Ken DeHart

The Director of Tennis at Silver Creek Valley Country Club in San Jose, California, enjoys being a mentor to anyone who loves the game of tennis. Besides assisting in providing continuing education for tennis-teaching professionals and coaches, his specialties include drills for tennis pros - large groups, team drills, and specialty drills - Available on DVD from his website.

Ken DeHart's abbreviated bio:
Director of Tennis Silver Creek Valley Country Club
PTR Hall of Fame
PTR International Master Professional
Former Executive Director of PTR
USPTA Master Professional
USA High-Performance Coach
Wilson Premier Advisory Staff
2-time PTR International Pro of the Year
4-time USPTA Divisional Pro of the Year
Contributing writer for TennisPro, Addvantage
and Tennis Magazine
International speaker at Australian Open, Wimbledon
US Open Coaches Conferences on games,
drills and 
mental skills training
Facebook at Ken DeHart Tennis
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Pickleball - Why - Why not?

By Ken DeHart

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in America. 

But, we are passionate players who love our sport - tennis.  We dislike anything that distracts from the pureness or popularity of our sport - tennis.


*Pickleball is easy to learn to play - the learning curve is relatively short

*Pickleball does not require a lot of lessons or clinics to get the knack of the game - less expensive

*Pickleball is social, mostly doubles

*Pickleball games are short in duration vs 1 1/2 matches in tennis

*Pickleball requires less aggressive and lateral movement than tennis.  This appeals to seniors and players with limited movement due to injuries

*Tennis players who can no longer physically play tennis do not have to leave the club if they take up pickleball.  Helps the player and the club!

*Players of dissimilar skills levels can still play on a relatively even playing field

*Learning to play Pickleball can be a lead in to recruiting players to become tennis players. Once Pickleball players are around the courts it is easier to recruit them to experience tennis

*The proximity of the hand to the ball makes it an easier sport to learn and the perfect progression for beginners to adapt to tennis

*Easy for kids to learn as a lead into tennis

*Scoring makes more sense than tennis scoring

*The cost to set up Pickleball courts is relatively inexpensive and in most cases very mobile

Why not

*It takes tennis players away from the game

*They are taking tennis courts (mostly unused) out to put in Pickleball courts

*The noise is distracting

*Not as challenging aerobically 

*Some consider it competition with tennis

*Why not combine the two sports - it is out there called "PickTEN" It is the perfect lead-in sport to tennis!



Pickleball can be your competition if you choose to make it so 

*You can choose to use it as a recruitment sport to get players into tennis or tennis and Pickleball.   

*The PTR has a program that combines the two sports called PickTEN 

*Pickleball can help get kids and adults off the computer and outside doing a sport athletically. 

*Pickleball is a great addition to your summer camp programs to add variety and a unique appeal to your programs.

The PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) has worked with the PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) to teach coaches how to coach Pickleball.  The PPR has become one of the fastest-growing categories, helping coaches get training and certification to help others learn how to play. 


Become a certified Pickleball Professional (PPR) as well as a certified Tennis Professional (PTR) to increase your earning potential while helping get more players into the game of tennis. The pro of the future will need to be certified in both sports and in the northeast and Midwest -- platform tennis.  Director of Racquets or Sport will replace Director of Tennis.


You are the best salesperson for the job.


Contact information:

e-mail,  408-892-3806

Facebook - "Ken DeHart Tennis" for more tips on tennis