MAY 2020

Geza Bazula went to school at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles), and Concordia College (New York), and worked as a tennis professional in New York, New Jersey, and Budapest, Hungary. He currently is Head Tennis Coach at Budai Tenisz Centrum in Budapest.


Geza Bazula on LinkedIn

Head Tennis Coach with 10+ years of coaching experience and professional playing background. Coached top high school, collegiate and professional tennis players including an Olympic Gold Medalist, ATP Top50 and WTA Top20 player. Managed multiple clubs around the world. 

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Questions for Geza Bazula

TCB: Geza, where were you born?

GB: I was born in Mateszalka, Hungary. It is a small town in the Eastern part of the country.


TCB: How old were you when you started to play tennis and who got you into the sport?

GB: I was 7 years old. My parents owned business shops in our town and there were tennis courts behind these shops.

I used to go to these courts to play around with friends. I guess my parents got me into it, but I think they were just hoping to keep me busy while they were working.


TCB: Did you play at school/college?

GB: Yes, I played 2 years for Loyola Marymount University (Division I) and 2 years for Concordia College – New York (Div II).

TCB: When did you become a tennis coach?

GB: At the age of 16 I was already doing lessons. One of my coaches thought it would help me to understand the game better if I started coaching early on.


TCB: We see on your LinkedIn profile you worked in New York, then Budapest, then New York, New Jersey, and now Budapest again. How have those positions helped you in your professional development?

GB: The coaching methods are totally different in the USA than in Europe. I think both systems have pros and cons so I just tried to learn the best of both systems. In the USA, I learned a lot about being aggressive on the court, attacking the net and capitalizing on a big serve and forehand. In Europe, it is much more about consistency, footwork and mental toughness. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from the best coaches in both continents.

TCB: Where did you like working the best?

GB: It is difficult to say because in Europe I have worked with better players (ATP/WTA Top100), whereas in the USA I was managing clubs and directing programs. The vibe in New York is so special, I guess I would say working there was the best so far.


TCB: Where is the BP Tennis Center in Budapest? How many courts do you have? What’s the surface?

GB: Budapest Tennis Center is in the heart of Buda. They have 5 clay courts and 4 hard courts.

TCB: Whom do you prefer teaching, adults, or juniors?

GB: Right now, I am working with ITF junior players mostly, but I have taught players of all ages and levels. I like teaching everyone who shows motivation in training no matter age or level.


TCB: What are the challenges in your job?

GB: Before the virus, the biggest challenge was traveling. I traveled to a tournament for about 30-35 weeks last year. It is not easy to go from hotel to hotel all year long. However, due to the virus, the biggest challenge has become sitting home and trying to keep players motivated for the future.


TCB: What is your tennis racquet of choice?

GB: I am currently using Toalson and I am very much enjoying it. It is a new brand with a bright future ahead.


TCB: Have you heard of Pickleball? Have you played it?

GB: Yes, I used to do pickleball lessons in New Jersey and had a great turnout. It is very popular in Florida, and it has been breaking grounds everywhere in the USA lately. Fun game!

TCB: Thank you, Geza.