This Month: 

  • Christian Korte, Germany

  • Colin Schlank, CT, USA

  • April Gift, PA, USA

  • Kristof Vliegen, Belgium

  • Daniel Gal, PA, USA

  • Danai Samuriwo, IL, USA

  • Bibaswan Deb, India


New Tennis Friends 

During the course of a month, we are fortunate to get to know tennis lovers and professionals from all over the world. With this new article series, we want to introduce them to our readers. If you are so inclined, say hi to them. Also, some of them may be looking for job opportunities. If you know of one, get in touch with them.

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I would like to explain this in more detail using the example of BIDI BADU. Almost 5 years ago we launched BIDI BADU, a new textile brand with the aim of revitalizing the still slightly traditional tennis market with a new fresh lifestyle. Under the slogan "Life is BIDI BADU" we have been promoting a very relaxed and lively lifestyle ever since - this can be found in our textiles as well as in our communication. The communication and thus the brand building takes a very important aspect of our work again: We don't mince words, communicate cheekily and always provide cool content that is unusual for the tennis scene. Some examples: A small field rooftop world championship in Cologne, a guerilla party in the middle of Cologne and action wherever BIDI BADU appears. With us it never gets boring. In addition, we are also breaking new ground and are actively looking for exciting cooperation partners from the worlds of sport and fashion to emotionally charge our brand...


Hi, my name is Christian Korte. I am from Cologne in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. I am Head of Marketing with Spodeco and responsible for the Brands BIDI BADU, Toolz and Topspin – each of the brands have a unique positioning with the goal to make a difference in tennis. My job is to ensure that we regularly provide new and fresh input to the tennis world through all Brands.

What I enjoy most about my work? The freedom do think outside the box and come up with new ways to promote our brands. A small and motivated team that creates a great work environment.

Let’s connect and further push the coolest sport on earth.


Hi, my name is Colin Schlank.

and I coach currently at Milford Indoor Tennis in Connecticut. I currently don’t hold a coaching certification, but I am a certified social studies teacher, who is focusing on coaching. 


I am from West Hartford, Connecticut and currently am a resident of Bridgeport, CT. I love the all-encompassing aspects of the work. I coach, play, string, work with all ages, and am constantly growing. I have been coaching now for over eleven years, and am looking forwards to progressing. 


Children have always been a focal point for my career. I have taught many kids with special needs, and am empowered by this work. Sports can be used to build bridges and inspire all people to grow. I am also coaching my wife to play, which has been a fun adventure. 


Hi, my name is April Gift. I'm from Central Pennsylvania and I live now in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina.

I started working for USTA South Carolina over a year ago as Manager, Community Program Development

What I enjoy about my job is traveling & meeting new tennis friends plus working with them to find the best programs that will work in their area 

I ran the Volvo Car Open Net Generation court 3 years ago & now it's an instrumental part of the VCO & USTA SC Net Generation court minus Covid.

In 2019 I took 24 players from the Lowcountry to the US Open for the On-Court Experience on Arthur Ashe stadium.


Hi, my name is Kristof Vliegen.

I am from Belgium. I am the Sports Manager of a tennis school in Brussels called Tc set wahis since a few months. Before I was working/traveling with professional players on the ATP tour: Brothers Griekpoor, Arthur de Greef, Joris de Loore, Sam Barry were the guys I was working with for the last 5 years. I have been teaching for 10 years now. Certifications: GPTCA level A. I like that I can help each player to become his best on and off court .


Hi, my name is Corey Pegram.

I'm from Richmond, Virginia, and currently live and work in Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up playing tennis in Virginia and then graduated from Wake Forest in 2013.


I now work for the ITA as our Director of Partnerships, Alumni & Membership overseeing our corporate partnerships, fundraising & membership, and alumni engagement.


Ienjoy finding creative solutions to connect companies with college tennis in ways that help our coaches, and developing relationships with our college tennis alumni who are doing so many amazing things after college! 


Hi, my name is Daniel Gal.

I am from Broomall, Pennsylvania. 

I am a District Sales Manager for Head/Penn Racquet Sports and cover Southern NJ, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. I have been in Tennis my whole life. Played #1 for my college, played some pro tournaments, taught privately, traveled the country doing the USTA circuit with some juniors, and I also coached at the Division 1 level in college! For Head, I essentially drive around all day and talk Tennis! I do a lot of work on social media promoting the brand and having fun! It is great to be able to have the freedom to run my territory how I want it to. My boss allows me to do the things I feel necessary so that I will be successful. 


What I enjoy most about my work is the relationships. It is great to form relationships with all the people that I deal with. The relationships go beyond just buying and selling goods. 


Hi, my name is Danai Samuriwo

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe going on 20 years in Chicago, USA

Here's where I work in Chicago/Illinois when I am not consulting or traveling internationally;

I've been teaching tennis full time since 2007

What I enjoy most of my work is watching players who feel discouraged, improve leaps, and bounds from their supposed stagnation after working with them for weeks to months. Tennis is a lifestyle, a science, and an art. Without passion, one is bound to quit.


Any more comments?

Post-Covid World: These are the times!

Let’s celebrate surviving in 2020. Amongst our big "Post-Covid" audacious operational adaptations let us not forget the small yet impactful ideas might just shine the brightest.

In introducing myself to the community I wanted to share and hopefully add another fiscally responsible Post-Covid strategy on to your list of examples.


Longevity (Business Development)


1. Achieve effective participants’ awareness & traffic record keeping

2. Hyper-Focus on KPIs - Shift focus towards building the next generation of both staff & customers

3. Build or Restore confidence & Augment facility usage during inopportune times



"Low Threshold to High Fun" ratio class.

     i) Examples: Around the World, Tennis Dodgeball, Tennis Football, Tennis Volleyball 

While Player Confidence in our facilities is significantly impacted. It is a perfect opportunity to reimagine mentoring the next generation of coaches around our efforts experientially.

       STEP 1: Integrate young adults in responsible positions;

       STEP 2: Develop and Assign: Low Threshold classes are assigned to our young leaders; nurture their sense of ownership, responsibility, and leadership


TEMPLATE CLASS: COVID-19 measures adapted class might become:

A. Class Name: Cardio-Tennis/Tennis Aerobics

Capacity: 6 (to meet "distancing measures")

Duration: 30mins

Registration: Online/Phone Registration but daily drop-In

Cost Range: $5-$15

Class ideas can be a Serving Power Hour, an Effective Volleys’ Class, a Doubles Strategy class etc. etc. etc.

Framing the "business of tennis" around COVID safety measures is part of the marketing strategy most can no longer afford to ignore. Active staff members disinfecting door handles or net posts during the most visible hours such as changeovers and peak traffic moments may just be the staple. Caution-Tape guided distancing measures, similarly to airports, is the new toilet paper.


My name is Bibaswan Deb

I am from Kolkata, Bangalore in India 

I am the Head Coach at Tams Academy in Bangalore 

I've been teaching tennis for 8 years now. 




I have been a professional tennis player myself,  Top 30 in India in men's. Junior ITF 600.


Love being on the court, specialize in Tennis Biomechanics and fitness.  


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Let us know if you want to get in touch with one of them and we'll pass your request on to them.