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Hleb & Simona Maslau


Phil & Jennifer Parrish



Hleb & Simona Maslau

Work at: Maslau Tennis

Miami/Florida area
Certifications: Hleb-ATP, Simona-WTCA 

Simona wrote to us, "Hleb and I met in 2010 in college (University of North Florida), he’s from Belarus, I am from Germany. We both played at the number one position.  After graduation, we competed in multiple mixed doubles events, won National Indoors in Flushing Meadows and were ranked #1 in national mixed doubles open ranking. We won the US Open Regional Playoffs Eastern and New England and played US Open Playoffs in 2015/16. Hleb achieved his ATP ranking in 2017.  


We both still actively play tournaments including club tennis in Europe in the summers. We moved back to Davie, FL three months ago and opened our own tennis business. Established an academy-like setting at Hawks Landing with partner Andy Lake and doing some private coaching and tournament traveling with juniors."

Questions for Simona & Hleb Maslau



TCB: How old was Hleb when he started with tennis and who introduced him to the sport?

S&H: Hleb started tennis when he was eight years old. His mother introduced him because her friend was a tennis coach. His first coach showed him the game, and he fell in love with it ever since.

TCB: When did Hleb start teaching tennis and why?

S&H: Hleb started teaching tennis while still in college through an internship in Northern California in 2011.

TCB: How old was Simona when she started with tennis and who introduced her?

S&H: Simona was only six years when she started to play. Her father introduced her to tennis when German tennis was booming at that time of Boris Becker’s and Steffi Graf's success. 

TCB: When did Simona start teaching tennis and why?

S&H: Simona started teaching full time in 2014 after she graduated from the University of North Florida. She enjoyed the social interaction with her tennis clients and being able to make a positive impact on their life and tennis game.

TCB: How long have you two been working together?

S&H: Simona and Hleb have been working together at an academy in the Hamptons starting in 2014. In August 2019, they started their own tennis business in Davie, Fl - Maslau Tennis.

TCB: Looking back, what was your secret to working together for 6 years?

S&H: The secret to our successful work together is simple: we are both dedicated and professional in our approach and share the same values and beliefs.

TCB: What do you like best about Maslau Tennis?

S&H: We like our flexible working hours and being able to travel to our clients.

We want the ability to make our own decisions and create valuable personal

relationships with our clients.

TCB: What’s your both tennis racquets of choice?

S&H: Simona currently plays with the Wilson Clash, and Hleb is playing the Tecnifibre TFight 315. Simona spent time working for Wilson Sporting Goods and enjoys the soft and comfortable response of the Clash. Hleb, a lifelong Dunlop user, changed to a customized Tecnifibre frame in 2014 and had a lot of success with it.

TCB: Thank you, Simona & Hleb.


Phil & Jennifer Parrish

Work at: The Longfellow Club

Wayland, Massachusetts
Certifications: PTR + USPTA

Questions for Phil & Jennifer Parrish


TCB: Where was Phil born and what age did he start to play tennis?

PJP: Phil was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and started to play when he was 10.


TCB: When did Phil start teaching tennis?
PJP:  Phil started teaching tennis when he was 16. He worked at a public facility in Roswell, Georgia and got hooked on people learning the sport of a lifetime!


TCB: Where was Jennifer born?
PJP:  Jennifer was born in Syracuse, New York and started playing when she was around 10 also.


TCB: When did Jennifer start teaching tennis?
PJP:  Jennifer started to teach at 17 as my assistant pro at a club in Farmington, Ct.


TCB: How did you guys meet?
PJP:  We met at a club in Bristol, Connecticut where I taught!


TCB: Do you have kids and do they play sports?
PJP:  We have 4 kids 3 boys and 1 girl and one grandson. They all play tennis and two played tennis in college.


TCB: How long have you two been working together?
PJP:  We have been working together since 1986.


TCB: Looking back, what was your secret to working together for 34 years?
PJP:  The secret is Jennifer understands how much Phil loves the people.


TCB: What do you like best about working at the Longfellow Club?
PJP:  The Longfellow Club has a caring owner who puts his employees and members first, not profits. It is a family-oriented club.


TCB: You are both PTR-certified. Who is the better coach between the two of you?
PJP:  The kids on our high school team will tell you Coach Jen is better!


TCB: Jennifer is also a pickleball teacher. How about you? Do you play PB?
PJP:  Phil organizes, plays and teaches pickleball, but Jen does more.


TCB: What does Jennifer like more, tennis or pickleball?
PJP:  Jen likes tennis more.


TCB: What’s your both tennis racquets of choice?
PJP:  She uses Yonex V Core 97 and I use Head Gravity Pro.


TCB: Are you both still playing tennis?
PJP:  We both still play. Phil plays National Father- Daughter with Melissa.

TCB: Thank you, Phil & Jennifer.