighborhood. The youth participation could grow overnight just the way adults and seniors have over recent years. With some quality advice from parents on technique, positioning, rules, and sportsmanship the game couldn’t ask for more…family teaching at home.


If Pickleball can be that “New Game” among family, just like playing catch with a baseball, throwing a football or shooting hoops in the driveway, it will be memorable moments to cherish for lifetimes sharing family sport at home. Pickleball “checks all the boxes” for our current rules of limited engagement with the outside world.


Because we’re all in this together during the unfortunate time fighting the current pandemic, let's make the best of it, during the worst of it.


Let's combine bookwork with Pickleball work…two’s better than one!


Leo Estopare

Owner, Enterprising Works and Deuce Something