may 2020

It looked to us as if Jai Dilouie has had a dream career in the international coaching scene. The Dallas native and former Top 100-ranked ATP touring pro who coached Chris Evert and worked with Davenport, Paes, Anisimova, Kenin, and McHale, was happy to answer our questions.


Jai Dilouie


Professional Tennis Coach
Dallas Native
SMU Graduate (BBA)

Playing Accomplishments
● Texas State Junior Champion (Various Divisions)
● USTA National Junior Champion (6x)
● Three-Time NCAA 1 All American
● ATP Top 100 Ranked World Professional
● SWC Singles Champion at No 1 Singles

Coaching Remunerative positions
● SMU Head Women's Coach (1st Yr SWC Champion)
● 1st ITF Men's Pro Team Coach
● UK LTA National Men's Coach
● Personal Coach Chris Evert (World No. 1)
● USTA National Coach (full time)

Teaching Positions
● T Bar M Dallas (Pro)
● Springpark Racquet Club Director (Garland)
● Stonebridge Ranch Junior Director (McKinney)

Coaching Accomplishments
● Numerous Top 50 World ranked Pros (Anisimova, Kenin, Werdel, McHale, etc..)
● U.S. Open Junior Champion (Tu)
● Three World No 1 ranked players (Evert, Davenport, Paes)
● U.S. Jr. Fed Cup Team Champion (Mattek, Harkleroad)
● SWC Team Champion as 1st Yr Head Coach (SMU W) (Only Head Coach 1 yr)
● SMU W Top 8 National Team NCAA Finish.
● USTA National G12s National Champion (Van Nguyen
● USTA National G18s National Champion (McHale)


Questions for Jai Dilouie

TCB: Jai, where were you born?

JD: I was born in Dallas, Texas.

TCB: How old were you when you discovered tennis and who got you into it?

JD: I was eight years old. My father started me. 


TCB: After playing for Southern Methodist, you played on the tour, coached your college team, and then coached Chris Evert on the WTA tour. How did this come about?

JD: I coached Chrissie's sister, Clare on the SMU women's team. I was also the left-handed hitting partner for Chris Evert when the great Dennis Ralston was her personal coach. when Dennis stopped coaching her, she asked me to coach her. 


TCB: How did you get recruited to coach for the LTA, the ITF, and then the USTA? Did you move around Europe for that? Where did you live?

JD: My junior coach, Warren Jacques was the LTA pro men's coach and Davis Cup captain for Great Britain. He asked me to come help him with the men professionals in the LTA. I lived in London at that time. Then when Warren Jacques's tenure ended at the LTA, Doug McCurdy, director of ITF called me and asked if I would coach the men's professional touring team. I remained in London as the ITF was headquartered there. After my stint with the ITF, I returned to the USA and that is when Lynne Rolley, the USTA women's tennis director contacted me about working for the USTA and the national coaching office. 


TCB: What was your impression working for the USTA? Who was leading Player Development at the time?

JD: The USTA is a good place to work. I learned quite a lot. I enjoyed working with children, teenagers, and adults as a national coach. Dr. Ron Woods, Dr. Paul Rotert, and Mr. Doug McCurdy were some of the directors I worked for. They were all fine people and valuable resources in Player Development.  


TCB: What can you tell the younger coaches among our readers who want to go a similar career path? How do you get to coach in Europe, for national or international organizations?

JD: I would tell them to seek out top coaches and spend time around them to learn stuff. Also, learn as much as possible from the sports science side of tennis as its a critical component of being a successful coach. To coach for national or international organizations (assuming you have the background knowledge and some experience, contact the directors of the organizations as they often are looking for quality coaches. 

TCB: What is Volleys Tennis Group? Who founded it? Where is located? What is your role in it? Is there a website?

JD: Volleys is a private investment group focused on sports clubs, shops, and people. I am one of the partners. There is a website, but there is nothing on it. We founded/named volleys based on the famous bar/restaurant on Wimbledon High Street that was very popular for a number of years with players, friends, and coaches. 

TCB: Who else is a partner in Volley Tennis Group? What are their goals?

JD: The other main partner is Jeff Coleman. Goals are to generate liquidity. 

TCB: Have you played pickleball? What is your impression of the sport and its position in the racquet world?

JD: No, I just enjoy eating all kinds of pickles. I don't know much about the pickle thing. 

TCB: Do you still play tennis for fun?

JD: No. I'm too busy coaching. 

TCB: Thank you, Jai Dilouie.