USTA Leagues/NTRP.  Transgender.

RIP NorCal's Chris Bradley.  Women/Latin Pros.
USTA's $100,000 PTM Scholarships

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February 8, 2021



Absolutely love your Leagues/NTRP article. So true in so many ways. USTA Leagues and NTRP are for sure going down the toilet. It's a real shame.


Keep up the good work. 

The Commish



January 2021

After the USTA Northern California informed all their members about the recent passing of "beloved NorCal teaching pro and Stanford fanatic Chris Bradley" after a long illness, we received a letter from legendary Stanford coach Dick Gould whom himself passed on a letter from Keith Peters, Retired Editor of the Palo Alto Times.

Wow! Shocked to hear the sad news. Chris and I talked a while ago and I knew he was battling something (I won't say), but no idea it had progressed to this point. In addition to his love for Stanford Tennis, Chris was the former long-time pro at Alpine Hills Tennis and Swim Club. He and I first met when we played basketball against each other (he at Paly and me at Gunn) in the 1960s. We hooked up again when he was at Alpine. He put on the longtime youth tournament that I covered seemingly for decades. He did so much for all his young tennis players throughout the years. Wow. Can't believe Chris is gone. Sad day.


For those who didn't know Chris's tennis background..... he won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the U.S. Professional Tennis Association in 2013.... he was head coach at Alpine Hills Tennis & Swim Club from 1975 to 2008.... Among his honors over the years, he was named USPTA NorCal Pro of the Year in 1982 and 1986, and USPTA NorCal Coach of the Year in 1994.... he coached teams to 17 Northern California USTA Junior League team championships and 11 state USTA Junior League team championships.... For 28 consecutive years, from 1981 to 2008, his teams were Midpeninsula Junior Interclub champions.... he started coaching at age 16... was actually giving some lessons last September at age 69 or 70.

Keith Peters


January 31, 2021


Rich---You are spot on with the Transgender comments,


Years ago I hosted a tournament that we had to allow Renee Richards to compete and to say the least it wasn’t fair, Richard Raskin at 35 + plus was able to compete with the likes of Rita Agassi at age 21 and beat all the others in the field.  Back then we handled the situation quite differently and just closed off the locker room when Renee was there. Quite an experience to say the least.


As far as the USTA is concerned especially Kurt Kamperman, he has gotten way too big on that high horse of his.  And to say the least NO REAL RESULTS!!! I remember trying to talk to him once at the ITA conference.  He came from my area and we used to compete against each other.  Afterward, he barely had the time of day for me, I told him that I always remembered those that beat me along the way, I may have forgotten a few that I beat but NEVER the ones that I lost to.  He would do well to have some humility.


Just to share a few comments….keep up the good work…some of us are listening.  


The Commish


January 30, 2021


The section on women and Latin pros were great. You have given these women more attention than they have received from the trade organizations they are members of.

It was interesting to read the UTR comments, both as they came in via email and to see them all together. There is an underlying theme between that and many other articles over time – innovation is not welcome.

The Commish


February 22, 2021


The concept is reasonable - support the teaching professionals. It sounds like something Mike Dowse would do. 


A cynical oversensitive contrarian who has observed the USTA over the years might ask, "Is the USTA buying off the teaching pros for their support, or are they using their wealth for the good of the cause?"  Has the teaching profession become a "welfare state - the USTA paid their dues for 2021 and 2022?  

The Commish


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