This Month: 

  • Serge Peri, California, USA

  • Bradley Cox, Georgia, USA

  • Ajinkya Pawar, India

  • George Oyoo, Kenya

  • Tim Lotz, Michigan, USA

  • John Hebert, Louisiana, USA

  • Linsent Chitiyo, Zimbabwe

Tennis Club Business New Tennis Friends
Tennis Club Business New Tennis Friends

New Tennis Friends 

During the course of a month, we are fortunate to get to know tennis lovers and professionals from all over the world. With this new article series, we want to introduce them to our readers. If you are so inclined, say hi to them. Also, some of them may be looking for job opportunities. If you know of one, get in touch with us.

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Hi, my name is Serge Peri. I am French and American. 

Born in Marseilles, France, I have been living in Los Angeles, California, since 1997.

As a USPTA certified tennis professional, I have been a teaching pro at the Los Angeles Tennis Club in Los Angeles, California, since April 2016. 


I also currently teach at Weddington Tennis, Studio City, California. 


In 2016 and 2017, I was the Boys Middle School Coach at Harvard-Westlake School.


From 2014 until 2018 I was a teaching pro at Hillcrest Country Club.

From 2012 until 2014 I was a Coach at Tennis Mechanix, the Cecil Mamiit high-performance Tennis Academy.


I am also a skilled photographer, have been working as photographer and photography assistant 2010 to 2012. 


Hi, my name is Bradley Cox. I'm originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, but live in Atlanta, Georgia.


I work remotely in Atlanta as the Director of Business Development for TopCourt, which is a new digital platform that offers tennis fans and players of all levels an authentic look into the life, mind, and performance of the game's best players: TopCourt Trailer  

What I enjoy most about my work? Being a past player myself (played at the University of Kentucky), it is great to be back in the sport I am so passionate about. And to be a part of a revolutionary platform like TopCourt, it is amazing to see how far we've come. We're in the business of promoting and growing the game of tennis!

I'd love to share TopCourt with your community. Here is a link for anyone to try a 14 day free trial: TopCourt Access.


Hi, my name is Ajinkya Pawar. I'm from India.

I own a sports company based out of Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

We do professional private coaching. While I do coaching for players aiming to make it to the professional circuit.


I have been teaching tennis for 9+ years and my certifications are:

USPTA : Elite Professional Level 4
RPT : International professional Level 3
ICI : International professional Level 3
ICA : Head Professional Level 3


What I enjoy most about my work? Guiding the players towards their goal with the right approach while building their discipline, character, etc.


After being trained in leading academies as a player and not receiving the right overall training, I started my own academy with the focus on bringing importance to quality, the right approach, and international standards of coaching, while also overcoming the loopholes I have personally experienced in coaching quality in India through our coaching.




Hi, my name is George Oyoo and I am from Kenya.


I live and work in Nairobi, Kenya, and I am teaching tennis at a School and in a club.

How long have I been teaching tennis? For 24 years.

My certification: ITF level 3

What I enoy most about my work is working with kids, seeing them improve and grow to better adults.

I love tennis, I started playing at the age of 10yrs.


Hi this is Tim Lotz. I’m from Ann Arbor Michigan. I now live in Brighton Michigan I work in West Bloomfield Michigan at Pine Lake Country Club. I’ve been teaching for 30 years. I was USPTR certified in 1999. I enjoy teaching young kids and beginners seeing them get better and progress into good players. I did my tennis lessons for 5 years. I like teaching lessons of all levels but I love beginners. During the pandemic I was teaching a lot of young ladies who graduated college and we’re starting their careers but we’re on hold during the summer so they took tennis lessons. It was really fun teaching them.

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Hi, my name is John Hebert from Luling, Louisiana.

I teach part time about 10 - 12 hours per week and I'm also a professional engineer, full time employed.


I am a Cajun from Southern Louisiana. Grad of LSU with a masters from University of South Florida. Lived in Pinellas county (Florida) for 11 years (The center of the tennis and golf universe, I think).


I am self employed as a tennis instructor and I am the tennis pro at Grand Ridge Country Club in Luling, LA. I have been teaching regularly for approximately 12 years. I was USPTA certified in 2012 and maintain that every year.  I'm also a USTA approved coach.

I started and directed the first USTA Junior Team Tennis League in our area.  That's now a Rec Dept run League.


I really enjoy teaching anyone, I have had hundreds of students from age 3 thru 60's. My students have gone on to play leagues, high school and college tennis. Many of my students have become teaching assistants for me, many teach and coach informally. I am still hopeful of one day having a student that will become a professional instructor or player.

My greatest enjoyment is teaching a person to become an athlete that otherwise, would never have been athletic. My aspiration is to open a tennis retail shop with an indoor tennis court that I can use for teaching and racket demos, also located next to public tennis courts.


Hi, my name is Linsent Chitiyo. I am based at Prince Edward School in Milton Park, Harare, Zimbabwe. I've been coaching at this base for 13years now.

Started tennis at 13 years through a neighbor who wanted a hitting partner during the day. I was willing to take the adventure.


My certification: I am Zimbabwe ITF level 1 certified.

I love the challenges that come along with coaching, the "ability to change lives" and understanding human behavior. I enjoy these challenges daily.



I enjoy teaching both kids and adults but because of the nature of my work environment, I'm more exposed to 11-18-year-olds.

My tennis racquet: I use six one team (Wilson)

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