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Little Mo

December 1, 2020


Thanks so much for this issue. 

I especially enjoyed the Little Mo stories. She was the reason I played tennis. Wilson Sporting Goods brought Gene Buick and Maureen to Peoria, Illinois for a clinic at Glen Oak Park. My Dad took me and I took one look at her and said, “That’s what I want to be.” Years later in Miami they asked me to help out with a clinic in Flamingo Park and I got to tell her how she changed my life. 


I really enjoyed reading about her. 

Alice Tym
Chattanooga, Tennessee


USTA Southern California

December 12, 2020

What is the massage that USTA is sending? History is made when the SECOND black male gets into a final? How much longer are they going to extend this narrative? "Cleavon Johnson is the fifty-seventh black male to make the final!" Give your wokeness a rest USTA. Our sport is based on merit, not skin color! This "bodes well for the future of tennis in Southern California". What the hell does THAT mean? That only black males in the sport will save it? If a black male didn't make the final, it would NOT bode well? That's both racist AND sexist! I am so glad that I haven't been a USTA member for the past few years.




USTA Net Generation

December 7, 2020



I belong to Net Generation. I wanted to see what it was like. As the father of two girls I wanted to make sure they are safe. I support Safe Sport. Also with SafeSport I am eligible for a free membership.


Note the content of the email below. They think I belong because they think I value all the stuff they think is important, that I don't care about (and that most pros don't care about).


The USTA really got it wrong on this. The primary purpose for signing up for safe sport is to ensure tennis is safe for all players.  The USTA thinks their app and marketing generator are more important than the safety of the players.  That speaks volumes about the priorities of the USTA.


Miami, Florida

USTA Southern California

December 13, 2020

Hi Rich,


“I think Marla Messing is trying to have an all-women staff. She must hate men. Watch out, Trevor, you’re next.”



December 22, 2020

Thank you Rich for putting together a well-designed press release for RacketStats. We appreciate your skill and your willingness to include it in your newsletter. I have charted players from Fordham, playing futures and top local juniors in the area. As soon as tennis opens up at the USTA Lake Nona facility, I will have access to the college matches in March and level 3 junior tournaments here in FL. All these will go into our database designed to help users understand where their player fits in.


Thank you again,

Andy Durham

New USTA Org Chart

December 15, 2020

Hey Rich,


1.  If the USTA eliminated 100+ and/or about 20-something percent of the staff, how in Heaven's name are there so many people still working at the USTA?

2.  Agree on PD.  How is it possible that there are still so many PD people? 

3.  There are a few people that were at the center of virtually every blunder and boondoggle at the USTA over the last 8 or so years.  They made the decisions that led to massive problems.  Cost tons of money.  (Net Gen would be one.  The disastrous digital transformation process.  On and on ...).  They are still there.  Jeff has never been right; he has always been on the wrong side of an issue.  He remains.  Craig is the father of Net Gen ... after zillions of dollars, and a massively disastrous rollout, where is Net Gen now?  Craig remains.  Overall, there seems to be and will probably continue to be little accountability for failure and lack of competence.  Nobody has been held accountable for the boondoggles and mistakes.  Many have failed up.



Kardashianizing Tennis

Re: News article

"Jimmy Failla: Sports Illustrated wants fans to salute woke athletes --

will sports as escapism ever return?"

December 9, 2020


The recent recognition of the 2020 activist athletes of the year by Sports Illustrated should raise some eyebrows.

When coronavirus lockdowns eliminated the typical revenue streams for the NBA, NFL, MLB, USTA, and SI, the groups Kardashianized their athletes. By promoting the opinions of their athletes about politics, culture, and social issues, they were able to create exposure and revenue generation opportunities for their organizations.


Sports fans admire the athletic ability of professional athletes. They respect their right to express their opinions and address legitimate social, political, and cultural issues appropriately.


Because professionals sporting events are a form of entertainment, many fans are not interested in hearing the opinions of pampered, ultra-rich athletes in the social setting associated with them. Said differently, the athletes and their opinions are as unwelcome as the uncle who always starts the discussion that disrupts the Thanksgiving dinner.


Over the past four years, many sports fans have quietly voted against the politicization of professionals sports with their wallets and remote controls. Viewership rates for sporting events during the pandemic reflected this trend.


Hopefully, the USTA and WTA understand the importance of wallets and remote controls as they work to promote tennis for all players.



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