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Paul & Kathy


Michelle & Aaron


Paul & Kathy Settles
Work at: Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges / Claremont HS
Certifications PTA Elite (Paul) and PTR (Kathy)






TCB: Where was Paul born?
PKS: Paul was born in Glendale, CA.

TCB: How old was Paul when he started with tennis and who introduced him?

PKS: At age 8 he was introduced by his father who would take him to watch his doubles at Freemont Park in Glendale every Saturday morning.


TCB: When did Paul start teaching tennis and why?

PKS: After working for the ATP Tour from 1989-2003, Paul started as Head Men’s Coach for Claremont-Mudd-Scripps in 2004. He and Kathy started with private students and camps that year.


TCB: Where was Kathy born?

PKS: Kathy was born in Woodland, CA.

TCB: How old was Kathy when she started with tennis and who introduced her?

PKS: Kathy was 6, introduced by father as well.

TCB: When did Kathy start teaching tennis and why?

PKS: Kathy also worked for the ATP Tour from 1991-2002, and started as CMS Women’s Assistant Coach in 2004. In addition to serving as CMS Assistant Coach, she has been Claremont HS girls head coach since 2015 and boys head coach since 2016. We both love to teach, coach and play competitively. All three complement one another.

TCB: How did you guys meet?

PKS: We met on February 2, 1991at the San Francisco ATP Tour event and were married in San Francisco in May of 1993.

TCB: How long have you two been working together?

PKS: Going back to our ATP days, we’ve been working together since 1991. As coaches, we’ve been side-by-side since 2004.

TCB: Looking back, what was your secret to working together for so many years?

PKS: e have very different styles, and for the most part have worked with different teams and on different projects. That allows us to compare notes and share in each other’s victories and challenges. We’ve also played together a lot, having just won our 13th USTA National Championship together last week. Continuing to figure out how to partner one another well on the court, has helped off the court.

TCB: What do you like best about working at Claremont-Mudd-Scripps?
PKS: The best facility in SoCal in our biased opinion. Also, a very supportive administration that makes coaching, teaching and running events very rewarding.


TCB: With Paul being USPTA-certified and Kathy PTR, is there a healthy competition between the two of you regarding who’s the better coach?

PKS: No real debate here – Kathy’s the better athlete, Paul the better coach.

TCB: Have you played pickleball? Are you teaching it, too?

PKS: (Paul) We have four dedicated pickleball courts in the middle of our campus, and a small, but robust interest among students, faculty, and staff. I taught my first college pickleball course in the fall of 2018, and will continue to teach each fall.


TCB: What’s your both tennis racquets of choice?

PKS: Kathy – Yonex VCore 98; Paul – Prince Graphite Original (Oversize).

TCB: Thank you, Paul and Kathy.

Michelle & Aaron Brown

Racquet Professionals

Work at: San Jose Country Club
Jacksonville, Florida

Certifications: Both Michelle and Aaron are USPTA Elite

Club Website






TCB: Where were you born?

Michelle: Butler, Pennsylvania
Aaron: Boulder, Colorado


TCB: How old were you when he started with tennis and who introduced you?

Michelle started playing tennis when she was 12 years old and found an Evyonne Goolagong tennis racquet in the back of a closet.  The garage door was her fiercest opponent and her dog was the best return of serve from the beginning.  Taking lessons was not an option, so she did the next best thing, watch Steffi Graff on television and tried to emulate everything she did, complete with a one-handed backhand. 

Aaron started tennis at around 3 years.  He was introduced by his father, Dave Brown (USPTA Master Professional). When he was 4, the family moved to Pembroke Pines to run a tennis business out of two Broward County facilities.  Aaron grew up playing, helping with court maintenance, and competing. His dad was his coach for most of his playing career. Aaron was ranked in the top 20 in USTA junior 16s & 18s and met his goal of playing Division I tennis at the University of Central Florida.


TCB: When did you start teaching tennis and why?

Aaron started teaching summer camps at the age of 18.  It started as easy money and it what he knew best.  After college, he realized that it was a path he wanted to pursue professionally.  

Michelle started teaching tennis about 15 years ago.  She loved to play tennis and it seemed like a natural fit to teach others to love playing too. It was always a passion on the side until 5 years ago when she decided to focus on teaching tennis full time.

TCB: How did you guys meet? 

We met when Michelle was working for USTA Florida and Aaron was working in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Michelle was running a tournament and Aaron was the facility contact during the event.  We ended up dating and having a summer fling that has lasted 10 years and counting.

TCB: Why did you decide to work together?

We have always worked well together.  We are especially good mixed doubles partners too!  We have worked at several different clubs together.  It just seemed to work out that opportunities put us at the same club. Our family motto is, "Team Brown!"  We work better together because tennis has taught us how to be a positive teammate.


TCB: Did you teach together at different places?

We have worked together at the Thoreau Club, Longfellow Tennis & Health Club (both in Massachusetts), and currently at San Jose Country Club.

TCB: Are you guys still teaching? How long are you planning to work?

Aaron is working full time and Michelle is teaching part-time.  Since we moved back to Florida, I have been focusing on our kids while I search for the right opportunity for myself and my family. We plan on teaching for the rest of our careers, it’s what we love doing.

TCB: Have you played pickleball? Are you teaching it, too?

We have both played pickleball.  Our current facility doesn't offer it, but we would teach it should they offer it.  We are not just tennis professionals, we are racquet professionals.  

TCB: What’s your both tennis racquets of choice?

Michelle is playing with Head Gravity MP.  Aaron is playing with Tecnifibre T-Fight 305 XTC.

TCB: Thank you, Michelle & Aaron.